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Blood Drain

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Blood Drain.png

Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Steals an enemy's HP. Ineffective against undead.
Available Level 20
Type Element: Dark Magical
MP Cost 10 MP Cast Time 4 seconds
Point Cost Recast Time 90 seconds
Target Single Range
Stat Bonus HP -5 MP +5
Additional Effects Drain Duration
Monster Type Birds Monster Family Bat
Spell Mechanics
Volatile Enmity Cumulative Enmity


  • HP Drained is Blue Magic Skill *.33.
  • Not modified by INT.

Spell Obtainment

Learned from: Bat Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 32+
Monster Level Zone Map
Mouse Bat 3-6   King Ranperre's Tomb King Ranperre's Tomb-map1.jpg
King Ranperre's Tomb-map1.jpg
Grave Bat 11-13   King Ranperre's Tomb King Ranperre's Tomb-map1.jpg
King Ranperre's Tomb-map1.jpg
Giant Bat 20-22   Valkurm Dunes Valkurm Dunes.jpg
Valkurm Dunes.jpg
Duskbringer Bat 100-102   Rala Waterways
 (F-7) Entrance from Eastern Adoulin
Rala Waterways Map.png
Rala Waterways Map.png

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