Azure Experiments

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Leujaoam Sanctum
Azure Experiments
 Staging Point:  Leujaoam Sanctum
 Start NPC: Yahsra in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9/L-10)
 Assault Rank: Sergeant Major
 Objective: The Imperial alchemists have developed various tissues to graft onto and strengthen the bodies of the Immortals, but they need test subjects for clinical experiments. Go lend your assistance.
 Mission Orders: Become a test subject
 Time Limit:  30 minutes  Recommended Lv.  Lvl. 70
 Assault Points:
  • 1 Member: 1000
  • 2 Members: 1000
  • 3 Members: 1000
  • 4 Members: 900
  • 5 Members: 800
  • 6 Members: 700


Level Name Zone Aggro Link Drops Steal Spawns
? Lamia Bowyer Leujaoam Sanctum Yes Yes None 2-4
? Lamia Prosector Leujaoam Sanctum Yes Yes None 4
? Lamia Sharper Leujaoam Sanctum Yes Yes None 2-4


  • The Lamiae will pop in groups of 2-3, they link and track by sight, meaning they can be seperated by pulling with Hide. Carby pulling also works.
  • The Prosectors are sleep immune, therefore if you link on a pull you should probably fight the black mage first.
  • The Sharpers are slow immune.
  • The Lamia Prosectors will self buff without being agro'd, therefore they will likely have ice spikes up when you pull them.
  • The Lamiae are highly evasive.
  • Each group will always have a BLM.


In this assault you have to kill 10 lamias, the catch is you will be affected by various 'enhancements' throughout, these include:

  • Dragonfly Optical Tissue:+Acc/Racc -Atk/Ratk
  • Goobbue Muscle Tissue:+100% atk, +100% slow
  • Opo-opo Cerebral Tissue:MP -50%, Fast Cast
  • Raptor Tissue: Movement Speed +100%, HP -50%

At the start of the assault there will be no monsters up, once you talk to the npc she will give your party a graft and pop one of the four groups of lamias. After you defeat each group of lamias you will have to talk to her again to recieve a new graft and spawn the next group of lamias. After all four groups of lamias are defeated the Rune of Release will spawn.


Ancient Lockbox
Hi-Ether Tank
Hi-Potion +3
Hi-Potion Tank
??? Box
Glass Sheet
Horn Quiver
Demon Quiver
Ice Crystal
Merrow Scale
White Rock
??? Footwear
Ash Clogs
Ataractic Solea
Bronze Leggings +1
Evoker's Boots Verification Needed
Leather Highboots
??? Ring
Brass Ring
Copper Ring
Divisor Ring
Orichalcum Ring
??? Sword
Macuahuitl +1


Assault Map

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