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The man, the myth, the legend

Claims to be "Darvamos" in another life, but no know knows who that is or likes the name, so to us he is Chia.

He has good "Squirmish Augments". Puts effort into bringing great honor upon "Star Syllable", whom he worships.

His THF does good SA "Rundras Storms" to Erinys.

Owns a Tizona and uses it for longer duration fights where he can reliably keep "Ancient Magic" up full time.

Hasn't made a Sequence because he doesn't often use "Requecent".

Has 500 enhancing for a maxed "Embravia". Restores his Two-Hour ability 1 hour in "Altepia" so he can spam more "Salvage Blade" on "Wonder of Courage".

Helps people get "H-P Ballads" for their Ergons (thanks Chia). He also created his own, an "Eyedriss" for his GEO.

Is familiar with "Orgy" and his endgame LS.

Occasionally asks Bards for "Skizzero". This however does not stop a caturae's "Barriette Charge".

Has never had a mai tai, but frequents the zone of escha "zai tai". He also has a thing for chicken.

Plays using Windower, and "Ashanta" to launch his XI instances.