Comeback Queen

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Comeback Queen
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 50+ Dancer
Starting NPC Laila, Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title Elegant Dancer
Repeatable Yes, after Memory reset
Description Deliver Wyatt's proposal to the owner of the music shop in Bastok Markets so he can pass it on to Valeriano.
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Road to Divadom A Furious Finale
Dancer's Casaque icon.png Dancer's Casaque

You must zone and wait until the next game day after completing The Road to Divadom to begin this quest.


  • Speak to Laila in Upper Jeuno (G-7) for a cutscene and Key Item Wyatt's proposal.
  • Speak to Harmodios in Bastok Markets (K-10) inside the music shop.
    • Closest to Home Point #4.
  • Return to Upper Jeuno and speak to Laila again.
  • Speak to Rhea Myuliah in Upper Jeuno (G-7).
    • You will have to perform in front of an audience, you must hold their attention during the performance, Rhea Myuliah will allow you to 'practice'.
      • Young people prefer a Waltz.
      • Older people prefer a Samba.
      • Children prefer a Jig.
    • When people move away from you, try to use the proper dance to get their attention back. It seems slightly luck-based.
  • After you feel comfortable with performing in front of the audience, speak with Laila. (Requires a game day wait.)
  • The audience is composed of 3 children, 2 young men/women, and 2 older people. Focus on Jigs and Waltzes so at least 5 of 7 will watch your performance.
    • If the performance is failed, you must zone and wait until the next game day to try again.
  • Perform the best to complete the quest and receive your reward.