Southern San d'Oria (S)

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Upon entering this historical version of city of San d'Oria, one can almost be mistaken to be in current times, except for the war armaments and battlements littering the streets. What is currently a city bustling with life and vendors, was once a city ever prepared for battle and sieges.

Time travellers can expect to find certain utilities such as a item delivery and living quarters, which is nothing more than a cramped barrack. Functionality for time of war is written into every design and every calculated corner of the city.

Travellers would be ill adviced to be lulled into a sense of security as it is possible for the Orcish forces to invite even the strong battlements and lay siege on the city.

Southern Sandoria in times of war, yet despite the heavy armaments the sky blazes clear and blue, instilling a sense of beauty
Map of Southern San d'Oria (S)

This Zone is Connected to

Zone Name


East Ronfaure (S) L-10

Zone Name


Mog House M-4


Name Map Pos. Notes
??? Warmachine 1 E-7 Flavor Text
Adjutant 1 D-7 Flavor Text
Alfred 1 K-10 Evaluation and Medal Giver
Ashmea B Greinner 1 I-10 Scarlet Boar Esquire General
Cerane I Virgaut 1 B-6 Aragoneu Knight General
Chauxnatte 1 K-10 Chocobo Renter
Corseihaut 1 F-6 Flavor Text
Eauvague, T.K. 1 L-10 Gate Guard
Elnonde 1 K-9 Quest
Febrenard C Brunnaut 1 J-8 Temple Knight General
Feldrautte I Rouhent 1 B-7 Norvallen Knight General
Fiaudie 1 I-9 Campaign
Geltpix 1 M-6 Merchant
Hauberliond 1 H-9 Quest
Illeuse 1 H-9 Quest
Laisavie X Berlends 1 J-8 Silver Fox Archer General
Leonoyne 1 D-7 Savage Hound Condottiere General
Loillie 1 K-9 Quest
Louxiard 1 G-7 Cutscene and quest npc
Lurouillat 1 J-9 Stronghold Invasion NPC
Machionage 1 C-6 Flavor Text
Mainchelite 1 I-9 Campaign
Name Map Pos. Notes
Mieuseloir B Enchelles 1 L-6 Crimson Wolf Esquire General
Miliart, T.K. 1 L-9 Campaign
Nembet 1 L-6 Delivery NPC
Nichais 1 L-7 Quest NPC
Noillurie 1 M-7 Red Rose Condottiere General
Orcish Captive 1 G-7 Flavor Text
Palardaifault V Draffles 1 I-9 Campaign
Piscariaux 1 E-7 Flavor Text
Quartermaster 1 H-9 Campaign
Rasdinice 1 I-9 Campaign
Renadile 1 L-6 Armor storage
Rholont 1 E-7 Flavor Text
Riautte 1 E-7 Flavor Text
Rongelouts N Distaud 1 I-9 Campaign
Sabiliont 1 I-11 Quest
Saphiriance, T.K. 1 L-9 Campaign NPC
Scarlette, C.A. 1 H-9 Campaign Teleport
Thirkell 1 L=6 ANNM NPC
Valaineral R Davilles 1 H-8 Royal Guard General
Voucheramme 1 J-9 Allied Campaign Information
Wyatt 1 L-6 Seeing Spots Quest
Yrvaulair S Cousseraux 1 I-10 Royal Knight General


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
Campaign Battle Southern San d'Oria (S) Allied Campaign Wings of the Goddess
Campaign Ops Southern San d'Oria (S) Allied Campaign Wings of the Goddess