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Please be careful not to remove (paste over) fields while copy pasting templates as it will screw things up for you.

USAGE: User Pages! This is a massive template with other templates inside of it.

  • This means you must also insert those templates to fill this, but the literal pages are notated in

Fields may be placed in any order of your liking (this is why item sets are the last, hit the end key to edit them quickly), but the display order will be unaffected.

There are two Templates which make up the user page, this one and Template:User Page Header.

Job Levels:

  • 1-99, while 99m designates you are mastered.

Crafting Levels:

  • 1-99 again.
  • To note you have obtained an Escutcheon, add the field |Craft Escutcheon=y,
  • E.g. |Alchemy Escutcheon=y

Other Templates:

  • Content/instructions may be found on their individual pages. These are noted by the "<--Template Page or instructions -->" These instructions will likely improve overtime as people ask questions.
  • Please place checklists (that are not for ultimate weapons) in the |Checklist= portion of the template, and not just the bottom of the page.

Copy Paste (and fill in) the following after copy pasting your Template:User Page Header:

Note: Checklist templates get placed under the |Checklists= section!

{{User Page
|WAR Level=
|MNK Level=
|WHM Level=
|BLM Level=
|RDM Level=
|THF Level=
|PLD Level=
|DRK Level=
|BST Level=
|BRD Level=
|RNG Level=
|SAM Level=
|NIN Level=
|DRG Level=
|SMN Level=
|BLU Level=
|COR Level=
|PUP Level=
|DNC Level=
|SCH Level=
|GEO Level=
|RUN Level=

|Alchemy Level=
|Bonecraft Level=
|Clothcraft Level=
|Cooking Level=
|Fishing Level=
|Ebisu NQ or +1= <!--Type NQ, +1, or Lu Shang (+1 only, NQ doesn't count) -->
|Goldsmithing Level=
|Leathercraft Level=
|Smithing Level=
|Synergy Level=
|Woodworking Level=
|Chocobo Digging Rank=

<!-- Rank for nations is 1-10, Assault or Campaign rank are the literal ranks (1-10). -->
<!-- Story lines are the actual mission name that you are on --> 
<!-- The last bit, the addons/ygnas, are to be marked complete or left blank. -->
|San d'Oria Rank=
|Bastok Rank=
|Windurst Rank=
|Aht Urhgan=
|Assault Rank=
|Campaign Rank=
<!--Either input complete or leave blank for the 6 quest/mission lines below -->
|Crystalline Missions=
|Kupo Missions=
|Shantotto Missions=
|Abyssea Quests=
|Voidwatch Quests=
|Ygnas Quests=

<!-- Mog Garden Ranks, input 1 to 7 -->
|Arboreal Grove=
|Coastal Fishing Net=
|Garden Furrows=
|Mineral Vein=
|Monster Rearing=
|Pond Dredger=

<!-- Coalition, input either the level (1 to 7) or the title -->
|Couriers' Coalition=
|Inventors' Coalition=
|Mummers' Coalition=
|Peacekeepers' Coalition=
|Pioneers' Coalition=
|Scouts' Coalition=

<!-- Master Trial weapons, any entry results in "Obtained", and if blank, "Not Obtained" -->
|Black and White=
|Unafraid of the Dark=
|Sealed Fate=
|Letter from Reisenjima=

|Allied Forces=

<!-- Template:User Page Ultimate Weapons -->
|Ultimate Weapons=

<!-- Template:Linkshell -->

<!-- Template:User Page Bazaar -->

<!-- Template:User Page Merc -->

<!--Template:User Page Merit Points -->
|Merit Points=

<!--Template:User Page Templates  , the progress checklists -->
|Hide Weapon Progress=yes <!--If you don't want any Ultimate Weapon checklists, simply remove this field to display the tab -->

|Relic Weapon Checklist=

|Mythic Weapon Checklist=

|Empyrean Weapon Checklist=

|Ergon Weapon Checklist=

|Aeonic Weapon Checklist=

<!--Category:User Page Templates     Checklists -->

<!--Bio, you may omit or remove almost any category here. Put in full URLs for things like Twitch, Youtube, AH.com, etc-->
|Hide Bio=yes <!--Most people don't seem to make a bio, so simply remove this field to display the tab -->


|Enjoy Category 1=
|Enjoy Description 1=
|Enjoy Category 2=
|Enjoy Description 2=
|Enjoy Category 3=
|Enjoy Description 3=
|Enjoy Category 4=
|Enjoy Description 4=
|Enjoy Category 5=
|Enjoy Description 5=
|Enjoy Category 6=
|Enjoy Description 6=

|Bio Header=

|About Me=

|Hide Item Sets=yes <!--If you don't want any item sets, simply remove this field to display the tab -->

|Warrior Sets=
|Monk Sets=
|White Mage Sets=
|Black Mage Sets=
|Red Mage Sets=
|Thief Sets=
|Paladin Sets=
|Dark Knight Sets=
|Beastmaster Sets=
|Bard Sets=
|Ranger Sets=
|Samurai Sets=
|Ninja Sets=
|Dragoon Sets=
|Summoner Sets=
|Blue Mage Sets=
|Corsair Sets=
|Puppetmaster Sets=
|Dancer Sets=
|Scholar Sets=
|Geomancer Sets=
|Runefencer Sets=

WAR 1   MNK 1  
WHM 1   BLM 1  
RDM 1   THF 1  
PLD 0   DRK 0  
BST 0   BRD 0  
RNG 0   SAM 0  
NIN 0   DRG 0  
SMN 0   BLU 0  
COR 0   PUP 0  
DNC 0   SCH 0  
GEO 0   RUN 0  
Alchemy 0  
Bonecraft 0  
Clothcraft 0  
Cooking 0  
Fishing 0  
Goldsmithing 0  
Leathercraft 0  
Smithing 0  
Synergy 0  
Woodworking 0  
Choc. Digging Amateur
San d'Oria Flag.jpg Rank 1 Bastok-Flag.jpg Rank 1 Windurst-Flag.jpg Rank 1
Aht Urhgan
Assault Rank Not Unlocked.
Campaign Bronze Ribbon of Service §
A Crystalline Prophecy Missions Incomplete A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Missions Incomplete A Shantotto Ascension Missions Incomplete
Abyssea Storyline Incomplete Voidwatch Storyline Incomplete Leafkin Temp.png Incomplete
Mog Garden Ranks
Arboreal Grove 1
Costal Fishing Net 1
Garden Furrows 1
Mineral Vein 1
Monster Rearing 1
Pond Dredger 1
Coalition Ranks
Couriersicon.png Petitioner
Inventorsicon.png Petitioner
Mummersicon.png Petitioner
Peacekeepersicon.png Petitioner
Pioneersicon.png Petitioner
Scoutsicon.png Petitioner
Master Trials
Fermion Sword icon.png
Not Obtained
Irradiance Blade icon.png
Not Obtained
Aphelion Knuckles icon.png
Not Obtained
Mizukage Naginata icon.png
Not Obtained
Allied Forces

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