Blighted Gloom

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Blighted Gloom
Required Fame
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Luto Mewrilah, Upper Jeuno (G-8)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Luto has asked you to locate a special metal that can be used to repair the broken mirror. According to her research, this substance can only be found inside an extremely rare species of slime.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Past Reflections Blessed Radiance
Increases Familiarity Limit to 70.


  • Speak to Luto for a cutscene that begins the quest. She will ask you to retrieve a rare metal that drops from a NM named Metallic Slime from a certain location. She will ask you to go to one of the following three locations.

Zone Location
Ordelle's Caves (I-5) First map (Enter from (H-7) La Theine Plateau
Korroloka Tunnel (F-10) Fifth map
Ranguemont Pass (I-9)

  • Touch the ??? spot for a brief cutscene; once it is finished the slime and your Adventuring Fellow will pop. Defeat the slime, then talk to your fellow to trigger a comment about Vitrallum. Touch the ??? to receive Vitrallum.
    • The slime can be spawned again 3 minutes after it's killed.
  • Return to Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno.
  • You will then need to go to the northern part of the lake in Jugner Forest. From East Ronfaure, enter King Ranperre's Tomb. Exit King Ranperre's Tomb from (K-5), and examine the ??? spot next to the lake around (G-5) for a cutscene that completes the quest.