The Ashu Talif

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The cutter approaching the Ashu Talif.
Map of The Ashu Talif

This Zone is Connected to

Zone Name


Arrapago Reef

Zone Name


Battlefield Name Type Level Cap Time Limit Members

Against All Odds
 KI: Life float

Quest Uncapped ? Minutes 6

Royal Painter Escort

Quest Uncapped 30 Minutes 6

Scouting the Ashu Talif

Quest Uncapped 30 Minutes 6

Targeting the Captain

Quest Uncapped 30 Minutes 6

The Black Coffin
 KI: Ephramadian gold coin

Mission Uncapped 30 Minutes 6

Peach Power
 KI: Impish Box

Quest Uncapped Question Minutes 3-6


  • While not an official assault area used in assault missions, the Ashu Talif is considered an Assault area. Meaning that:
    • Any items with a latent Assault effect will work while on the Ashu Talif.
    • All buffs (except food) are lost entering, and being ejected from the zone (this includes reraise).
    • Temporary item fireflies are given to players entering in order to flee the assault.

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