Chocobo Whistle Quest

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Note: This is a mini quest, and it does not appear in your Quest Log.

  • Before beginning this quest, you must have obtained a White handkerchief. See that page for further details.
  • While Raising a chocobo, the VCS Trainer will tell you to go to San d'Oria to obtain a Chocobo Whistle.
  • Speak to Hantileon in Southern San d'Oria (I-11).
    • He instructs you to check your bond with your chocobo, as they might hide things from you.
  • Next time you Go on a Walk, you will get the option to search for an item or to watch over your chocobo.
    • When you receive the message that Your Chocobo is completely absorbed in its current activities, choose the search option. You have the chance of obtaining the Handkerchief Key Item.
    • If you are detected, the search will fail.
    • A successful search does not guarantee you'll find the item. That means the item is not in that area, and you should look in the other two areas.
  • After obtaining the Handkerchief, speak to Hantileon again to receive your Chocobo Whistle.
    • You must now register a Chocobo to this whistle, it is not automatically done.

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