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Weapon Skill Damage

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Were you looking for Magic Damage?

Weapon Skill Damage (Statistic)

This statistic has been inconsistently implemented, but it is always a straight damage multiplier. Most sources only apply to the first swing of the weapon skill (including the additional magic effect for hybrid weapon skills, or applied to all of a magic weapon skill). However, some sources apply to all swings of the weapon skill (like Magian Trials Weapon Skill Damage +n% weapons).
Even more confusingly, some sources of this that only apply to the first hit of Weapon Skills actually apply to both hits of some Weapon Skills, like Sturmwind and Atonement.

Job Points

Job Trait Information
Description Increases damage from your weapon skills.
Type Job Point
Job Any
Tier Level Obtained Value
I WAR 99 (550JP Gift) 3%

Calculating Physical Weapon Skill Damage

Similar to Physical Damage, Weapon Skill damage is calculated as :

Damage = Base Damage × pDIF

In addition to Weapon Base Damage and fSTR/fSTR(2) in normal physical damage calculation, every swing of the weapon skill (including Double Attack, etc.) will get a base damage boost from your stats, called WSC (Weapon Skill Secondary Attribute Modifier).

This new base damage value will further be adjusted by a TP Multiplier called fTP. This value may vary depending the amount of TP you have and the Weapon Skill you perform. Elemental Gorgets and Elemental Belts each raise this number by 25/256 (only for the first hit unless it is an FTP replicating WS); when used together they raise the fTP modifier by 50/256.

Melee WS Base Damage = floor(( Weapon Base Damage + fSTR + WSC ) × fTP)
Ranged WS Base Damage = floor(( Weapon Base Damage + (Ammo Damage) + fSTR(2) + WSC ) × fTP)
WS Damage = WS Base Damage × pDIF

Each hit of the weapon skill will be calculated this way, using the appropriate base weapon damage (mainhand vs. offhand) and fTP, along with a novel pDIF value. It is unclear whether FTP replicating WSs share their fTP with additional attacks, but some evidence indicates they do.

Calculating Magical Weapon Skill Damage

Magic Weapon Skill damage is affected by all the same modifiers as other sources of magic damage, but the base damage is calculated somewhat similarly to physical weapon skills:

Base Magical WS Damage = ( floor(Player Level × 1.5 + 2) + floor(WSC) + dSTAT term ) × fTP + Magic Damage (Statistic)
Damage = Base Magical WS Damage × Magic damage multipliers

Calculating Hybrid Weapon Skill Damage

Hybrid Weapon Skills are essentially physical WSs with a magical component. This is the only type of magic damage that is affected by pDIF, which means it is the only type of magic damage that can meaningfully "Critical Hit." Base damage for these weaponskills is calculated exactly the same as for Physical Weapon Skills. However, the overall damage is calculated as if the first hit of the weapon skill is duplicated, and the duplicate hit is magical and thus is affected by modifiers of magic damage.

Damage = Base Damage × pDIF + Base Damage × pDIF × modifiers of magic damage

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