Accuracy Down

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Accuracy Down causes the host to act with reduced accuracy. The severity of the penalty can vary depending on the source of the status.

How to inflict Accuracy Down

Name Type Notes
Indi/Geo-Slip Geomancy Varies. See Geomancy page for potency. Considered as a separate infliction.
Sandspin Blue Magic -25 Accuracy
Spiral Spin Blue Magic -15 Accuracy
Barbed Crescent Blue Magic -30 Accuracy
Exenterator Weapon Skill -20 Accuracy. Dagger
Onslaught Weapon Skill -?? Accuracy. Axe
Full Break Weapon Skill -20 Accuracy. Also inflicts Attack Down, Defense Down, Evasion Down. Great Axe
Blade: Kamu Weapon Skill -10 Accuracy. Katana

Monster Abilities which inflict Accuracy Down

Ability Family
Barbed Crescent Fomor
Ability Family

How to remove Accuracy Down



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Resistance Information

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