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Item Level

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Beginning with the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack (the March 2013 Version Update), newly added visible armor and weaponry for level 99 characters has an attribute known as Item Level. Although the level at which the equipment can be worn remains 99, the stats of the equipment continue to increase as item level increases. An equipment piece's item level is displayed at the lower right of its help text.

Item level corresponds directly to Content Level, which is a gauge of the difficulty of level 99 endgame content. Content levels begin at content level 1, which corresponds to item level 100. The current highest item level is item level 119, which corresponds to content level 20 (Delve bosses). For crafted equipment, item level corresponds to the Content Level of the material sources with a slight reduction because of general availability.

Because player levels do not continue to increase past level 99, level 99 equipment items with item levels of 100 or higher bestow significant increases to many statistics and attributes which would otherwise normally increase with player level (offensive and defensive combat skills, defense, magic defense, magic accuracy, evasion, magic evasion, HP, MP, STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, and CHR). These attributes serve as a base set of statistics and are present in addition to any specialized attributes granted to individual pieces of equipment. The addition of these statistics allow a player's overall statistics to continue to grow significantly even once they reach the level cap of 99 by obtaining gear of increasingly higher item levels.

When equipped with an item level weapon, certain benefits are applied to the player.

  • Beastmaster: Pet's stats scale according to the level of the weapon equipped in the main weapon slot.
  • Dragoon: Pet's stats scale according to the level of the weapon equipped in the main weapon slot.
  • Magic Accuracy Skill is added to all jobs according to the level of the weapon equipped in the main weapon slot.
  • Ninja: The chance of a shadow being absorbed with Utsusemi varies according to the level of the weapon equipped in the main weapon slot.

When equipped with certain ammo items, Avatar and Automaton stats can be enhanced

  • Puppetmaster: Automaton levels are based on the Animator that is equipped.
  • Summoner: Avatars are enhanced depending on which ammo slot item is equipped. This includes Defense.

When players check an enemy while equipped with one or more pieces of item level equipment, the message displayed which estimates the relative difficulty of the enemy will vary with the average item level of the players' visible equipment. For monsters above the player's character level, the average item level will impact the amount of experience received.


  1. Only visible armor (head, body, hands, legs, and feet), shields, weapons (including grips), and ammo (including non-expendable ammo equipment) are granted item levels and continued vertical stat progression.
  2. For Item Level gear which can be Augmented, the Item Level of the gear is set for the item's base statistics plus the highest possible value augments.

Item Levels / Equipment

Item Level Corresponding Equipment
119 Delve Boss Equipment (ra/ex), Reforged Artifact Armor +1, Reforged Relic Armor +1
118 HQ Delve Boss Crafted Equipment
117 NQ Delve Boss Crafted Equipment
115 Naakual HQ Equipment
113 Delve NM Weapons
HQ Skirmish Weapons, Skirmish Armor
110 Delve NM Armor
109 Reforged Artifact Armor, Reforged Relic Armor
108 HQ Crafted Equipment (Voay)
107 NQ Crafted Equipment (Voay)
106 Naakual NQ Equipment
Reive (Bayld) Tier 2 Armor/Weapons
105 NQ Skirmish Weapons
101 HQ Crafted Equipment (normal monster materials)
100 Reive (Bayld) Tier 1 Armor/Weapons
NQ Crafted Equipment (normal monster materials)