I Can Hear a Rainbow

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I Can Hear a Rainbow
Required Fame Windurst Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 30+
Starting NPC House of the Hero, Windurst Walls (G-3)
Pack None
Title Rainbow Weaver
Repeatable No
Description A strange voice from within Carbuncle's Ruby is asking you to gather the seven colors of light...
Previous Quest Next Quest
None The Puppet Master
Carbuncle's Ruby
Ability to become a Summoner.
Ability to summon Carbuncle.


  • Obtain a Carbuncle's Ruby from a Leech mob.
    • Poison Leeches in Buburimu Peninsula are possibly the easiest ones to drop Rubies.
    • Alternatively, Bloodsuckers in Toraimarai Canal have the highest drop rate.
    • Successfully farmed in Qufim Island from Acrophies with only a few kills.
    • The drop rate is low, so if you're specifically looking for the ruby instead of having acquired it while doing something else, consider using THF for Treasure Hunter as the regular drop rate is very low (and you might get other potentially useful drops like coffer keys in the process), or if you haven't learned MP Drainkiss yet as BLU consider using that job to make the leech fights more useful.
  • Go to Windurst Walls (G-3) and examine the door of the House of the Hero for a cutscene. You will be instructed to experience 7 types of weather in outdoor areas. It seems only zones available in or before the Rise of Zilart Expansion will work.
Color Zones

Element: Fire


Clear Weather

Any outdoor area that isn't currently cloudy or overcast.

Element: Earth


Element: Wind


Element: Ice


Element: Water


Element: Thunder

  • To experience the weather, you must enter the area while the weather is active, you will receive a brief cutscene confirming the weather effect.
  • To know the weather of the area you are in, check the top left corner of your compass (above the time in the bottom left of your screen). If there is nothing then the weather is Orange (Non-elemental).
    • The most difficult color to obtain is Red. Hot spells and heat waves are more frequent in the game's summer months, although random hot spells can pop up any time of the game year.
      • It is worth noting that Red weather also tends to be more prevalent around midday (12:00 noon) in the relevant zone. So if you are having difficulty finding this weather, try in the middle of the day rather than checking during nighttime.
    • Scholar's Storm Spells do not count for this quest.
    • You can check the Weather Forecast for the current and next 2 game days.
    • If you drop Carbuncle's Ruby before completing the quest, you do NOT lose progress; simply obtain another one.
  • After Rain there is often Windy weather in La Theine Plateau.
  • Once you have experienced all 7 weather effects, go to La Theine Plateau (G-6) and trade the Carbuncle's Ruby to the ??? for a cutscene to complete the quest.
    • Optional: look to the sky around the Crag of Holla for a rainbow which appears when someone unlocks the Summoner job.