Promathia Mission 5-3/Louverance's Path

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Past Sins
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Despachiaire, Tavnazian Safehold - Top Floor (K-10)
Title Companion of Louverance
Repeatable No
Description Louverance has set off on his investigation into the celestial capital of Al'Taieu.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Three Paths For Whom the Verse is Sung


Note: If you did not already do so, speak with Cid to begin this mission.

  • Talk to Despachiaire at the Tavnazian Safehold - Top Floor (K-10).
    • You may need to speak with him multiple times as he offers more than one cutscene at this point.

Southern Legend

Partners Without Fame

  • Travel to (H-11) on Purgonorgo Isle in Bibiki Bay and speak with the ??? Warmachine for a cutscene
    • Take the Manaclipper from the main entrance of Bibiki Bay to get to Purgonorgo Isle. Speak with the NPC to make sure you're going to the right island and ensure you have tickets from the NPC nearby
    • Alternatively, you can clear the first 4 Voidwatch NMs on the Tavnazian path to gain a direct warp to the island (recommended as you will be coming back later)
  • Optional: Head to (E-5) in Windurst Walls and speak with Yoran-Oran for additional dialogue.

A Century of Hardship

  • After you have made your way to Mine Shaft #2716 rest up and go over strategies. When you are ready, click on the Mine Shaft Entrance and enter the battlefield "A Century of Hardship".
    • Take caution not to enter the ENM instead of the mission battlefield. You will need to return here again for this mission and you must wait 5 days before obtaining another Key ItemShaft 2716 operating lever.
    • Buffs will wear when you enter so make sure to buff while inside the battlefield.

With the lifting of the level cap on this battlefield, this battle is now relatively trivial in difficulty. The walkthrough below was written for a level cap of 60.

Boss Name Abilities Notes
Chekochuk (BLM)
Trikotrak (RDM)
Swipostik (THF)
Movamuq (WHM)
Bugbby (WAR)
  • All of the Moblins and Bugbby can also use their respective job's 2 Hour Ability.
  • All of the Moblins can call Bugbby to their aid at anytime during the fight so whoever is kiting/tanking Bugbby should be prepared to pull hate back.
  • Sleep is unreliable but Silence works well.
  • Try to Silence the mages and pick them off one at a time.
  • If you can't keep Silence on them all reliably, focus on Silencing the BLM first.
  • If you manage to get them to Sleep and happen to be fighting the WHM, Benediction will wake the rest of them up.


Purgonogo Isle
Oldton Movalpolos
Newton Movalpolos

If you have completed the other 2 paths (Tenzen's Path, Ulmia's Path), Cid will give an additonal cutscene and you can move on to the next Chapter: For Whom the Verse is Sung