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Abyssea - Vunkerl

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Abyssea - Vunkerl header.jpg
Map of Abyssea - Vunkerl

Connected Zone Abyssea - Vunkerl Arrives at
Jugner Forest F-4 Abyssea - Vunkerl-map.jpg J-8 Jugner Forest.jpg


Name Map Pos. Notes
Aladoverre (A) 1
Atma Fabricant (Vunkerl) 1
Atma Infusionist (Vunkerl) 1
Bastion Prefect (Vunkerl) 1
Belgidiveau (A) 1
Cheupirudaux (A) 1
Chocobo Tamer (Vunkerl) 1
Conflux Surveyor (Vunkerl) 1
Cruor Prospector (Vunkerl) 1
Deraquien (A) 1
Elmemague (A) 1
Ferdechiond (A) 1
Gulemont (A) 1
Name Map Pos. Notes
High Bear (A) 1
Liloune (A) 1
Machine Outfitter (Vunkerl) 1
Milchupain (A) 1
Parcarin (A) 1
Rahal (A) 1
Raifa (A) 1
Resistance Sapper (Vunkerl) 1
Resistance Sergeant (Vunkerl) 1
Solgierte (A) 1
Teigero-Bangero (A) 1
Vavegallet (A) 1 Goal Tracker

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Armillaria F-7 Trade Shockshroom to ???.
Ayravata I-8 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight
Bukhis G-10 Examine ??? with Ingrown taurus nail, Ossified gargouille hand, Imbrued vampyr fang.
Chhir Batti F-6 Trade Djinn Ashes to ???.
Div-e Sepid E-11 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight, True Sound
Durinn E-12 Examine ??? with Decayed dvergr tooth, Pulsating soulflayer beard, Chipped imp's olifant.
Dvalinn D-11 Trade Dented Skull to ???.
Fulmotondro Roaming Timed Respawn
Gnawtooth Gary F-12 Trade High-Quality Rabbit Hide to ???.
Hanuman H-7 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight
Hrosshvalur J/K-6 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Iktomi I-11 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Iku-Turso J-7 Trade Moonbeam Clam to ???.
Ironclad Executioner H/I-8 10-15 minute respawn. True Sound
Kadraeth the Hatespawn E-10 Trade Stiffened Tentacle to ???.
Karkadann G-7/8 Examine ??? with Warped smilodon choker, Malodorous marid fur.
Khalkotaur H-10 Trade Gnarled Taurus Horn to ???.
Lord Varney H-10 10-15 minute respawn. True Sight, HP
Pascerpot G-12 Trade Crawler Floatstone to ???.
Quasimodo F/G-11 Trade Gargouille Stone to ???.
Rakshas G-8 Trade Black Whisker to ???.
Sedna K-6 Examine ??? with Glossy sea monk sucker, Shimmering pugil scale.
Seps G-13 Trade Opaque Wing to ???.
Sippoy E-7 Timed free spawn True Sight
Xan I-12 Trade Fortune Wing to ???.
Vu'zdei Roaming Resting nearby with a Clear demilune abyssite.
Hm'zdei Roaming Resting nearby with a Colorful demilune abyssite.
Ketea Roaming Resting nearby with a Crimson demilune abyssite.

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Aestutaur Taurus ~80 95 True Sight Y N 18
Blademaw Pugil Pugil ~80 95 Sound Y Y 25
Clammy Imp Imp ~80 95 True Sight, True Sound Y Y 20
Coccinelle Ladybug ~80 95 Sight Y N 17
Devegetator Crawler ~80 95 Sound N Y 14
Ephemeral Amoeban Amoeban ~80 95 Magic N Y 11
Ephemeral Murex Murex ~80 95 Abilities Y N 11
Gruesome Gargouille Gargouille ~80 95 Sight, Sound Y N 16
Helter-skelter Djinn ~80 95 Sight, Magic Y N 19
Jasconius Sea Monk ~80 95 Sound Y N 16
Morose Marid Marid ~80 95 Sight N N 8
Peapuk Puk ~80 95 Sight, Sound Y N 14
Pneumaflayer Soulflayer ~80 95 Magic, True Sound, Abilities Y Y 16
River Murex Murex ~80 95 Abilties Y N 37
Russet Rarab Rabbit ~80 95 Sight N Y 17
Shewriwhile Corpselight ~80 95 Sound, HP Y N 16
Slaughterous Smilodon Tiger ~80 95 Sight Y N 20
Slough Bats Flock Bat ~80 95 Sound Y Y 25
Speltercap Funguar ~80 95 Sound Y Y 20
Spitting Spider Spider ~80 95 Sound N Y 15
Stream Amoeban Amoeban ~80 95 Magic Y N 47
Sturdy Pyxis Mimic N N 4
Wily Opo-opo Opo-opo ~80 95 Sight Y Y 13
Daggertooth Pugil Pugil Sound Y Y 5 Fished Up
Scythemaw Jagil Pugil Sound Y Y 5 Fished Up
Custodian 2 Bastion
Decontaminator 2 Bastion
Disassembler 3 Bastion
Earth Mover 2 Bastion
Edifier 3 Bastion
Immobilizer 3 Bastion
Oppressor 3 Bastion
Overseer 3 Bastion
Ravager Chariot 2 Bastion
Scrutinizer 6 Bastion
Surveyor 6 Bastion
Vigilant Gear 2 Bastion
Vigilant Gears 2 Bastion
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

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