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Merit Point Distribution

Category #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 Total (spent)
MP Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- 3/4 (6)
HP Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- 1/4 (1)
INT Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- 1/5 (3)
Combat Skills
Evasion Skill Check.gif Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- 2/4 (3)
Katana Skill Check.gif Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- 2/4 (3)
Magic Skills
Elemental Magic Skill Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif 5/8 (12)
Enfeebling Magic Skill Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif 1/8 (1)
Critical Hit Rate Check.gif Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- 2/4 (3)
Category #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 Total (spent)
Black Mage
Lightning Potency Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif --- --- --- 5/5 (15)
Ice Potency Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif Check.gif --- --- --- 5/5 (15)
Burst II +modifiers Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- --- 1/3 (3)
Freeze II +modifiers Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- --- 1/3 (3)
Flare II +modifiers Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- --- 1/3 (3)
Tornado II +modifiers Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- --- 1/3 (3)
White Mage
Divine Seal Recast Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- 1/5 (1)
Devotion Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- --- 1/3 (3)
Protectra V Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- --- 1/3 (3)
Shellra 5 Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- --- 1/3 (3)
Chivalry Check.gif Eks.gif Eks.gif --- --- --- --- --- 1/3 (3)
General Merits xx/xx(xx) (xx)
Job Specific Merits xx/xx(xx) (xx)
Total Merits xx/xx(xx) (xx)

Template taken from User:Cheech/Sandbox

Why do I write this guide?

First of all I understand not everyone has the possibility to get the gear I have. However I would like to help you to improve your skills and your equipment as well as to give basic tips. I will tell you how you can improve the gear of your White Mage without the need of a lot of gil.

This guide is very old I wrote back in the days I was a noob. But I update a lot of it for now. Of course WHM play styles vary from person to person. And I can take getting flamed for this being a shitty WHM guide :P. I am also missing a few alternative WHM pieces still from other Events like Nyzule/Salvage whatever. This guide is for now for those who want to get into endgame, but also for those to show how easy you can get good White Mage gear. I will edit this Thread later with more stuff beside gear.


Zenith Gear/Convert Gear
HP>MP Convert Items are nice. In short time fights Enmity is not that important. This is my opinion but I am not a fan of HP>MP Convert gear at all in longer fights, maybe because I am a Taru and able to get ~1800 MP+ with it, that I never needed to have. A MP pool of 1000 MP is enough for any WHM. I will explain later why I don´t like too much Convert Gear.

As a Galka I think some Convert Gear is good to have. However try to balance your gear for 600HP+ and 1000MP+. Also some people are not smart enough to write good macros to switch from Convert Gear to Enmity- gear. Therefor I suggest going from start for Enmity- Gear. That gear is cheaper too. (most parts)

If you fight things like Kirin, Wyrms, Kings you can easily pull hate of the tanks without enough Enmity- gear. Try to get above 20 Enmity- and avoid HP- Gear. The AoEs in Dragon´s Aery, the TP spam moves from Kirin, or some dumb people making you get hit with Meteor from KB or Stonega 4 from Kirin while kiting, can get you killed.

It was the biggest waste of gil to uncurse Zenith Crown and Zenith legs for WHM as a Tarutaru with having better Head and leg pieces available. Only Mitts are good for BLM. Rest was a waste of gil imo. I am glad I found a use for it with using this Convert Gear to use Medicine ring and Sorcerer´s ring.

The Crown sucks for WHMs for any race. You don’t need to start with those 50 MP into Fights. Crow/Raven Beret/Yigit Head from Assault is a lot better. Hell if you need MP buy the Faerie Hairpin. Costs around the same as Cursed Crown/Zenith Crown NQ. Has 5 more MP (same as Zenith Crown+1) but takes only 20 HP. Resist Silence or the MND should not bet hat important for you. Also you can always sell the Hairpin again compared to the Zenith Crown. Stand out of AoE range :P.

My favourite is Raven Beret and Cleric Cap.

  • Why?

The Cleric Cap from Dynamis has Resist Silence too, gives 25 MP, but doesn´t take HP and has Enmity-4. Free gear for you if you do Dynamis. Raven Beret has Enmity-8 and only costs 50k. A good hat for BCNM Fights too that are above 50. Where is a Blessed Cap SE?

Another piece you can get basically for free is Yigit Turban. It has one more MND then Zenith Crown if you Enfeeble something. Enmity-5 and is good for your resting Macro.

Screw Zenith Crown, and YES I know most of the WHMs keep Zenith Crown on and don’t switch to Enmity- Gear.

Blessed Briault, Noble Tunic, Errant Houppelande , Cleric's Briault , Crow/Raven Jupon. All of those bodies are good. Errant/Blessed/Crow/Raven have Enmity-.

Your best bet is getting all of them. The Dynamis piece is hard to get, but you should get Errant Body or HEALER'S BRIAULT +1 for resting. Save up gil for Noble Tunic. Cure Potency and Refresh is what you are looking for. If you don´t have the gil work hard in a Dynamis Linkshell for Clerics Briault. If you can´t get both, get hands on Raven Jupon for now.

Blessed Briault is good for your Barspell Macro. You can also start in this Body for 7% more MP and switch to another Body piece after.

My favourite is Aristocrat's Coat. (I still don´t think 2% more Cure Potency is worth it to spend a lot of gil. Well I took the chance where I only paid arround 1M to change Noble to Aristocrats) Raven Jupon I only use for Level 50 and 60 stuff. Once I have Cleric's Briault… snief.

  • Tip :

Macro Blessed Body in for Barspells and macro Noble/AF2 Body back in with Cure spells.

Blue Cape NQ or HQ…. I once got the HQ from an UAE friend as a birthday present…. I don’t use it anymore (even better I sold it). I understand it is hard to get Errant Cape, especially with the Gilsellers sleeping in FeiYin and yes I think you don’t need to have it. Sapient Cape is a good choice and on most servers under 100k. Enmity-2 and Level 60 is nice. It is Level 60 and can also be used for RDM or BLM. Blue Cape is ok though if you don’t have gil. There are some other cheap Enmity- things also around.
Intensifying Cape for those who do Assault to get free gear and 30 HP and 30 MP.

My favourite is Errant Cape.
All others I suggest Sapient Cape or Intensifying Cape

I am Bastok, so I got Republican Gold Medal. It is awesome, 50 MP+ almost anytime, depending on Region control. You always have 50MP+ in Sea areas, but not in ToAU areas.

I use this piece till my MP are used and then switch to Benign neckless(Enmity-2), you can also use Fenrir torque with Enmity-/MP+ depending on night/day time. So anything is ok ^^. Don´t forget to get a Beak Necklace for resting.

I still use WHM AF1 Hands cause they are the best FREE WHM hands imo. They have MP+ and high Enmity- (4). As well as other stats. Blessed mitts are ok. They have Enmity-3. You can macro them in for your Haste/Regen Spells too. MND can be used for Enfeebling.

My favourite is the Healer's Mitts (WHM AF1 hands) piece.
But I also use Blessed mitts a lot depending on the spell. Zenith Mitts? You are no Black Mage.

I have Penitents rope since they came out. Enmity-3. They are good, but there is a better Waist out now you can GET FOR FREE. Spectral belt. Why is that waist better?

First of all Penitents rope costs gil or Beastman Seals to obtain. It has HP-20 (I guess) and you don’t need the MND or INT really. Spectral belt has NO HP- but MP+10, and I think one more DEF , and well, Enmity-4 what makes it one Enmity- better then Penitents rope.

You can get Spectral belt for 10.000 Points from Assault in Mamool ja area. That’s like 7-15 Assaults depending on which Assault and size of the group. Hierarch belt is good. 48 MP plus, but I would highly recommend in getting Spectral belt full time.

If you use Hierarch belt for resting and you can afford Qiqirn Sash +1, then get that piece better now. But it costs 100k.

I don´t use Hierarch belt at all anymore. Just the sash+1 for resting and Spectral belt for anything else. If you are Galka you could probably use Hierarch Belt.

This should be the first reason for you to get Sea. The 30 MP+ and Fast Cast Earring (Loquacious earring). Astral Earring is bad imo, cause it takes 25 HP away from you. Maybe good for a Galka. Since I mainly write about Endgame or high level WHM gear screw this Earring. Maybe good for Medicine ring to get into Latent.

I also use the 35 HP+ Morukaka´s earring (only available for Tarus) or/and the Magician's Earring with 30MP+, but you need SMN Subjob for this Latent effect to work. So earring there isn’t much choice unless you can get a touch on Novia earring or Heavens Earring(+1). So anything that gives MP+ or/and HP+ is good. Anything that takes HP an gives MP is bad imo.

There are a few Assault earrings as well that give MP+ or HP+ and also Resists to Status effects. Take a look and remember those earrings can be obtained for free by doing Assault.

My personal favourite earrings I use are Novia Earring, Heaven´s earring, Morukaka´s earring and Loquacious earring.

If you can´t get those 4 for now, get the Assault earrings.

To have one Convert ring is ok (Serket Ring, Vivian ring ect) Even though it takes HP away from you. While I personally do not use my Vivian except to get into Latent much, there is nothing against using these rings.

  • Why? Because if you do need gil you can always sell your Serket ring again, which you can´t do with your Zenith stuff. And Vivian is once more free gear. Just have to camp it and go with the right jobs there and decent skilled people.

If you don’t have Tamas ring (MP+ and Enmity-3), I would recommend using Peace ring. Enmity-1 and converts 10 HP into MP, oh and this ring is very cheap. The second ring I would recommend to use is another reason to do Assault.

Once you got Rank 4 in Assault you can get Troopers Ring for 8000 Imperial Standing Points. This ring is Level 50 (I use this ring a lot on Bard, Red Mage, White Mage) and has Enmity -4 !!!
You can also get a Medicine ring if you have the inventory and gear to activate the latent effect. I have one still and it can get handy to do some crazy Cure´s.

Anyway I recommend having Tamas+Trooper for 7 Enmity- or Serket+Trooper, or Serket/Vivian+Tamas. The cheap version is Peace ring and Trooper. Once you have sea, the cheap version is Tamas+Trooper.

  • Conclusion:

Work on Assault and get Trooper or buy a damn Peace ring for that 1 Enmity-. You will make points to afford gear, your Sanction effect will last longer, there are only positive effects by doing Assault.

  • Tip:

If you can get your hands on Bomb Queen ring, I use this sometimes too :P. HP+75 or higher Devotion. BQ ring and Trooper ring is a nice combo.

Zenith legs. Again 50 HP taken 50 MP given. And yes I know you could switch after you used those MP to other gear. But barely people do it. Or you can possible have more Hate from the start then you would have with going for Blessed trousers from start.

Go and get Blessed trousers. They have Enmity-5!, give MP+25 and Haste3%.
What is better? Enmity-5 and 25 less MP, or 25 more MP with Zenith?

Macro Cleric's Pantaloons for your Barspells. This is imo the best WHM AF2 piece available from Dynamis. Elemental resistance spells +20 is just too pimp.

I will sooooo not get fucking Zenith Pumps. At least not for WHM. Maybe for my Yellow HP Convert macro to get rid of Rostrum Pumps and Astral Earring.
Rostrum Pumps….. HP-30 again MP+30, ok they have Fast Cast, but Cure Clogs are better. Again Blessed pumps is my favourite choice.
MP+17 and Enmity-4. You have 13 less MP then with Rostrum pumps, but start with Enmity-4. Get them they are VERY cheap.

Cure Clogs are down to like 100k. Figure your macros out and macro Cure Clogs in before you start the Cure Casting and before it ends back to Blessed pumps. Your "Cure" spellcasting time will get reduced by -15%. Since my Enmity- is so high now. I just keep Cure clogs on.

Macro Cleric's Duckbills in for Barspells once you have them.

Morion/Phantom Tathlum for small MP. The Easter egg (Fortune Egg) with 1% MP+
Or Hedgehog Bomb. (is expensive though)
Do ENMs for Hedgehog Bomb. ENM´s are free. No seal´s. Only restriction is 5 day timer to do it again. Not much more to say here.

Healing staff is luxury, however you can get Dryad staff from Roc, the Rare/Ex Version of Healing staff. Gilsellers are not very interested in Roc anymore, so find 3 people to get through the Gates in Garlaige and go after that nice piece. Took me under 10 kills to get the staff. Take a Dragoon or and Thief with you. They own Roc.

Light Staff+Apollo is ok too. If you have Templar Mace you can use a Shield too.
I go for either Dryad and Staff strap. Staff strap has Enmity-2 and MP+20. Very cheap in AH now too. Or if you Exp a lot you can get it for 20.000 Imperial Standing Points. The combo Dryad staff and Staff Strap give me 70 MP, Cure Potency+10% and Enmity-2.
I prefer that now over Templar Mace and Shield.



So why am I such against HP to MP Convert gear and more for Enmity-?
The Enmity- is already important at the beginning of a fight. You build your hate from the first spell you cast. It is not important if you have 400 HP and 1600+ MP like I could or 900 HP and 1100MP. If you have Refresh any MP should be ok. 150+ more MP at the start won´t make a difference in a 30-60 minute fight.

You should be able to rest at HNM stuff like Wyrm/Kirin. HP will let you survive. Enmity- will let you survive. Lesser Enmity- means you can get drawned in at Draw in mobs and get one shotted with less HP then. (Cerberus, Khimaira, Hydra, I have seen it) You can Devotion for more. AND MUCH BETTER.
You can basically spam Curaga II lol. Well not spam but I get no Hate from using it. I was able to Benedition a Yellow/Red HP Party and Curaga IV and not get hate….. why? Cause I go from the start with Enmity- gear.
Note:Of course WHM is not just about Enmity-. However you need to learn it is very important to have arround 20-30 Enmity-

Enmity- and no HP loss gear is also good for Sky farming Faust or Zipacna. Try it out.
Yes you can duo those Trigger NMs. But not everyone is that good yet and fight it old school with 6-12 people.

I was the only WHM months ago, means I should get a lot of hate for only curing the PLD but it didn’t move even once for me. I even used Cure4 and it didn’t move. In the past when we had 2-3 WHMs for Faust it not only went for the BLMs it also went for the WHMs, cause I was so dumb to use Convert gear and like no Enmity- gear.

NO HP>MP GEAR let you live longer/forever for various reasons.
Enmity- Gear let you live longer/forever for various reasons.

Where can I use HP>MP gear then?
Gods is ok, EXP PT is ok, Sky farming is ok, except Faust/Zipacna for Cure.
Limbus is ok too, depending on which one you go.

Fast Fingers and Chat Filters

Here are my chat filters for WHM. I sometimes turn a few other things on or off.
(I will edit the picture in later)

  • WHM is all about Fast fingers and watching chat log. You will probably watch the chat log more then the actual Fight or the people.

When you see Tigers ready ROAR, you should already be on Paralyna macro and then target the tank asap. I am a fan of <st> macro instead of <t>. But that is up to the people.

When you see mobs reading Petrify moves, for example Baleful Gaze you should Stona the Tank immediately.

I still don’t know how some people need like 5-10 seconds to do Stona… only excuse is being in another spell like Stoneskin/Barspell at that moment.

Also I don’t understand beside being in another spell when WHM is Hasting Tank that it takes some WHMs 30 seconds to rehaste Tanks. It shows in your log when the Haste effect wears off from your Tank. Sure I sometimes also can’t do it or maybe once miss it (tired, lazy). Can always happen, but not too often.

  • Barspells… VERY IMPORTANT. If you know a mob does Paralyze AoE. Noone should need to tell you to use Barparalyzra(duration/resist). It helps. You can also toss a Barblizzara(resist>) quick. This also helps resisting Paralyze . I have tested it. If we fight bombs, hell use Barfira lol… also when you are in Mage Party, you never know if Suzaku casts Firaga on them or goes to the Mages.

Play smart. Research what moves mobs do.

  • Divine Veal.

I think you get that Job Ability at Level 50. Don’t waste Divine Veal for Poisona. Divine Veal should be saved for stuff Erase , Cursna, Viruna, and depending on the situation Paralyna is ok too. Single Poisona at Gods for example is not that bad, Poisona doesn’t cost much MP and is really fast cast and low recast. Uncursing people or Erase the Drown effect in Limbus for Fomor´s is important though ^^.

Vs. Undead
If you fight Ghosts or other undead, one of your first spells should be Dia II and then Banish 2 or 3 depending on MP. This will lower their defense and especially Monks will beat the shit out of them.
I will write more about that later.

Getting better
How do you get "faster fingers" and the knowledge what what spell does.
Participate in LS Events, and go to EXP PT, the more you do the faster you get, most Status effects are also in the Chat log, so study them

Haste, Regen… Flash
Your first spell for any Fight is Haste if you have Ninja Tank and not already Hasted that person before Engaging. NO Dia II. Ninja or MNK might get hit already 2-3 times and casted Utsusemi again, causeing him to have longer recast on that time. So go for Haste b4 you go for Dia II or other things…. Regen 3… very good spell, toss it on Paladin asap. Flash… dont hesitate to use this in small, short Fights, I use it, never get hate, and I use it when I see Tank casting Utsusemi:Ichi, OR when tank gets hit badly and needs 1 or 2 misses to get shadows back up or so. And no it is not because the Tank sucks. You will see these situations often and when I tank I am glad for a well tossed in Flash or Stun.(Hi Byakko)

Everything is fine….
If you have done your job, Tank Hasted, everyone ok with Protect, Shell, Bar spells if needed.
Rest and have your fingers ready to stand up and cure HP or cure Status effects. When you are full or MP ok again, stand up and just stay ready and watch the chat log. For enemies that Paralyze like Cerberus/Byakko you can also cast Aquaveil. There might be a moment you have to get close to Protectra 5 or Shellra 5 or recast Barspells and get hit with it. This will help you a lot to get the Paralyna spell of you.

COOKIES. I never thought I will use them hehe. I was always going for Marron Glace. And Yeah ^^, They are still ok. But Cookies are in many things better. You get MP rested up quicker. Mushroom Stew also ok for I think Enmity-3.

Quick Subjobs info

Black Mage
You conserve MP and have Access to Warp, Sleepga and other Spells.
You have around 100 more MP at 75 and Auto Refresh for 1 MP/tick, also access to Garudas Aerial Armor and Carbuncle´s Shining Ruby.
Red Mage
The less used Sub Job, Access to Dispel and Phalanx (JA, Fast Cast)
The other Subjobs are not really important to think about. Sure Dark Knight has Stun, but that´s it.

That’s about it for now, I hope it helped and if you have questions, ask me please! I am not a 100% good White Mage but I try my best to become the best.

Gear summary + macros

Last but not least the gear every WHM should have:

Weapon : Light Staff – very cheap –
Dryad Staff from Roc – free –
Ammo: Staff strap
Head : Raven beret – very cheap –
Yigit Turban and Cleric Cap – free -
Body: Noble Tunic for Cure Potency+10% + Refresh – around 1M -
Neck : Benign neckless Enmity-2 – cheap –
Republic Gold Medal – free –
Beak Necklace for resting – cheap -
Hands : Healer mitts for Enmity-4 – free -
Waist : Spectral belt for Enmity-4 – free -
Earring1 : Morukaka earring HP+30 as Taru – free –
Earring2: Loquacious earring MP+30 – free, except Limbus fee-
Assault Earrings – free -
Ring1: Trooper ring for Enmity-4 – free-
Ring2: Tamas ring, Bomb Queen ring – free –
Peace ring – very cheap -
Legs: blesses trousers for Enmity-5 – cheap -
Feet: Blessed pumps Enmity-4 – very cheap –
Cape : Sapient Cape – decent -

And here is my gear for those who are interested in :

Weapon : Dryad Staff+Staff Strap
Apollo Staff for Flash
Head : Cleric Cap, Raven Beret
Body: Aristocrat's Coat and Blessed Briault
Neck : Benign neckless
Hands : Healer mitts
Waist : Spectral belt Enmity-4
Earring : Morukaka earring HP+30/Heavens earring
Earring: Novia Earring
Ring: Medicine ring
Ring: Troopers ring
Throwing: Hedgehog Bomb
Leg: blesses trousers Enmity-5
Feet: Blesses pumps Enmity-4/Cure clogs
Cape : Errant Cape

I have above -50 Enmity

Macros Rest Macro, get whatever you have access to, and don´t forget to macro your other Pieces back in.

Weapon : Dark staff
Head : Yigit Turban
Body: Yigit Gomlek, Errant Houppelande
Neck : Beak Necklace +1, Grandiose Chain
Hands : Storm Gages
Waist : Cleric's Belt, Qiqirn Sash +1
Earring : Antivenom Earring, Boroka Earring, Relaxing Earring
Leg: Yigit Seraweels
Feet: Arborist Nails, Goliard Clogs
Cape : Invigorating Cape

Of course there are other pieces too, just mentioned a few. I just use Pluto Staff, Qiqirn Sash +1, Beak necklace+1, Yigit Turban and Healer's Briault +1.

Barspell Macro: Body : Blessed Briault
Legs : Cleric's Pantaloons
Feet : Cleric's Duckbills

There is also Enhancing Torque if you want to and other gear. But I just go for this

  • Tip:

Try to macro some Haste gear in for the spells Haste or Regen III. It will help you in lowering the recast timer. Items to look for are Swift Belt, Blessed mitts, trousers, pumps, Capricorn Staff and more such as Nashira gear.