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Were you looking for Curse or Curse (Recovery)?

Element Element: Dark Removable Check.gif Yes
Effect Enhanced version of Curse which greatly reduces player HP, MP, and Movement Speed.
Medicine Holy Water icon.png Holy Water
Spell Light-WHM-Icon.gif Cursna, Light-WHM-Icon.gif Esuna (Afflatus Misery icon.png), Light-WHM-Icon.gif Full Cure, Light-WHM-Icon.gif Sacrifice
Ability Light-JA-Icon.gif Benediction, Light-JA-Icon.gif Healing Waltz, Light-JA-Icon.gifVivacious Pulse (Erilaz Galea icon.png)
Spriggan Fetish icon.png Monster Infliction
TP Move Family Potency Duration
En-Attack (Lost Soul) Skeleton Information Needed
Bane (Fear Gorta) Ghost Information Needed