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Eastern Adoulin

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Connected Zone Location Arrives at
Western Adoulin C-8/9 Eastern Adoulin Map.png M-8/9 Western Adoulin Map.png
Rala Waterways F-7 Eastern Adoulin Map.png K-5 Rala Waterways Map.png
Rala Waterways ??? Eastern Adoulin Map.png N-10 Rala Waterways Map.png
Yahse Hunting Grounds G-5 Eastern Adoulin Map.png K-9 Yahse Hunting Grounds Map.png
Zone Image
Japanese 東アドゥリン
Map Acquisition Pioneer Registration
Requires Onward to Adoulin
Timeline Present
Continent Ulbuka
Region The Sacred City of Adoulin
Zone Type City


Name Map Pos. Notes
Octavien 1 I-8 Quest NPC for RUN
Dimmian 1 E-6 Sells Wildskeeper Reive entry items
Addled Fetters 1 J-9
Adelise 1 J-8
Alphonserme 1 G-8
Amaury 1 J-11
Bernegeois 1 G-8 Sells various food and drink
Behsa Alehgo 1 J-7
Celine 1 G-8
Chamulele 1 F-9 Provides info on Ergon Loci progress
Cunegonde 1 G-11 Helps with rent-a-rooms
Chelidoine 1 J-9
Eppel-Treppel 1 F-10
Chumli-Mojumli 1 K-10
Erminold 1 J-10
Craggy Bluff 1 F-7 Sells Adoulin gear for bayld
Fostaig 1 G-7
Dalish 1 K-9
Garembert 1 F-7
Fariska Lokhmi 1 G-9 Marks players maps
Glowing Hearth 1 H-6
Jaded Hawk 1 H-10 Delivery
Huss 1 E-8/F-8
Irate Destrier 1 G-8
Laetitia 1 J-10
Jampiaire 1 G-8
Lola 1 G-8 Skirmish NPC
Jozhud 1 G-9
Malulu 1 H-11 Delivery
Maudilyone 1 G-6 Event replay bard
Terianne 1 H-10 Provides auction house help info
Sharuru 1 F-8 Quest
Felmsy 1 G-5 Quest
Pudith 1 F-6 Quest
Yocile 1 G-8 Quest
Ploh Trishbahk 1 K-9
Task Delegator 1 In all Coalition buildings
Bheva Grantih 1 G-6 Cutscene Replayer
Estelle 1 F-9
Geosuke 1 J-10
Name Map Pos. Notes
Winrix 1 H-10 Gobbiebox Goblin
Xavinien 1 F-9 Scout's Coalition NPC
Patient Snake 1 F-9
Inthius 1 F-9 Weather Reporter
Krepol 1 H-6
Neviyak 1 K-9
Lamaron 1 G-5
Old Bellows 1 J-7 Sells seeds
Malgrom 1 E-8 Sells fish
Oston 1 G-8 Skirmish NPC
Melvort 1 J-8
Ndah Tolohjin 1 G-9 Quest
Quiri-Aliri 1 G-6 Ionis NPC
Nhili Uvolep 1 I-7
Oscairn 1 G-7
Rigobertine 1 J-7
Penthus 1 I-9
Sifa Alani 1 F-9 Sells Adoulin maps for bayld
Risen Hackles 1 G-6/7 Quest
Soppopo 1 F-9 Provides colonization info
Stavalian 1 G-8
Ujlei Zelekko 1 F-7 Sells Peacekeepers buff items for bayld
Tallula 1 G-6 Sells HELM tools and ammo
Vesca 1 F-7 Sells Adoulin gear for bayld
Uhlstar 1 I-9
Vastran 1 F-8 Quest
Zaffeld 1 J-8
Ysadel 1 F-6
Zalk 1 K-9
Boffin 1 E-9
Oingo-Zoingo 1 K-9
Iyvah Halohm 1 G-8 Fame NPC
Audibert 1 F-9 Quest
Corpo-Vorpo 1 F-7
Roskin 1 H-8 Quest
Finnigor 1 G-9
Wegellion 1 F-9
Palomel 1 G-9
Civil Registrar 1 In all Coalition buildings
Anomaly Expert 1 G-10 Provides Delve services
Delivery Specialist 1 G-11 Delivery
Runje Desaali 1 J-10 Buys gear for bayld

Historical Significance


Eastern Adoulin hosts 2 of the 6 Colonization Coalitions. Other structures of significance include a grand-scale statue of Altana, and the Celennia Wexworth Memorial Library.

It contains an Auction House, Waypoints, and a Rent-a-Room.


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