Attack Down

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Attack Down
Element Element: Water Removable Check.gif Yes
Effect Reduces a target's Attack.
Medicine Panacea icon.png Panacea, Vicar's Drink icon.png Vicar's Drink, Cleric's Drink icon.png Cleric's Drink, Catholicon icon.png Catholicon
Spell Light-WHM-Icon.gif Cursna, Light-WHM-Icon.gif Esuna (Afflatus Misery icon.png), Light-WHM-Icon.gif Full Cure, Light-WHM-Icon.gif Sacrifice (Afflatus Solace icon.png), Fire-BLU-Icon.gif Exuviation, Light-BLU-Icon.gif Winds of Promy., Light-BLU-Icon.gif Uproot
Ability Light-JA-Icon.gif Healing Waltz, Light-JA-Icon.gif Rampart (Sometimes)
Spriggan Fetish icon.png Monster Infliction
TP Move Family Potency Duration
Divine Spear (Alexander) Avatar -50%
Sonic Boom Flock Bat -25% Up to 9 Min.
Bilgestorm Dvergr Information Needed
Terror Touch Ghost -90%
Noisome Powder Ladybug -40%
Acid Mist Leech -50%
Corrosive Ooze Slug -33%
Gastric Bomb Worm -50% 3 Min.
Demoralizing Roar Wivre -50%
BLMicon.gif Player Infliction
Name Type Potency Duration
Demon Arrow Ammo -12.% 60 Sec.
Bilgestorm Blue Magic -25% 30-60 Sec.
Corrosive Ooze Blue Magic -5% 60-90 Sec.
Demoralizing Roar Blue Magic -20% 30 Sec.
Saurian Slide Blue Magic -25% 60 Sec.
Scouring Spate Blue Magic -20% 3 Min.
Terror Touch Blue Magic -15% 60 Sec.
Indi-Wilt Geomancy Up to -142% 3 Min.
Geo-Wilt Geomancy Up to -142% 3 Min.
Aisha: Ichi Ninjutsu -15% 2 Min.
Amanomurakumo Weapon (En-effect) -10% 30-60 Sec.
Full Break Weapon Skill -12.5% 3-9 Min.
Gates of Tartarus Weapon Skill -18.75% 2 Min.
Infernal Scythe Weapon Skill -25% 3-9 Min.
Weapon Break Weapon Skill -25% 3-9 Min.
Pet Food Delta icon.png Pet Infliction
Ability Job Potency Duration
Acid Mist (Fatso Fargann) BST -50% 3 Min.
Corrosive Ooze (Generous Arthur) BST -33% 70-85 Sec.
Noisome Powder (Threestar Lynn) BST -15% 45-180 Sec.
Tidal Roar (Leviathan (Avatar)) SMN -25% 90 Sec.