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Ionis icon.png An expansion specific buff effect granted for areas in the Seekers of Adoulin expansion. Functions in a manner similar to the role of Signet, Sanction, and Sigil. Can be applied to a player by the NPC Fleuricette at (D-8) in Western Adoulin, or Quiri-Aliri at (G-6) in Eastern Adoulin.
The effects granted by Ionis vary greatly depending upon the edifications completed at the six Coalitions in Adoulin. The effects in the table below are present once the associated edification has been completed on a Coalition (if a Coalition's rank drops and an edification is lost, the Ionis effect will be lost as well). "Moderate" effects supersede "Minor" effects (they do not stack).
The duration of the Ionis effect is 180 minutes.

Coalition Edification Effect
Pioneers' Coalition

Pioneers' Coalition
Coalition Flag Minor Attack Enhancement (+10)
Signboard Minor Magic Attack Bonus
Emblem Minor Gathering Fatigue Reduction
Second Floor Minor Gathering Efficiency Enhancement
Adoulinian Flag Moderate Attack Enhancement (+20)
Main Terrace Moderate Magic Attack Bonus (+5 [2])
Bay Roof Moderate Gathering Fatigue Reduction
Main Chimney Moderate Gathering Efficacy Enhancement
Peacekeepers' Coalition

Peacekeepers' Coalition
Coalition Flag Minor Defense Enhancement (+10)
Signboard Minor Magic Defense Bonus
Emblem Minor HP and MP Recovery Enhancement
Second Floor Minor Max HP and MP Enhancement (+50 each)
Adoulinian Flag Moderate Defense Enhancement (+20)
Main Terrace Moderate Magic Defense Bonus (+4 [1])
Bay Roof Moderate HP and MP Recovery Enhancement
Main Chimney Moderate Enhancement to Max HP and MP
Couriers' Coalition

Couriers' Coalition
Coalition Flag Minor Accuracy and Magic Accuracy Enhancement
Signboard Minor Evasion and Magic Evasion Enhancement
Emblem Minor Critical Hit Rate Increase
Second Floor Minor Haste Effect (12/1024 [1])
Adoulinian Flag Moderate Accuracy and Magic Accuracy Enhancement
Main Terrace Moderate Evasion and Magic Evasion Enhancement
Bay Roof Moderate Critical Hit Rate Effect
Main Chimney Moderate Haste Effect Question
Scouts' Coalition

Scouts' Coalition
Coalition Flag Minor Save TP Effect (5 TP)
Signboard Minor Conserve MP Effect
Emblem Minor Fast Cast Effect
Second Floor Minor Resistance to All Status Ailments
Adoulinian Flag Moderate Save TP Effect (10 TP)
Main Terrace Moderate Conserve MP Effect
Bay Roof Moderate Fast Cast Effect (3% [3])
Main Chimney Moderate Resistance Increase to All Status Ailments
Mummers' Coalition

Mummers' Coalition
Coalition Flag Minor Combat Skill and Magic Skill Gain Rate
Signboard Minor Experience Point Bonus (+5%)
Emblem Minor Reward Obtainment Rate Increase
Second Floor Moderate Combat Skill Gain Rate Increase
Adoulinian Flag Moderate Magic Skill Gain Rate Increase
Main Terrace Moderate Experience Point Bonus
Bay Roof Moderate Reward Obtainment Rate Increase
Main Chimney Question
Inventors' Coalition

Inventors' Coalition
Coalition Flag Minor Crystal Obtainment Rate Increase
Signboard Minor Material Loss Rate Reduction
Emblem Minor Synthesis Skill Gain Increase
Second Floor Minor Synthesis Success Rate Increase
Adoulinian Flag Moderate Crystal Obtainment Rate Increase
Main Terrace Moderate Material Loss Rate Reduction
Bay Roof Moderate Synthesis Skill Gain Increase
Main Chimney Moderate Synthesis Success Rate Increase

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