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An emote is a command used by the player to express emotion and add a little flavor to his/her dialogue. There are two types of emotes.

  • A built in emote, such a /smile, where the character will preform the emote and put text into the log
  • A manual emote, which begins with '/em and continues to make a custom emote
    • For example /em looks at the Mandragora with puppy dog eyes. would show up in the chat as <Name> looks at the Mandragora with puppy dog eyes.

Additionally, for any emote that preforms a motion, you can type /<emote> motion to lose the text and only preform the motion.

Built in Emotes

  • /amazed
  • /angry
  • /bell (/bellsw)
  • /blush
  • /bow
  • /cheer
  • /clap
  • /comfort
  • /cry
  • /dance
    • /dance1
    • /dance2
    • /dance3
    • /dance4
  • /disgusted
  • /doubt
  • /doze
  • /farewell
  • /fume
  • /goodbye
  • /grin
  • /huh
  • /hurray
  • /jobemote
    • See /jobemote notation and requirements for more information
  • /joy
  • /kneel
  • /laugh
  • /muted
  • /no
  • /nod
  • /panic
  • /point
  • /poke
  • /praise
  • /psych
  • /salute
  • /shocked
  • /sigh
  • /sit
  • /sitchair
    • See /sitchair quests below for more information
  • /slap
  • /smile
  • /stagger
  • /stare
  • /sulk
  • /surprised
  • /think
  • /toss
  • /upset
  • /wave
  • /welcome
  • /yes


Added in the June 2015 Version Update, the /sitchair command allows players to lean their backs against a chair and sit on it instead of on the ground. Entering the command while seated will cause the player to stand up.

In order to use this feature, you must possess the appropriate key item related to the chair you wish to be shown sitting in.

All the /sitchair emotes have to be purchased or crafted, except for the original one (with no number). See the item page for details on where they can be purchased. Using the item gives you the key item required.

Additionally, none of these emotes gives a text dialog when it is used, they are purely action based.

Image Command


Chair Type Key Item Obtain
/sitchair Wooden Stool No Key Item Default
Chair 01.jpg /sitchair


Imperial Chair Imperial chair San d'Oria Conquest Overseer (10,000 Conquest Points)
Chair 02.jpg /sitchair


Decorative Chair Decorative chair Bastok Conquest Overseer (10,000 Conquest Points)
Chair 03.jpg /sitchair


Ornate Stool Ornate stool Windurst Conquest Overseer (10,000 Conquest Points)
Chair 04.jpg /sitchair


Refined Chair Refined chair All Conquest Overseers (20,000 Conquest Points)
Event05.jpg /sitchair


Portable Container Portable container Allied Officer (50,000 Allied Notes)
Event07.jpg /sitchair


Chocobo Chair Chocobo chair Masad (15,000 MUM/Mummer Medals) or Palabelle, Gavoroi, Toppi-Meppi (500 Chocobucks)
Event06.jpg /sitchair


Ephramadian Throne Ephramadian throne Imperial Gate Guard (50,000 Imperial Standing)
Event08.jpg /sitchair


Shadow Throne Shadow throne Cruor Prospector in any Abyssea area (2,000,000 Cruor) or craftable/available on the Auction House
Leafbench.jpg /sitchair


Leaf Bench Leaf bench Prize from the minigames during Starlight Celebration
Astralcube.png /sitchair


Astral Cube Astral cube December 2015 Login Campaign (500 points)

The following emotes may be used in while sitting using /sitchair:

  • Nod your head. (/yes,/nod)
  • Shake your head. (/no)
  • Wave to your target. (/wave,/farewell,/goodbye)
  • Shrug in confusion. (/huh)
  • Laugh out loud. (/laugh)
  • Begin to cry. (/cry)
  • Clap your hands. (/clap)


You no longer need to do Magian trials to get Job-specific Emotes. They automatically unlock when you get the job.

Use the /jobemote command followed by its full name or official abbreviation (ex.: /jobemote "Warrior", or /jobemote WAR)

  • Bard
    • <NAME> conducts a rousing symphony.
    • Animation Description: Your character will do a conducting motion while music staffs surround the character and music notes fly out.
  • Beastmaster
    • <NAME> is listening intently.
    • Animation Description: Your character will sprout bunny ears atop their head which will twitch occasionally.
  • Black Mage
    • <NAME> takes to the air on a pair of fearsome black wings.
    • Animation Description: Your character grows a pair of dark blue feathered wings on their back, then spreads them out as they levitate briefly into the air.
  • Blue Mage
    • <NAME> plants some seeds.
    • Animation Description: Your character casts Wild Oats on themselves (or your target), causing a two-leaf bud to appear on your (their) head for a few seconds.
  • Corsair
    • <NAME> tosses a coin.
    • Animation Description: Your character flips a coin into the air, and a large coin appears above your character's head which will randomly display either a mandragora or a moogle.
  • Dancer
    • <NAME> leads a rousing cheer.
    • Animation Description: Glittery pink pom-poms will appear from your character's hands.
  • Dark Knight
    • <NAME> calls forth his/her dark minions.
    • Animation Description: A black void will appear under your character, then your character will point and several bats will fly out.
  • Dragoon
    • <NAME> calls forth the power of the dragon.
    • Animation Description: A pair of blue glowing wings appear on the back of your character and remain there for about 15 seconds.
  • Geomancer
    • <NAME> flourishes a bell.
    • Animation Description: Your character begins to ring a large bell, as the bell is shaking it glows. When the bell is rung Moogle nose, pom-pom, and wings appear on your character.
  • Monk
    • <NAME> summons his/her full inner strength.
    • Animation Description: Your character becomes surrounded by a glowing aura of energy for about 10 seconds.
  • Ninja
    • <NAME> shows off a long-lost ninjutsu technique.
    • Animation Description: Your character summons a giant frog, jumps up on its head, and strikes a pose.
  • Paladin
    • <NAME> is enveloped in sacred radiance.
    • Animation Description: Your character will be surrounded by a divine aura.
  • Puppetmaster
    • <NAME> heats up.
    • Animation Description: Steam comes out of your characters ears, then begins to surround your character. Your character will flicker with electricity and the eyes glow (forebodingly) bright red.
  • Ranger
    • <NAME> calls forth his/her forest friends.
    • Animation Description: Several butterflies will come out of thin air and fly around your character's hand before you send them away.
  • Red Mage
    • <NAME> revels in a moment of stylish elegance.
    • Animation Description: Your character does the white magic casting emotion and several roses fade in and out over your character. The roses will leave traces behind your character if you move.
  • Rune Fencer
    • <NAME> unleashes a burst of runic energy.
    • Animation Description: Your character does the rune enchantment animation with all the symbols of runes, afterwards it creates a glowing circular projection on the ground with all the symbols of runes moving around the circles.
  • Samurai
    • <NAME> displays his/her samurai spirit.
    • Animation Description: A giant white flag pops out of your character's back with characters written on it.
  • Scholar
    • <NAME> has a sudden flash of inspiration.
    • Animation Description: A giant light bulb appears over your character's head.
  • Summoner
    • <NAME> summons a chirping chocobo chick.
    • Animation Description: Your character performs the summoning motion, and a baby chocobo appears on the head of your character, or the character you are targeting, cushioned by a short firework animation.
  • Thief
    • <NAME> uses his/her powers of misdirection.
    • Animation Description: Your character throws an object to the ground and is enveloped in a smokescreen, and remains invisible for a few seconds.
  • Warrior
    • <NAME> takes on all comers.
    • Animation Description: A faint red aura appears around you while your character cracks their knuckles and then beckons with an outstretched hand.
  • White Mage
    • <NAME> applies a bandage.
    • Animation Description: Your character tosses a giant bandage onto your character or the targeted character.