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Chocobo Renters

  • The most prominent Chocobo NPCs are the Chocobo Renter girls.
  • This team of Chocobo Renters are located in many areas and will provide their chocobos as transportation for a fee.
  • The fee changes constantly and is dependent on the following:
  • Rank - Price will increase slightly as you get higher in rank.
  • Number of customers - If there is a large number of players renting right before you, the price will go up. However, Square-Enix has implemented a fix on all chocobo renters so that prices will go down again much faster then they did before.
  • You can find Chocobo Renters in all the areas below:
NPC Name Zone
Amimi Windurst Woods (K-12)
Audee Lower Jeuno (G-11)
Azette Bastok Mines (J-9)
Caffie Port Jeuno (I-8)
Camereine Southern San d'Oria (I-11)
Coumaine La Theine Plateau (K-8)
Couvoullie Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Dahaaba Al Zahbi (G-9)
Emoussine Southern San d'Oria (I-11)
Eulaclaire Eastern Altepa Desert (G-7)
Eulaphe Bastok Mines (J-9)
Fephita Lower Jeuno (G-11)
Guinavie Rabao (G-10)
Mairee Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Marilleune Norg (H-9)
Melina Bastok Markets (S) (H-5)
Meuneille Southern San d'Oria (I-11)
Narsha Port Jeuno (J-8)
Orlaine Windurst Woods (K-12)
Paurelde Yhoator Jungle (F-9)
Plaiaude Konschtat Highlands (J-6)
Pucotte Tahrongi Canyon (I-6)
Quelle Bastok Mines (I-9)
Sariale Windurst Woods (K-12)
Tielleque Kazham (F-9)
Watisa Wajaom Woodlands (G-8)