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So you've decided to play on the Xbox? This guide will walk you through getting started with some advanced knowledge.

That said, new players can not be encouraged enough to consider playing on a PC. The PC is the flagship platform for FFXI and has the most features and support, as well as being the easiest platform to look up information while playing. This guide will not try to sway you to play on the PC further, but the PC is a better platform to play on.


Get a USB keyboard.

While voice chat is indeed a nice option (especially for endgame events), the majority of communication in FFXI is done via typing, especially when meeting new people on other platforms. Your life will be much easier with a keyboard.


You'll also want to verify that you have all the expansions.

Here is a list of all the expansions and their abbreviations.

When you log into the game, you'll see the icons for each expansion. They will either be lit up (meaning you have them) or grayed out. If any are grayed out, it means you'll have to start working on getting the others for the future.

One concern is having the disk based expansions. There are three disks involved here:

  • Original Xbox 360 disk with FFXI + CoP/RotZ/ToaU
  • Xbox 360 expansion disk with WotG.
  • Xbox 360 Ultimate Collection disk with FFXI + CoP/RotZ/ToaU/WotG

As you can see, you don't need a special disk for AMK, ASA, ACP, or any of the Abyssea expansions, since those were all downloaded content. But if you are missing the Wings of the Goddess expansion, you'll need to find a disk. This can be expensive and difficult.

When Seekers of Adoulin comes out, you'll have to get a disk for that as well. Hopefully SE releases that disk with all the expansions on it to make things easier for players.

If you don't have one or more of the expansions that are not on disk, you'll need to get an expansion code.

The cheapest and easiest way to get a code for an account that includes all the expansion packs and add-on content is to buy the Ultimate Collection - Abyssea Edition online. This will be for the PC. Many places sell it and will often have sales, such as directly from Square Enix's website, or from the popular distribution service Steam. The game with every expansion ever made costs $20 when not on sale and also comes with a code for a free hat.

You do not want to buy the game any other way - otherwise buying each expansion pack and add-on costs about $10 each, meaning you'd be paying somewhere to the tune of over $100 for what you can get for $20 or less, and you wouldn't get the hat. If you do get a working game code otherwise, buying the game and applying the game code to your account will unlock all the expansions for you as well, also making it the cheapest way to get codes.

Codes work dependently of platform, meaning that it doesn't matter if you've only ever played on the PC all the time, you could log into an Xbox with your PC account right now, or even a PS2. Keep in mind that when you log into an Xbox you have to link your account to a gamertag (which needs to be registered for the free version of Xbox Live in order to play), which will forever be linked, so if you want achievements from a particular account on a particular gamertag, be sure to link them wisely.


There are a few sites you'll want to be familiar with when playing FFXI.

For forums there are the Blue Gartr forums, the FFXIAH forums, and the Official Forums.

For data based websites, BGwiki is the best wiki available, and FFXIAH is a great place to check prices of goods on the AH.


There are other guides that you will want to read.