Accuracy Down

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Accuracy Down
Element Element: Earth Removable Check.gif Yes
Effect Reduces a target's Accuracy.
Medicine Panacea icon.png Panacea, Vicar's Drink icon.png Vicar's Drink, Cleric's Drink icon.png Cleric's Drink, Catholicon icon.png Catholicon
Spell Light-WHM-Icon.gif Cursna, Light-WHM-Icon.gif Esuna (Afflatus Misery icon.png), Light-WHM-Icon.gif Full Cure, Light-WHM-Icon.gif Sacrifice (Afflatus Solace icon.png), Fire-BLU-Icon.gif Exuviation, Light-BLU-Icon.gif Winds of Promy., Light-BLU-Icon.gif Uproot
Ability Light-JA-Icon.gif Healing Waltz, Light-JA-Icon.gif
Spriggan Fetish icon.png Monster Infliction
TP Move Family Potency Duration
Head Butt Adamantoise Information Needed
Slipstream Flock Bat Information Needed
Bilgestorm Dvergr Information Needed 55-90 Sec.
Barbed Crescent Fomor -100
Supersonics Bat Information Needed
Spiral Spin Ladybug Information Needed
Rotten Stench Rafflesia Information Needed
Vertical Slash Tonberry Information Needed
Sandspin Worm Information Needed
BLMicon.gif Player Infliction
Name Type Potency Duration
Indi-Slip Geomancy Up to -250 3 Min.
Geo-Slip Geomancy Up to -250 3 Min.
Sandspin Blue Magic -25 3 Min.
Spiral Spin Blue Magic -15 45~60 Sec.
Barbed Crescent Blue Magic -30 2 Min.
Blade: Kamu Weapon Skill -10 1-3 Min.
Exenterator Weapon Skill -20 90~180 Sec.
Full Break Weapon Skill -20 3-9 Min.
Onslaught Weapon Skill -30 2 Min.
Pet Food Delta icon.png Pet Infliction
Ability Job Potency Duration