Attack Down

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Attack Down causes the host to act with reduced attack. The severity of the penalty can vary depending on the source of the status.

Inflicting Attack Down

Name Type Potency Duration Notes
Acid Mist Ready -50% Question
Aisha: Ichi Ninjutsu -15% 2 min
Amanomurakumo Great Katana -25% 30 s - 1 min Procs 10% of the time and will override itself.
Arisui (Trial 3401) Katana -16% Question
Bilgestorm Blue Magic -25% Question Also inflicts Defense Down, Accuracy Down
Corrosive Ooze Blue Magic -5% Question Also inflicts Defense Down
Corrosive Ooze Ready -33% 70-85 s Also inflicts Defense Down
Demon Arrow Ammo -12.5% 1 min
Demoralizing Roar Blue Magic -20% 30 s
Dreizack Polearm -12.5% 3 min
Full Break Weapon Skill -12.5% Question Also inflicts Defense Down, Accuracy Down, Evasion Down
Gates of Tartarus Weapon Skill -25% Question
Indi/Geo-Wilt Geomancy Varies Varies See Geomancy page for potency. Considered a separate infliction.
Infernal Scythe Weapon Skill -25% Question
King of Hearts Trust -Question% Question Additional effect from attacks
Noisome Powder Ready -15% 45 s ~ 3 min
Saurian Slide Blue Magic -25% Question
Scouring Spate Blue Magic -20% Question AoE
Terror Touch Blue Magic -15% Question
Weapon Break Weapon Skill -25% Question

Notes: The attack down effect from Fatso Fargann's Acid Mist does not stack with the Attack down effect of Generous Arthur's Corrosive Ooze. Both status effects can be applied; however, the Attack down with the greater percentage will take effect. Although you cannot have both Attack down effects active, you can have an Attack down active from Acid Mist, and a Defense down from Corrosive Ooze.

How to Remove Attack Down