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Aeonic Weapons are a series of powerful high-damage and low-delay weapons created via defeating some of the strongest Notorious Monsters in the game, offering Relic-equivalent weapons to Seekers of Adoulin jobs.
These weapons require completely defeating all Geas Fete Notorious Monsters in all three Escha zones.
The unique weapon skills linked with these weapons may be unlocked for use with any weapon via completion of the quest Martial Mastery, and purchasing the Weapon Skill in stages of increasing potency via Merit Points, up to the level granted from the weapon itself.
While the linked weapon skills may be unlocked for use with any weapon, and with many jobs that may not equip the Aeonic Weapon, Aeonic Aftermath increases the Skillchain properties associated with the weapon skills to include the Light and Darkness properties, formerly reserved to only Relic and Empyrean Weapon Skills, and also grants the ability to perform the "Ultimate Skillchains" of Radiance and Umbra. These properties are applied to the Weapon Skill that activates the Aftermath in addition to when used during the Aftermath's duration[1]; meaning that for all intents and purposes, just equipping an Aeonic Weapon grants the linked Weapon Skill Level 3 Skillchain properties.

Weapon Weapon Skill Weapon Type Job Malformed Key Item Base Required Fragment Required Attestation
Godhands icon.png Godhands Shijin Spiral Hand-to-Hand MNK, PUP Malformed knuckles Mystic Fragment Attestation of Might
Aeneas icon.png Aeneas Exenterator Dagger THF, BRD, DNC Malformed dagger Ornate Fragment Attestation of Celerity
Sequence icon.png Sequence Requiescat Sword RDM, PLD, BLU Malformed sword Holy Fragment Attestation of Glory
Lionheart icon.png Lionheart Resolution Great Sword RUN Malformed great sword Intricate Fragment Attestation of Righteousness
Tri-edge icon.png Tri-edge Ruinator Axe BST Malformed axe Runaeic Fragment Attestation of Bravery
Chango icon.png Chango Upheaval Great Axe WAR Malformed great axe Seraphic Fragment Attestation of Force
Anguta icon.png Anguta Entropy Scythe DRK Malformed scythe Tenebrous Fragment Attestation of Vigor
Trishula icon.png Trishula Stardiver Polearm DRG Malformed polearm Stellar Fragment Attestation of Fortitude
Heishi Shorinken icon.png Heishi Shorinken Blade: Shun Katana NIN Malformed katana Demoniac Fragment Attestation of Legerity
Dojikiri Yasutsuna icon.png Dojikiri Yasutsuna Tachi: Shoha Great Katana SAM Malformed great katana Divine Fragment Attestation of Decisiveness
Tishtrya icon.png Tishtrya Realmrazer Club WHM, GEO Malformed club Heavenly Fragment Attestation of Sacrifice
Khatvanga icon.png Khatvanga Shattersoul Staff BLM, SMN, SCH Malformed staff Celestial Fragment Attestation of Virtue
Fail-Not icon.png Fail-Not Apex Arrow Bow RNG Malformed bow Snarled Fragment Attestation of Transcendence
Fomalhaut icon.png Fomalhaut Last Stand Gun RNG, COR Malformed gun Ethereal Fragment Attestation of Accuracy
Marsyas icon.png Marsyas Honor March§ Instrument BRD Malformed flute Mysterial Fragment Attestation of Harmony
Srivatsa icon.png Srivatsa ---x--- Shield PLD Malformed shield Supernal Fragment Attestation of Invulnerability

§ It should be noted that instead of a weapon skill, Marsyas grants access to a unique song and Srivatsa rewards the player in another manner. For further details, follow the links to their individual pages.


The process of creating an Aeonic Weapon involves the complete defeat of all Geas Fete Notorious Monsters and specific Dynamis Notorious Monsters.

  • The Key Item:"Scintillating Rhapsody", obtained from the final Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Mission, must be obtained first in order to begin the process.
  • Speak to Temprix, who will demand successive amounts of Escha Beads in payment for "secrets":
    • First 100, then 500, then 1000, and then finally 1.
  • Now Temprix will begin offering the Malformed base Key Item for 50,000 Escha Beads.
    • The Key Item she sells is based upon which job a player currently is on and what jobs may equip the Aeonic Weapon.
(eg: she will sell a Malformed sword only to a PLD, RDM, or BLU; as those are the only jobs capable of wielding Sequence.)
Defeating the Notorious Monsters may be done on any job. They are not required to be defeated with the job that purchased the Key Item.
  • Temprix will keep track of which Notorious Monsters have and have not been defeated.
It is important to note that use of a Primeval Brew is prohibited, and any win where one is used will result in completion not being recognized.
  • After clearing Reisenjima Geas Fete, Temprix will take your Malformed Key Item and request a specified Fragment and Attestation item from specific Dynamis Notorious Monsters, as denoted above.[2][3]
  • Then after one game day, Temprix will yield the finished Aeonic Weapon.
  • This gives the completed Item Level 119 version of the weapon.


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