Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey

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Nyzul Isle
Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey
 Staging Point:  Nyzul Isle
 Start NPC: Sorrowful Sage in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9/L-10)
 Assault Rank: Private Second Class
 Objective: You are to scout unexplored regions in preparation for the arrival of the A.A.R.I. research team. No rewards are offered for this classified operation.
 Mission Orders: Complete on-site objectives.
 Time Limit:  30 minutes  Recommended Lv.  99

The Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area is a 100 floor tower with boss floors yielding increasingly powerful armor located every 20 floors. Progression within the tower is separate for each run; however, players have the option to skip ahead a random amount of floors in the hopes of rapidly ascending towards the higher levels.


Entry Qualifications

As with other Assault runs, you must be in possession of an Imperial Army I.D. Tag and speak with the appropriate NPC (Sorrowful Sage) in order to participate.

Selecting a Floor

Unlike Nyzul Isle Investigation, regardless of your previous progress you will only be able to start on Floor 1. However, upon starting the run, players will be asked to choose one of the five boss floors as the ultimate destination (20, 40, 60, 80, or 100). It will not be possible to travel beyond the floor selected on that run.


With a party of six members, this assault awards approximately 90 tokens per floor completed (+10% for the assault leader) less 100 tokens for each "potential token yield reduced" penalty on Archaic Gear floors. Tokens are awarded only when the group chooses to exit the assault area at the Rune of Transfer upon completion of a floor.

Vendor Box

At the beginning of each Assault, players will have the opportunity to use their accumulated tokens to purchase various temporary items, obtained from a chest in the initial lobby. To save time once inside, a preferred list of temporary items can be created at Sorrowful Sage and items can be purchased individually or all at once from this list.

Floor Objectives

Except for boss floors (20, 40, 60, 80, and 100), each floor will randomly assign players to an objective from the list below. The floor objective is announced once upon entering the floor, and can be checked by touching the unactivated Rune of Transfer. Once this objective is completed, the Rune of Transfer will activate and allow players to move on or exit the Assault. Two consecutive floors cannot have the same objective (except moving from a boss leader to NM leader floor or vice versa). Possible objectives appear with the similar probability, although all enemies floors are somewhat more common than the other types; free floors appear very infrequently (~1% chance per floor). [1] Floor layouts and monster types, quantities, and positioning are loaded randomly for each non-boss floor. Some layouts are considerably larger than others, so movement speed gear, prudent usage of the Sprinter's Drink temporary item, and/or Powder Boots are highly recommended for "specified enemy" and lamps floors.

  • Eliminate all enemies. Must defeat every enemy on the floor, including notorious monsters, but not including Archaic Gear or Archaic Gears. There can be anywhere from 5 to ~15 monsters, including 0-3 notorious monsters.
  • Eliminate specified enemy. A single normal monster that checks as Impossible to Gauge needs to be defeated. There will typically be several of that monster which check normally; only the one that checks as Impossible to Gauge needs to be defeated. Note that Notorious Monsters may still appear and check as Impossible to Gauge; the specified monster will be a normal (not notorious) monster.
  • Eliminate enemy leader. (NM Floors) One special Notorious Monster unique to the assault and from the following list will be present and must be defeated.
  • Eliminate enemy leader. (Boss Floors) On floors 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 the floor layout will not be random (it will be one large open room) and the enemy leader will be a HNM. There will also be an Archaic Rampart that does not need to be defeated.
  • Activate all lamps. This objective is further split into three possibilities which can only be confirmed once a Runic Lamp is found.
  • All party members must touch a single lamp to register their "certification code."
  • All lamps (3-5 total) must be activated at the same time (within a ~3 minute window).
  • All lamps (3-5 total) must be activated in a specific order (no restriction on time window).
    • For lamp order, after all lamps are activated, every lamp will light. Several seconds later, lamps which were lit in the correct position in the sequence will remain lit, while lamps lit in incorrect positions will turn off. The order must be modified and retried until the correct sequence is found.
  • Free floor. Significantly rarer than the other possibilities, allows advancement immediately without completing any objective.

Floor Bonuses and Restrictions

On any given floor, an objective restriction can be placed on top of normal objectives. Additionally, there are several kinds of stat and ability related bonuses and restrictions that can appear in addition to the normal floor goals. These are only in effect for one floor and a related message will be displayed when entering the floor.

  • Avoid discovery by archaic gears! Being aggroed by Archaic Gear or Archaic Gears will result in a Pathos applied to the party, the token yield reduced by 100, or time remaining reduced by 1 minute. Archaic Gears can still be defeated without penalty. If an Archaic Gear is attacked first without being aggroed, you will not receive the penalty. Linking gears counts as being discovered.
  • Do not destroy archaic gears! Defeating Archaic Gear or Archaic Gears will result in a Pathos applied to the party, the token yield reduced by 100, or time remaining reduced by 1 minute. Archaic Gears can still be aggroed without penalty.
  • Stat Bonuses and Pathos Occasionally upon entering a floor, one random stat bonus or pathos will be applied. Potential bonuses are status related, such as Regen, Refresh, Regain, increased attack or casting speed, or a single attribute boost. Pathos can be a debuff, such as decreased attack or casting speed, an attribute reduction, or a complete lock on a specific magic type, job abilities, or weapon skills.


  • After completing the floor objectives, there are two methods of advancement which must be chosen at the Rune of Transfer:
    • Advance one floor: Ascends one floor.
    • Advance ??? floors: Randomly ascends between 2 and 11 floors (will not advance beyond the destination floor chosen at the start of the run).
      • The probabilities of each jump are evenly distributed, so the average floor jump when you are 11 or further floors from your destination is 6.5.
  • Once you have completed your objectives for the entire run, you can choose to exit the area completely rather than advancing after completing the objectives on any floor. You can only receive tokens if you exit the area in this manner.

Armoury Crates

  • After defeating monsters, a blue armoury crate may spawn containing one temporary item. The item can be any of the items which can be purchased from the Vendor Box and additionally has a small chance of being a Revitalizer.
  • After defeating notorious monsters which normally spawn elsewhere in Vana'diel, a brown armoury crate will spawn containing a ??? Item corresponding to one of the NM's normal drops outside of Nyzul Isle. This item has a very small chance of being appraised as one of the actual NM drops (see the complete list below).


Floor 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 have HNM type monsters that drop Nyzul Isle specific armor from each of the three sets.

Armor Sets

Euxine/+1/+2/+3/Thaumas Set
Head Euxine Hat +1 +2 +3 Thaumas Hat
Body Euxine Coat +1 +2 +3 Thaumas Coat
Hands Euxine Gloves +1 +2 +3 Thaumas Gloves
Legs Euxine Kecks +1 +2 +3 Thaumas Kecks
Feet Euxine Nails +1 +2 +3 Thaumas Nails
Rheic/+1/+2/+3/Phorcys Set
Head Rheic Salade +1 +2 +3 Phorcys Salade
Body Rheic Korazin +1 +2 +3 Phorcys Korazin
Hands Rheic Mitts +1 +2 +3 Phorcys Mitts
Legs Rheic Dirs +1 +2 +3 Phorcys Dirs
Feet Rheic Schuhs +1 +2 +3 Phorcys Schuhs
Tethyan/+1/+2/+3/Nares Set
Head Tethyan Cap +1 +2 +3 Nares Cap
Body Tethyan Saio +1 +2 +3 Nares Saio
Hands Tethyan Cuffs +1 +2 +3 Nares Cuffs
Legs Tethyan Trews +1 +2 +3 Nares Trews
Feet Tethyan Clogs +1 +2 +3 Nares Clogs

The items for each set drop in a specific pattern from the bosses on the floors divisible by 20. There are 15 possible armor drops for each floor, and the boss can drop 0-3 pieces at random upon defeat, with more pieces dropping more frequently at higher boss levels.

  • Floor 20: Base set NQ armor
  • Floor 40: Base set +1 armor
  • Floor 60: Base set +2 armor
  • Floor 80: Base set +3 armor
  • Floor 100: HQ set armor


Upon defeating a boss from a specific floor a set number of times, players will be rewarded with a part of an astrarium which can be redeemed for one piece of armor from the next higher boss floor (except Platinum Astrarium). Astraria can be redeemed for the associated rewards at the NPC Berangere in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9). One part of an astrarium is obtained in addition to the armor which normally drops from boss battles. After defeating a boss, a message will be displayed showing how many parts of that floor's astrarium you have in possession, and this can also be checked at Berangere. Astraria must be redeemed before they can be re-acquired (you can only possess one of each).


Notorious Monsters

In addition to the above armor sets and monsters, there are select Notorious Monsters from around Vana'diel that appear in the Uncharted Regions, much as they did in Nyzul Isle Investigation. Unless the floor objective is "defeat all enemies," there is no need to kill these NMs. Be aware that they are often aggressive even if they are not outside of Nyzul Isle and the levels and HP are adjusted (up or down depending on the NM) for the assault.

These Notorious Monsters can drop a single Alexandrite and leave behind a chest with a ??? Item when defeated. This ??? Item can be taken to an Appraisal NPC and potentially turned into an item that the non-Nyzul Isle version of the Notorious Monster would drop. Though monsters may have multiple drops outside of Nyzul isle, they typically only have one potential drop inside it.

Most notorious monsters only appear in blocks of 20 levels, except for certain HNMs which can appear anywhere from floor 50 to 99. Within each floor range, particular NMs will only appear on odd or even floors.

Floor 1~19
Amanita Tenax Strap
Tococo Armiger's Lace
Duke Decapod Pelte
Rambukk Bukktooth
Numbing Norman Pike
Yara Ma Yha Who Fasting Ring
Barbastelle Felling Axe
Doppelganger Gog Cruel Spear
Nocuous Weapon Disciple Grip
Ghillie Dhu Estramacon
Slumbering Samwell Samwell's Shank
Habrok Besieger Mantle
Teporingo Succubus Grip
Desmodont Fidelity Mantle
Maltha Trailer's Tunica
Wake Warder Wanda Melampus Staff
Chocoboleech Gassan
Doppelganger Dio Cruel Scythe
Floors 21~39
Gwyllgi Gosha Sarashi
Hercules Beetle Black Hose
Yal-un Eke Beacon Cuffs
Skewer Sam Wind Spear
Edacious Opo-opo Nanban Kariginu
Hippomaritimus Channeling Robe
Kirata Boreas Cesti
Mucoid Mass Spellcaster's Ecu
Sekhmet Layqa Seraweels
Patripatan Nous Arbalest
Dosetsu Tree Raikiri
Mycophile Mycophile Cuffs
Koropokkur Aega's Doublet
Serra Volans Greaves
Noble Mold Rain Hat
Megalobugard Hercules' Ring
Waraxe Beak Monsoon Tekko
Herbage Hunter Precision Bandana
Floors 41~59
Hazmat Promptitude Solea
Death from Above Hornetneedle
Hovering Hotpot Sleight Kukri
Skull of Gluttony Gluttony Sword
Skull of Sloth Sloth Wand
Skull of Pride Pride Staff
Diamond Daig Protecting Bangles
Nussknacker Sand Gloves
Cwn Cyrff Swan Bilbo
Okyupete Shepherd's Chain
Boroka Question
Habetrot Twincoon
Skull of Greed Greed Scimitar
Skull of Lust Lust Dagger
Skull of Envy Envy Spear
Skull of Wrath Wrath Tabar
Demonic Tiphia Tiphia Sting
Woodland Sage Sunlight Pole
Floors 50~99
Genbu Genbu's Kabuto Verification Needed
Seiryu Seiryu's Kote Verification Needed
Fafnir Ridill Verification Needed
Behemoth Comet Tail
Adamantoise Question
Suzaku Suzaku's Sune-Ate
Byakko Byakko's Haidate
Khimaira Question
Cerberus Question
Hydra Question
Floor 61~79
Picolaton Thrakon Breastplate
Amemet Amemet Skin
Rogue Receptacle Lyricist's Gonnelle
Arachne Arachne Web
Oni Carcass Onikiri
Splacknuck Knack Pendant
Shii Sukesada
Yowie Yowie Skin
Drexerion the Condemned Flagellant's Crossbow
Lizardtrap Fenrir's Crown
Phanduron the Condemned Ascalon
Gloom Eye Wit Pendant
Barbaric Weapon Rover's Gloves
Calchas Fuchingiri
Ose Assault Jerkin
Lumber Jack Question
Elel Question
Lindwurm Valiant Knife
Floors 81~99
Narasimha Narasimha Hide
Lord of Onzozo Octave ClubVerification Needed
Nis Puk Tempest Belt
Ancient Goobbue Daihannya
Voluptuous Vivian Vivian Ring
Kreutzet Sirocco Kukri
Ogama Amanojaku
Tarasque Question
Ash Dragon Murasame
Charybdis Joyeuse
Copper Borer Wayang Kulit Mantle
Bune Enhancing Sword
Mahishasura Veuglaire
Gharial Tartaglia
Aynu-kaysey Cinquedea
Killer Jonny Fendoir
Ignamoth Octant
King Arthro Question


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