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Abyssea - La Theine

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Abyssea - La Theine header.jpg
Map of Abyssea - La Theine

Connected Zone Abyssea - La Theine Arrives at
La Theine Plateau E-3 Abyssea - La Theine-Map.jpg E-4 La Theine Plateau.jpg

Maps for Abyssea - La Theine


Name Map Pos. Notes
Aaveleon (A) 1 Roaming Quest NPC
Amaura (A) 1 E-4 Quest Starter
Atma Fabricant (La Theine) 1 E-4
Atma Infusionist (La Theine) 1 E-4
Callort (A) 1 E-4
Conflux Surveyor (La Theine) 1 E-4
Cruor Prospector (La Theine) 1 E-4 Standard Merchant
Curilla (A) 1 E-4 Quest Starter
Danngogg (A) 1 E-4
Daveille (A) 1 E-4
Exoroche (A) 1 H-7 Quest Starter
Fontoumant (A) 1 H-7 Quest Starter
Fulchia (A) 1 E-4
Glenne (A) 1 L-11 Quest Starter
Name Map Pos. Notes
Guilerme (A) 1 E-4 Goal Tracker
Halver (A) 1 L-11 Quest Starter
Joulet (A) 1 H-7 Quest Starter
Louis (A) 1 E-4
Machine Outfitter (La Theine) 1 E-4 Quest Starter
Miageau (A) 1 L-11
Namonutice (A) 1 E-4 Fame Check
Nonterene (A) 1
Regine (A) 1 E-4 Quest Starter
Rugiette (A) 1 H-7
Secodiand (A) 1 E-4 Quest Starter
Shomo Pochachilo (A) 1 H-7
Simmie (A) 1 E-4
Ufanne (A) 1 H-7


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
[[]] [[]]
[[]] [[]]

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Akash Roaming None
  • None
Adamastor C-4 Spawned by trading Trophy Shield to ???
Baba Yaga H-7 Spawned by trading Piceous Scale to ???
Briareus G-6 Spawned by clicking ??? with the key items

Dented Gigas shield, Warped Gigas armband, and Severed Gigas collar

Carabosse H-7 Spawned by clicking ??? with the key items

Pellucid fly eye and Shimmering pixie pinion

Chasmic Hornet F-8 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight
Dozing Dorian L-6 Spawned by trading Dried Chigoe to ???
Grandgousier F-10 Spawned by trading Massive Armband to ???
Hadhayosh J-8 Spawned by clicking ??? with the key items Blood-smeared Gigas helm, Bloodied saber tooth, Glittering pixie choker, and Marbled mutton chop
Irrlicht G-9 10-15 Minute respawn. True Sound, HP
Keesha Poppo L-7 10-15 Minute respawn. True Sight
La Theine Liege I-7 Spawned by trading Transparent Insect Wing to ???
Lugarhoo H-11 Spawned by trading a Filthy Gnole Claw to the ???.
Mangy-tailed Marvin ~80 E-5 10-15 Minute respawn. True Sound
Megamaw Mikey L-8 10-15 Minute respawn. True Sound
Megantereon C-7 Spawned by trading Gargantuan Black Tiger Fang to ???.
Nguruvilu I-12 Spawned by trading Winter Puk Egg to ???.
Ovni ~80 K-5 15-20 Minute respawn. True Sound
Pantagruel F-7 Spawned by trading an Oversized Sock to ???.
Piasa ~80 E/F-7/8 10-15 Minute respawn. True Sight
Poroggo Dom Juan J-11 Spawned by trading Bug-eaten Hat to ???.
Toppling Tuber F-7 Spawned by trading Giant Agaricus to ???.
Trudging Thomas J-8 Spawned by trading R. Mutton Chop to ???.
Meditator Roaming Resting nearby with a Clear demilune abyssite
Brooder Roaming Resting nearby with a Colorful demilune abyssite
Ruminator Roaming Resting nearby with a Scarlet demilune abyssite
Karkinos H-7 Fished up with Dried Squid and the key item Smoldering crab shell
Nahn H-7 Fished up

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Angler Tiger Tiger 75 90 Sight Y N 18
Bathyal Gigas Gigas 75 90 Sight Y Y 19
Black Merino Sheep 75 90 Sight Y Y 20
Brae Opo-Opo Opo-opo 75 90 Sight Y Y 19
Cankercap Funguar 75 90 Sound N Y 11
Crapaudy Frog 75 90 Sight N Y 23
Crepuscule Puk Puk 75 90 Sight, Sound Y N 22
Demersal Gigas Gigas 75 90 Sight Y Y 19
Ephemeral Clionid Clionid 75 90 N N 13
Ephemeral Limule Limule 75 90 HP Y N 13
Farfadet Pixie 75 90 Sight N Y 20
Geier Lesser Bird 75 90 Sight N Y 21
Gigadaphnia Limule 75 90 HP Y N 47
Great Wasp Bee 75 90 Sight N Y 22
Hadal Gigas Gigas 75 90 Sight Y Y 19
Hammering Ram Ram 75 90 Sight N N 22
Irate Sheep Sheep 75 90 Sight N Y 25
Luison Gnole 75 90 Sight Y Y 23
Pasture Funguar Funguar 75 90 Sound N N 10
Plateau Glider Fly 75 90 Sound N Y 16
Plateau Hare Rabbit 75 90 Sight N Y 19
Poroggo Seducteur Poroggo 75 90 True Sound Y Y 17
Psychopomp Corpselight 75 90 Sound, HP Y N 21
Rock Grinder Worm 75 90 Sound N Y 22
Veld Clionid Clionid 75 90 N N 46
Sentinel Crab Crab 75 90 Sound Y N 8 Fished Up
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

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