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Speak with an Allegiance Changer NPC in the nation you wish to switch to in order to change your allegiance:

The price for changing allegiance to another nation is dependent on that nation's rank in the Conquest:

  • 1st - 40,000 gil
  • 2nd - 12,000 gil
  • 3rd - 4,000 gil


  • If you have a mission active from your current nation, you will not be able to change allegiances.
  • If you are Rank 5 in any nation, even if you do not have an active mission, you will not be able to change allegiances. Instead, you will be told your nation is in trouble and your application can not be accepted.
    • However, if you talk to your nation's representative and decline to start mission 5-1 or 5-2 you can change nations.
  • The first time you switch to a nation, you be Rank 1 with no Conquest Points in that nation.
    • If you return to a nation, you have the previous Rank and Conquest Points from that nation reinherited.
  • Any rewards from missions done in other nations are retained when you switch.
    • For example, you will keep your Airship Pass and Dynamis access.
    • Repeating 'all nations' type missions such as Delkfutt > Fei Yin for different nations will result in a gil reward instead of the original key items.
  • You forfeit previously allowed access to Chateau d'Oraguille, Heavens Tower stairwell, or the President's Office in the Bastok Metalworks when you change nations.
    • If you switch back you will retain the previously allowed access.
  • Players may use the teleport service to teleport to any outpost for which they have completed a supply mission. Regardless of their current nation of allegiance.

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