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Sphere effects are are a constant Area of Effect enhancement granted to players within a certain radius (10 yalms) of the player with the Sphere effect.


  • The player equipped with the Sphere effect does not receive the benefit of it.
  • If a player is in range of multiple players with different Sphere effects, they will receive the effects of each of the sphere effects, although the status icon will only appear once.
  • If two players have the same Sphere effect (for instance, Sphere:Refresh+1 from Atmacite of Devotion), other players standing near both of them will not receive double the effect (only 1MP/tick even if everyone has it). They will, however, grant each other the effect.
  • Sphere effects are bestowed only by certain Atmacites and Pulse body equipment obtained from Voidwatch.
  • Avatar's Favor effects work in the same manner as sphere effects (10 yalm radius and doesn't affect the Avatar).
  • Afterglow from level 99 II relic weapons works in the same manner as sphere effects.

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