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The following are descriptions and results for complete Trial of the Magians Gun trials:

Ultimate Weapon Trials

Relic Trials

Original Weapon Trials Final Form
Annihilator (Level 75) description.png Trial 1081: Beasts - Coronach x200

Trial 1082: Aquans - Coronach killing blow x200
Trial 1878: Arcana - Coronach killing blow x300
Trial 1879: Plantoids - Coronach killing blow x300
Trial 2280: Undead - Coronach killing blow x400
Trial 2691: Mildaunegeux x5
Trial 3124: Animated Gun x10
Trial 3587: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x5
Trial 3637: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x250

Annihilator (Level 99 II) description.png

Empyrean Trials

Thunderstick Blue Steel description.png Magnatus description.png Armageddon (Level 99 II) description.png

Trial 891: Desmodont x3

Trial 892: Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade x3
Trial 893: Ni'Zho Bladebender x3

Trial 894: Bugbear Strongman x4
Trial 895: La Velue x4
Trial 896: Hovering Hotpot x4
Trial 897: Yacumama x6
Trial 898: Feuerunke x6
Trial 1758: Tammuz x8

Trial 1759: Trade.pngCarabosse's Gem x50
Trial 2234: Trade.pngCirein-Croin's Lantern x50
Trial 2644: Trade.pngIsgebind's Heart x75
Trial 3077: Trade.pngHeavy Metal x1500
Trial 3540: Trade.pngRiftdross x60
Trial 3605: Trade.pngRiftdross x3000

Mollfrith description.png

Trial 1760: Trade.pngCoin of Birth x30
Trial 2235: Trade.pngKindred's Crest x20
Trial 2645: Trade.pngHigh Kindred's Crests x50
Trial 3078: Trade.pngDevious Die x100
Trial 3541: Trade.pngLiminal Residue x100

Mythic Trials

Original Weapon Trials Final Form
Gastraphetes (Level 75) description.png Trial 1084: BirdsT - Trueflight x200

Trial 1085: Amorphs - Trueflight killing blow x200
Trial 1880: DragonsT - Trueflight killing blow x300
Trial 1881: Vermin - Trueflight killing blow x300
Trial 2281: Beasts - Trueflight killing blow x400
Trial 2692: Tinnin x3
Trial 3125: Armored Chariot x3
Trial 3588: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3638: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Gastraphetes (Level 99 II) description.png
Death Penalty (Level 75) description.png Trial 1087: Aquans - Leaden Salute x200

Trial 1088: DragonsT - Leaden Salute killing blow x200
Trial 1882: Undead - Leaden Salute killing blow x300
Trial 1883: Vermin - Leaden Salute killing blow x300
Trial 2282: BirdsT - Leaden Salute killing blow x400
Trial 2693: Sarameya x3
Trial 3126: Battleclad Chariot x3
Trial 3589: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3639: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Death Penalty (Level 99 II) description.png

Some families of monsters also give their name to their type, such as lizards, demons and birds. Others have different forms. To distinguish them, tags are added where needed:

  • T refers to a type. i.e. DemonsT, consisting of Demons, Ahrimans, Imps, etc.
  • F refers to a family For example: DemonsF only involves Demons, not Ahrimans, Imps or others of the same type.
  • JA refers to both juvenile and adult forms of the family. For example: Treants include Saplings, Wamouras include Wamouracampas.

Physical Trials

Thunderstick Blue Steel description.png Dragonmaw description.png Aithon description.png

Trial 891: Desmodont x3

Trial 892: Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade x3
Trial 893: Ni'Zho Bladebender x3

Trial 899: Arcana x400
Trial 900: Hippogryphs x300

Trial 901: Trade.pngEye of Verthandi x10
Trial 1761: Trade.pngChasmic Stinger x10

Trial 1762: Trade.pngMikey's Nugget x20
Trial 2236: Trade.pngDaybreak Souls x30
Trial 2646: Trade.pngIncrescent Shade x50
Trial 3079: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x150
Trial 3542: Trade.pngRiftsand x150

Occ. atk. twice

Trial 902: Amorphs x500
Trial 903: Plantoids x600
Trial 904: Peistes x400
Trial 1763: DragonsT x600

Trial 1764: Buffalos x450
Trial 2237: Arcana x700
Trial 2647: LizardsT x700
Trial 3080: Beasts x700
Trial 3543: Amorphs x700

Occ. atk. 2-4 times

Trial 1765: Quetzalli x30
Trial 2238: Trade.pngTwilight Souls x20
Trial 2648: Trade.pngDecrescent Shade x50
Trial 3081: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x200
Trial 3544: Trade.pngRiftsand x200

Occasionally deals double damage
Anarchy description.png Anarchy +1 description.png Ataktos description.png

Trial 1783: Any monster
Hot Shot x100
Trial 1784: Any monster
Split Shot x200
Trial 1785: LizardsT
Sniper Shot x300

Trial 1786: Vermin
Detonator x500
Trial 2247: Beasts
Detonator Killing blow x300

Trial 2657: Plantoids
Any Marksmanship weaponskill Killing blow x300

Trial 3090: Arcana
Any Marksmanship weaponskill Killing blow x300
Trial 3553: DemonsT
Any Marksmanship weaponskill Killing blow x300

DMG+2, Weapon Skill Damage+10%
Trial 2658: Undead
Any Marksmanship weaponskill dealing more than 400 damage x500

Trial 3091: LizardsT
Any Marksmanship weaponskill dealing more than 400 damage x500
Trial 3554: Plantoids
Any Marksmanship weaponskill dealing more than 400 damage x500

Delay+60 TP Bonus +1000
Trial 1787: LizardsT
Any Marksmanship weaponskill x800

Trial 2248: Hill LizardsF
Any Marksmanship weaponskill x800

Trial 2659: Doomed
Any Marksmanship weaponskill x800

Trial 3092: Pugils
Any Marksmanship weaponskill x800
Trial 3555: Cockatrices
Any Marksmanship weaponskill x800

DMG+2, Store TP+15

Elemental Trials

Thunderstick Huracan description.png Erra description.png

Trial 905: Sheep x50
Element: Fire Element: Ice Element: Wind Element: Earth
Element: Thunder Element: Water Element: Light Element: Dark

Trial 906: Bats x50
Weather: Element: Fire Element: Wind Element: Thunder Element: Light

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 907: Any monster x50
Trial 908: Arcana x75

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 909: Vermin x100
Trial 910: Manticores x200
Trial 1766: Amorphs x200
Trial 1767: Opo-opo x250

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 2239: BirdsT x300
Trial 2649: Trade.pngFlame Geode x 15
Trial 3082: Trade.pngFlame Geode x 40
Trial 3545: Trade.pngIfritite x 40

STR+11 Ranged Attack+22

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 911: Any monster x50
Trial 912: Aquans x75

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 913: DragonsT x100
Trial 914: Diremites x200
Trial 1768: Vermin x200
Trial 1769: Colibri x250

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 2240: Plantoids x300
Trial 2650: Trade.pngBreeze Geode x 15
Trial 3083: Trade.pngBreeze Geode x 40
Trial 3546: Trade.pngGarudite x 40

AGI+11 Ranged Accuracy+22

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 915: Any monster x50
Trial 916: BirdsT x75

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 917: Undead x100
Trial 918: Imps x200
Trial 1770: Plantoids x200
Trial 1771: Mandragoras x250

Trial 2241: Beasts x300
Trial 2651: Trade.pngThunder Geode x 15
Trial 3084: Trade.pngThunder Geode x 40
Trial 3547: Trade.pngRamuite x 40

DEX+11 Critical Hit Rate+7

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 919: Any monster x50
Trial 920: LizardsT x50

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 921: Plantoids x75
Trial 922: Phuabos x125
Trial 1772: Arcana x125
Trial 1773: Euvhis x150

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 2242: BirdsT x150
Trial 2652: Trade.pngLight Geode x 15
Trial 3085: Trade.pngLight Geode x 40
Trial 3548: Trade.pngCarbite x 40

CHR+11 Magic Evasion+16

Trial 923: Buffalo x50
Weather: Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 924: Any monster x50
Trial 925: Beasts x75

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 926: DemonsT x100
Trial 927: Snolls x200
Trial 1774: Amorphs x200
Trial 1775: Bats x250

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 2243: DemonsT x300
Trial 2653: Trade.pngSnow Geode x 15
Trial 3086: Trade.pngSnow Geode x 40
Trial 3549: Trade.pngShivite x 40

Magic Attack Bonus+11

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 928: Any monster x50
Trial 929: LizardsT x75

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 930: Amorphs x100
Trial 931: Bombs x200
Trial 1776: Arcana x200
Trial 1777: Skeletons x250

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 2244: Aquans x300
Trial 2654: Trade.pngSoil Geode x 15
Trial 3087: Trade.pngSoil Geode x 40
Trial 3550: Trade.pngTitanite x 40

Physical Damage Taken-11%

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 932: Any monster x50
Trial 933: Aquans x75

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 934: LizardsT
Trial 935: Slimes x200
Trial 1778: Plantoids x200
Trial 1779: Lesser BirdsF x250

Trial 2245: Beasts x300
Trial 2655: Trade.pngAqua Geode x 15
Trial 3088: Trade.pngAqua Geode x 40
Trial 3551: Trade.pngLeviatite x 40

Magic Defense Bonus+11

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 936: Any monster x50
Trial 937: Undead x50

Trial 938: Arcana x75
Trial 939: DemonsF x125
Trial 1780: BirdsT x125
Trial 1781: Magic Pots x150

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 2246: Undead x300
Trial 2656: Trade.pngShadow Geode x 15
Trial 3089: Trade.pngShadow Geode x 40
Trial 3552: Trade.pngFenrite x 40

Magic Accuracy+16

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