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Were you looking for Escha - Zi'Tah or Escha - Ru'Aun?

Connected Zone Reisenjima Arrives at
Konschtat Highlands F-12 Updated marked map reisenjima.jpeg I-7 Konschtat Highlands.jpg
La Theine Plateau F-12 Updated marked map reisenjima.jpeg K-9 La Theine Plateau.jpg
Tahrongi Canyon F-12 Updated marked map reisenjima.jpeg I-6 Tahrongi Canyon-map.jpg
Reisenjima Sanctorium K-9 Updated marked map reisenjima.jpeg ?-? 20x20px
Zone Image
Japanese 醴泉島
Map Acquisition Shiftrix
Timeline Present
Zone Type
Restrictions RoV Mission 3-1 Completed


Name Map Pos. Notes
Coelestrox Conflux #10 Omen AF+2/3 Upgrade NPC
Emporox Conflux #8 Special Vendor
Incantrix Conflux #10 Mystical canteen for Omen
Name Map Pos. Notes
Shiftrix 1 (F-12)
Temprix Conflux #8 Aeonic Weapons NPC

Notorious Monsters

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Geas Fete

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3



Historical Significance


Access to Reisenjima is obtained by progressing through Rhapsodies of Vanadiel and completing Mission 3-1 and obtaining the key item Song of hope. It is accessed through the Dimensional Portals at the Crags of Holla, Dem, and Mea.

  • Speak to Shiftrix at the entrance of Reisenjima to use Escha Silt to obtain Key Items, purchase enhancements known as Vorseals, and purchase Geas Fete Notorious Monster pops (see above for a list of NMs).
  • Speak to Nolan in Norg to augment equipment obtained from Escha.

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