Unafraid of the Dark

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Battlefield Information
Location: Throne Room (S) Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: Gloomy Charm icon.png Gloomy Charm Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: 250 Merit Points Time Limit: 60 Minutes
  • None
Personal Pool:


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Tzee Xicu the Manifest 1 Yagudo SMN/SCH

Uses Astral Flow and Tabula Rasa

Casts random tier II Helix spells, Kaustra, and Embrava.

TP Moves:

  • Standard Yagudo TP Moves
  • Dark Invocation: Element: Dark damage (does not inflict doom).
  • Feathered Furore: (Conal) Removes a random piece of equipment
  • Shirahadori: (AoE) Physical Damage damage + knockback + bind
  • Vorticose Sands: (AoE) Element: Wind damage + mute + removes all equipment (no encumbrance) + knockback
Bloodcrown Brradhod 1 Orc PLD/WAR/SAM

Uses Invincible and Meikyo Shisui.
Posseses an en-amnesia effect of up to 60 seconds long.
TP Moves:

  • Standard Orc TP Moves
  • Shoulder Charge: (Conal) Physical damage + -50% defense down. Removes shadows.
  • Veil of Chaos: (AoE 30') Element: Light damage + knockback + Amnesia + Hate reset
  • Tornado Edge: (Conal) Deals physical damage + Max HP Down (-50%) + Max MP Down (-50%) + Max TP Down (to 1,000). Absorbed by three shadows.
Za'Dha Adamantking 1 Quadav WAR/WHM

Uses Mighty Strikes and Benediction.
Casts Protectra V, Shellra V, and Hastega.
Posseses an en-silencea effect.
TP Moves:

  • Standard Quadav TP Moves
  • Hellspin: (AoE 10') stong Physical Damage damage, prevented by three Utstusemi Shadows shadows.
  • Ore Lob: (AoE 10') Element: Fire based Physical Damage damage.
  • Torment of Gu'Dha: (AoE 20') Physical Damage damage + petrification + Hate reset
  • Wrath of Gu'Dha: (AoE) Physical Damage damage + knockback + super gravity
Shadow Lord 1 Supreme Being WAR/PLD

Uses Invincible while using one sword and Mighty Strikes while using two.
Posses an en-death effect.
TP Moves (One Sword):

  • Vicious Kick: Physical Damage damage and paralyze.
  • Implosion: (AoE) Element: Dark damage, knockback, and -50% HP down. Removes Utstusemi Shadows.
  • Umbral Orb: (AoE ~30') Element: Dark damage. Ignores shadows.
  • Boon Void: Damage and Dispel.

TP Moves (Two Swords):

  • Blighting Blitz: (Conal) Physical Damage damage and curse.
  • Cross Smash: (Conal) Physical Damage damage and Defense Down.
  • Doom Arc: (AoE) Physical Damage damage and 10-count Doom effect.

TP Moves (Both Phases):

  • Spawn Shadow: Summons a Shadow Lord clone (up to 3 max) which does not despawn (even upon a wipe).
    • Clones grant a regen effect to the Shadow Lord, increasing in power with each clone out.
    • Clones may be slept.
    • Clones are defensively weaker, but just as powerful offensively as the main Shadow Lord.


  • All enemies may be slept by a bard using Troubadour and Lullaby.
  • Following their secondary Two-Hour.png 1-hours (Tabula Rasa, Meikyo Shisui, Benediction) the beastmen gain an aura which will allow for repeated use of their primary Two-Hour.png 1-hours (Astral Flow, Invincible, Mighty Strikes).
    • Tzee Xicu the Manifest's aura will gradually reduce all except Piercing piercing damage to 0.
    • Bloodcrown Brradhod's aura will gradually reduce all except Slashing slashing damage to 0.
    • Za'Dha Adamantking's aura will gradually reduce all except Blunt blunt damage to 0.
      • Continually inflicting the correct damage will mitigate the damage reduction effect. If enough of the correct damage type is done the aura may even vanish from the mob.
  • Recovering from a wipe is possible, but only at the door.
  • Enmity mechanics in this BC are similar to that of UNMs. Level 99 mobs with boosted stats. To hold hate you must deal damage.

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