Assistant Expedition 4 (Sauromugue)

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Assistant Expedition #4 (Sauromugue)
 Entry Zone: Sauromugue Champaign: Vrednev, (J-7)
 Assistant Expeditions: #1 · #2 · #3 · #4 · #5
 Area Map: Ghoyu's Reverie, Map # 17
 Course: Assistant
 Objective: Feed the meeble Ollek.
 Expedition Goals: 1:  Acquire and feed 5 burrow worms to Ollek.
2:  Acquire and feed 10 burrow worms to Ollek.
3:  Acquire and feed 15 burrow worms to Ollek.
 Time Limit:  15 minutes
 Research Marks:

Goal 1:

  • 3 members: 766
  • 4 members: Question
  • 5 members: Question
  • 6 members: 1440

Goal 2:

  • 3 members: 1700
  • 4 members: 2040
  • 5 members: 2380
  • 6 members: 2720

Goal 3:

  • 3 members: 2333
  • 4 members: 2880
  • 5 members: 3360
  • 6 members: 3840
 Buff Rewarded:  Enhanced Treasure Hunter
  • ★☆☆ / ★★☆ / ★★★: Treasure Hunter +1


Level Name Aggro Link Drops Steal Spawns
95 Ore Cruncher No Yes None 10
99 Ore Devourer No Yes None 10


Meeb ast4 rev1.jpg
  • In order to feed the meeble, Ollek, temporary item Burrow Worms must be obtained and brought back - they will automatically be fed upon interacting with the meeble. Ollek is located in NE (H-8), near the bottom of the cliff.
    • Players can only carry one Burrow Worm at a time and must return to the meeble after obtaining each one.
      • Be aware that due to the time to return to the meeble and time to receive a Burrow Worm, getting 15 Burrow Worms solo for the 3rd goal clear is almost impossible, barring amazing luck on yields
  • There are three ways to obtain a Burrow Worm:
    • Defeating Ore Crunchers in the immediate area yields a chance (approximately 1/3) at a Burrow Worm.
      • The higher level Ore Devourers appear to be a guaranteed drop
      • The worms do respawn after some time.
    • Using a Pickaxe to mine at one of few Mining Points in the area yields a chance at a Burrow Worm.
      • Pickaxes must be brought from outside, they will not be provided.
      • The mining points are scattered around the large rooms that contain worm monsters, and are not plentiful enough to be the only method of acquisition.
      • Each mining point contains one burrow worm, and will relocate once the worm is obtained.
    • Clicking one of five ??? spots in the area, located at the ends of tunnels around the area is guaranteed to yield a Burrow Worm.
      • Each ??? will disappear after being used.
  • While the area is a large loop, there are two cliffs located in the tunnels which force movement around the area in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • A Soothing Strongbox to restore HP and MP can be found in the northwest section of the area, just before the cliff drop into the tunnel.


Assault Map