Nyame Sollerets

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Nyame Sollerets icon.png Nyame sollerets
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Description: DEF:122 HP+68 MP+44 STR+23 DEX+26 VIT+24 AGI+46 INT+25 MND+26 CHR+38 Accuracy+40 Attack+30 Ranged Accuracy+40 Ranged Attack+30 Magic Accracy+40 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+30 Eva.+119 Magic Eva.+150 "Magic Def. Bonus"+5 Haste+3% Magic burst damage +5 "Skillchain Bonus"+5 Damage taken -7% Pet: Acc.+50 Ranged Acc.+50 Magic Acc.+50
Image: Nyame Sollerets description.png
Type: Armor
Flags: Equippable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find Nyame Sollerets on FFXIAH" "Find Nyame Sollerets on FFXIDB"
Armor Information
Races: All Races Equip. Slot: Feet
Level: 99
Item Level: 119
Jobs: All Jobs

Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Pilgrim Moogle Rabao - (G-6) Examine the glowing ??? while in possession of

Key Item Information on Bumba.

Price starts at 7,500,000 Gil and decreases based on the number of times the NM has been defeated on your world. The lowest price is 700,000 Gil Verification Needed.

This item is able to be augmented!
Augmented Via Zone Required Items
Pilgrim Moogle Rabao (G-6) See the Odyssey page for details.

Augment-Icon.png Augments
Rank 20
Path A Path B Path C Path D
[2]Store TP+9
[3]Physical dmg limit +2%
[1]Attack+25 Rng. Atk.+25
[2]Weapon skill dmg +8%
[3]"Double Attack"+2%
[1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+25
[2]Magic Damage+20
[3]Magic burst damage II +2
[1]Acc+20 Mag. Acc.+20
[2]Pet:Acc/Mag. Acc+20
[3]Pet: All Attr.+5


Once started, the Augment-Icon.png Augment path cannot be changed without throwing away the item and starting over.

An augment breakdown per level can be seen on the tables below. Click [Show] to view each path.

Path A

Rank: 1 [1]Accuracy+1 Rng. Acc.+1 Mag. Acc.+1 [2]"Store TP"+1 [3]----------------

Rank: 2 [1]Accuracy+2 Rng. Acc.+2 Mag. Acc.+2 [2]"Store TP"+1 [3]----------------

Rank: 3 [1]Accuracy+3 Rng. Acc.+3 Mag. Acc.+3 [2]"Store TP"+2 [3]----------------

Rank: 4 [1]Accuracy+4 Rng. Acc.+4 Mag. Acc.+4 [2]"Store TP"+2 [3]----------------

Rank: 5 [1]Accuracy+5 Rng. Acc.+5 Mag. Acc.+5 [2]"Store TP"+3 [3]----------------

Rank: 6 [1]Accuracy+6 Rng. Acc.+6 Mag. Acc.+6 [2]"Store TP"+3 [3]----------------

Rank: 7 [1]Accuracy+7 Rng. Acc.+7 Mag. Acc.+7 [2]"Store TP"+4 [3]----------------

Rank: 8 [1]Accuracy+8 Rng. Acc.+8 Mag. Acc.+8 [2]"Store TP"+4 [3]----------------

Rank: 9 [1]Accuracy+9 Rng. Acc.+9 Mag. Acc.+9 [2]"Store TP"+5 [3]----------------

Rank: 10 [1]Accuracy+10 Rng. Acc.+10 Mag. Acc.+10 [2]"Store TP"+5 [3]----------------

Rank: 11 [1]Accuracy+11 Rng. Acc.+11 Mag. Acc.+11 [2]"Store TP"+6 [3]----------------

Rank: 12 [1]Accuracy+12 Rng. Acc.+12 Mag. Acc.+12 [2]"Store TP"+6 [3]----------------

Rank: 13 [1]Accuracy+13 Rng. Acc.+13 Mag. Acc.+13 [2]"Store TP"+7 [3]----------------

Rank: 14 [1]Accuracy+14 Rng. Acc.+14 Mag. Acc.+14 [2]"Store TP"+7 [3]----------------

Rank: 15 [1]Accuracy+15 Rng. Acc.+15 Mag. Acc.+15 [2]"Store TP"+8 [3]----------------

Rank: 16 [1]Accuracy+16 Rng. Acc.+16 Mag. Acc.+16 [2]"Store TP"+8 [3]Physical damage limit +1%

Rank: 17 [1]Accuracy+17 Rng. Acc.+17 Mag. Acc.+17 [2]"Store TP"+8 [3]Physical damage limit +1%

Rank: 18 [1]Accuracy+18 Rng. Acc.+18 Mag. Acc.+18 [2]"Store TP"+9 [3]Physical damage limit +1%

Rank: 19 [1]Accuracy+19 Rng. Acc.+19 Mag. Acc.+19 [2]"Store TP"+9 [3]Physical damage limit +2%

Rank: 20 [1]Accuracy+20 Rng. Acc.+20 Mag. Acc.+20 [2]"Store TP"+9 [3]Physical damage limit +2%

Path B

Rank: 1 [1]Attack+2 Rng. Atk.+2 [2]Weapon skill damage +1% [3]----------------

Rank: 2 [1]Attack+4 Rng. Atk.+4 [2]Weapon skill damage +1% [3]----------------

Rank: 3 [1]Attack+6 Rng. Atk.+6 [2]Weapon skill damage +2% [3]----------------

Rank: 4 [1]Attack+8 Rng. Atk.+8 [2]Weapon skill damage +2% [3]----------------

Rank: 5 [1]Attack+10 Rng. Atk.+10 [2]Weapon skill damage +3% [3]----------------

Rank: 6 [1]Attack+11 Rng. Atk.+11 [2]Weapon skill damage +3% [3]----------------

Rank: 7 [1]Attack+12 Rng. Atk.+12 [2]Weapon skill damage +4% [3]----------------

Rank: 8 [1]Attack+13 Rng. Atk.+13 [2]Weapon skill damage +4% [3]----------------

Rank: 9 [1]Attack+14 Rng. Atk.+14 [2]Weapon skill damage +4% [3]----------------

Rank: 10 [1]Attack+15 Rng. Atk.+15 [2]Weapon skill damage +5% [3]----------------

Rank: 11 [1]Attack+16 Rng. Atk.+16 [2]Weapon skill damage +5% [3]----------------

Rank: 12 [1]Attack+17 Rng. Atk.+17 [2]Weapon skill damage +5% [3]----------------

Rank: 13 [1]Attack+18 Rng. Atk.+18 [2]Weapon skill damage +6% [3]----------------

Rank: 14 [1]Attack+19 Rng. Atk.+19 [2]Weapon skill damage +6% [3]----------------

Rank: 15 [1]Attack+20 Rng. Atk.+20 [2]Weapon skill damage +6% [3]----------------

Rank: 16 [1]Attack+21 Rng. Atk.+21 [2]Weapon skill damage +7% [3]"Double Attack"+1%

Rank: 17 [1]Attack+22 Rng. Atk.+22 [2]Weapon skill damage +7% [3]"Double Attack"+1%

Rank: 18 [1]Attack+23 Rng. Atk.+23 [2]Weapon skill damage +7% [3]"Double Attack"+1%

Rank: 19 [1]Attack+24 Rng. Atk.+24 [2]Weapon skill damage +8% [3]"Double Attack"+2%

Rank: 20 [1]Attack+25 Rng. Atk.+25 [2]Weapon skill damage +8% [3]"Double Attack"+2%

Path C

Rank: 1 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+2 [2]Magic Damage+1 [3]----------------

Rank: 2 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+4 [2]Magic Damage+2 [3]----------------

Rank: 3 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+6 [2]Magic Damage+3 [3]----------------

Rank: 4 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+8 [2]Magic Damage+4 [3]----------------

Rank: 5 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+10 [2]Magic Damage+5 [3]----------------

Rank: 6 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+11 [2]Magic Damage+6 [3]----------------

Rank: 7 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+12 [2]Magic Damage+7 [3]----------------

Rank: 8 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+13 [2]Magic Damage+8 [3]----------------

Rank: 9 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+14 [2]Magic Damage+9 [3]----------------

Rank: 10 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+15 [2]Magic Damage+10 [3]----------------

Rank: 11 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+16 [2]Magic Damage+11 [3]----------------

Rank: 12 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+17 [2]Magic Damage+12 [3]----------------

Rank: 13 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+18 [2]Magic Damage+13 [3]----------------

Rank: 14 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+19 [2]Magic Damage+14 [3]----------------

Rank: 15 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+20 [2]Magic Damage+15 [3]----------------

Rank: 16 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+21 [2]Magic Damage+16 [3]Magic burst damage II +1

Rank: 17 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+22 [2]Magic Damage+17 [3]Magic burst damage II +1

Rank: 18 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+23 [2]Magic Damage+18 [3]Magic burst damage II +1

Rank: 19 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+24 [2]Magic Damage+19 [3]Magic burst damage II +2

Rank: 20 [1]"Mag. Atk. Bns."+25 [2]Magic Damage+20 [3]Magic burst damage II +2

Path D

Rank: 1 [1]Accuracy+1 Mag. Acc.+1 [2]Pet: Accuracy+1 Mag. Acc.+1 [3]----------------

Rank: 2 [1]Accuracy+2 Mag. Acc.+2 [2]Pet: Accuracy+2 Mag. Acc.+2 [3]----------------

Rank: 3 [1]Accuracy+3 Mag. Acc.+3 [2]Pet: Accuracy+3 Mag. Acc.+3 [3]----------------

Rank: 4 [1]Accuracy+4 Mag. Acc.+4 [2]Pet: Accuracy+4 Mag. Acc.+4 [3]----------------

Rank: 5 [1]Accuracy+5 Mag. Acc.+5 [2]Pet: Accuracy+5 Mag. Acc.+5 [3]----------------

Rank: 6 [1]Accuracy+6 Mag. Acc.+6 [2]Pet: Accuracy+6 Mag. Acc.+6 [3]----------------

Rank: 7 [1]Accuracy+7 Mag. Acc.+7 [2]Pet: Accuracy+7 Mag. Acc.+7 [3]----------------

Rank: 8 [1]Accuracy+8 Mag. Acc.+8 [2]Pet: Accuracy+8 Mag. Acc.+8 [3]----------------

Rank: 9 [1]Accuracy+9 Mag. Acc.+9 [2]Pet: Accuracy+9 Mag. Acc.+9 [3]----------------

Rank: 10 [1]Accuracy+10 Mag. Acc.+10 [2]Pet: Accuracy+10 Mag. Acc.+10 [3]----------------

Rank: 11 [1]Accuracy+11 Mag. Acc.+11 [2]Pet: Accuracy+11 Mag. Acc.+11 [3]----------------

Rank: 12 [1]Accuracy+12 Mag. Acc.+12 [2]Pet: Accuracy+12 Mag. Acc.+12 [3]----------------

Rank: 13 [1]Accuracy+13 Mag. Acc.+13 [2]Pet: Accuracy+13 Mag. Acc.+13 [3]----------------

Rank: 14 [1]Accuracy+14 Mag. Acc.+14 [2]Pet: Accuracy+14 Mag. Acc.+14 [3]----------------

Rank: 15 [1]Accuracy+15 Mag. Acc.+15 [2]Pet: Accuracy+15 Mag. Acc.+15 [3]----------------

Rank: 16 [1]Accuracy+16 Mag. Acc.+16 [2]Pet: Accuracy+16 Mag. Acc.+16 [3]Pet: All Attr.+1

Rank: 17 [1]Accuracy+17 Mag. Acc.+17 [2]Pet: Accuracy+17 Mag. Acc.+17 [3]Pet: All Attr.+2

Rank: 18 [1]Accuracy+18 Mag. Acc.+18 [2]Pet: Accuracy+18 Mag. Acc.+18 [3]Pet: All Attr.+3

Rank: 19 [1]Accuracy+19 Mag. Acc.+19 [2]Pet: Accuracy+19 Mag. Acc.+19 [3]Pet: All Attr.+4

Rank: 20 [1]Accuracy+20 Mag. Acc.+20 [2]Pet: Accuracy+20 Mag. Acc.+20 [3]Pet: All Attr.+5

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