The Palborough Project

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Waughroon Shrine Area.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Waughroon Shrine Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: Phobos Orb icon.png Phobos Orb Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: Kindred's Crest icon.png 30 Kindred's Crest Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Personal Pool:

20,000 Gil (Split across party)

Special Event Pool:

Empyrean Armor Upgrade Campaign:


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Mahuika 1 Bomb WAR

Nga Manawa 3 Bomb WAR


  • Starts with one big bomb (Mahuika) that spawns 1~3 smaller bombs (Nga Manawa).
    • Nga Manawa are spawned when the boss uses a TP move other than Berserk, and one is spawned per time he has used Berserk (and grown) since the last spawning, to a maximum of 3.
  • Nga Manawas use Self-Destruct (30' radius) immediately upon spawning for about 1000 damage per target before magic damage reduction.
    • This can be avoided or reduced by changing target and using a Weapon Skill quickly, as they only have about 1100 HP.
    • Melee parties can face up to 3 simultaneous Self-Destructs at once.
  • Nga Manawa does not share hate or link with Mahuika, but will target whatever Mahuika is targeting when they are spawned.
  • This can be successfully done with 1~2 melee and a healer, or any number of Summoners using Leviathan.

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