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Little slices of pastoral paradise, mog gardens are parcels of land apportioned to pioneers for their service to Adoulin. They sit upon the various tiny islets that dot the Senroh Sea, but do not be deceived by their size.

Moogle caretakers dispatched from the MHMU watch over these island plots to ensure the bounty of each adventurer's sanctum, providing opportunities such as mining, logging, and fishing. All a greenhorn gardener needs do is impart the proper instructions to the moogle and all is tended to.

The Mog Garden is unique in that you do not need any tools that would be required to HELM normally.

Entry Requirements

You need one of the following requirements in order to enter your Mog Garden:


  • Acquisition of Rank 3 in any nation.

Accessing your Mog Garden

There are multiple ways to access your Mog Garden:

Quest Line

As soon as you access your Mog Garden for the first time, you will begin quest line that will teach you the basics about how to use your Mog Garden and all of its features.

Quest Number Quest Name
1 Full Fields
2 Green Groves
3 Mining Missive
4 Pond Probing
5 Coastal Chaos
6 Seed Sowing
7 Flotsam Finding
8 Courtesy Crustacean
9 Trinket for the Tyrant
10 Hypnotic Hospitality
11 Titillating Tomes
12 Glittering Gals
13 Sally Forth!

Interactable Locations

Geological Locations
Hoe icon.png Garden Furrows Pickaxe icon.png Mineral Veins Hatchet icon.png Arboreal Groves Super Scoop icon.png Pond Dredger Ebisu Fishing Rod icon.png Coastal Fishing Net

Upgrading Locations

  • Using a location a number of times (i.e. obtaining all possible materials you can from each location for that day) will allow you to eventually upgrade the location by purchasing the book Key Items using gil from the Skipper Moogle in either Port San d'Oria, Port Bastok or Port Windurst. You can also purchase the Key Item books using Bayld from Zenicca in the Pioneer's Coalition.

Monster Rearing

Monster Rearing is a feature of the Mog Gardens in which players can raise their own creatures from babe to brute. Revel in the joys of feeding time as you laugh, cry, and bond with your bestial buddies. As they grow, watch them metamorphose into majestic creatures. Adventurers can even receive certain items from their charges, but the beasts will be less willing to part with anything of note should they be dissatisfied with their lot.

  • For information on Monster Rearing, please see the main article here: Monster Rearing
You should always pet your little lamb.

Green Thumb Moogle


Upon zoning into your Mog Garden for the first time, your Green Thumb Moogle will greet you and start the mini-questline. See below for more information on these quests. Your moogle functions very similarly to your moogle in your Mog House, but has a couple unique perks.

Your Green Thumb Moogle can do the following:

  • Access to normal mog house services (Mog Safe, Storage, Mog Locker, Delivery Box, and Job Change).
  • Can be used as a vendor to purchase certain seeds used for your Furrows (unwanted items can also be sold to the Moogle).
  • Offers advice about your garden and teaches you aspects of managing it.
  • Transports you from your Garden to Eastern or Western Adoulin.
  • The connection between you and your assistants.
    • Hiring Assistants
    • Extending Assistant Contracts (all methods extend their contract by one earth week)

See below for more information on Assistants

GPS Crystals

Adventurers collect one star on their GPS crystals (Garden Positioning System) on their first entry into their Mog Garden on each earth day (after 0:00 JST). Stars can be expended for various services, items, and key items:

  • One Star:
    • Teleportation services:
      • Trip to Bastok
      • Trip to Windurst
      • Trip to San d'Oria
  • Five Stars
    • Gil repository (adds a gil storage chest near the Mineral Vein)
      • Upon depositing 10,000,000 gil or more, the chest turns gold.
        • The chest can hold up to 1,000,000,000 gil.
        • Removing any gil so that there is less than 10,000,000 in the chest returns it to its original form.
    • One earth week of work from Kuyin
    • One earth week of work from Yeestog
    • One earth week of work from Susuroon
  • Ten Stars
  • Fifteen Stars
  • Thirty Stars
    • Overalls
      • Note that both a Male and Female version of the Overalls are in the game. You are only allowed to purchase the same version as your current character that is buying the item. Please note that they are deliverable to other characters on the same account, but if your other character is the opposite gender, they will not be able to wear them.

One star can also obtained for every bottle of Star Sprinkles that you trade to your Green Thumb Moogle. The maximum number of stars is equal to or more than 1,010.

Fertilizer, Bait & Serum

Once the Inventors' Coalition has been edified with a Second Floor, Ceciliotte will appear, offering bait, serum, and fertilizer, which can be used to temporarily enhance the geological locations within the Mog Garden. Each geological feature can only be under the effect of one enhancer at a time. Adding a new enhancer before the old one has worn off will overwrite any effects the first enhancer used had on the location. Enhancements from Assistants will not be overwritten by an Enhancer item, and stack with any item currently in use.

The effect of each item varies greatly, and is explained further on the individual geological location's page. Each item is designed to enhance only one geological location. For instance, Coalition Humus can only be used on the Garden Furrows, and cannot be used on the Mineral Veins.


You are able to command assistants to specifically target certain aspects of your Mog Garden. This is useful in case you are trying to focus on obtaining certain items. There are three different assistants who will come to your aid by being convinced to do so with certain items. This process is explained below under each assistant's name. You are able to extend your contracts with your assistant through your Green Thumb Moogle, see below for further details.

Assistant's efforts stack with other Assistants, and also with any fertilizer, bait, or serum currently in use.

Petting your assistants does not increase their work ethic.

"Mommy said it's dangerrrous for kids to go out alone meowadays"

Kuyin Hathdenna

This mithra assists you with your Furrows and your Pond Dredger


To recruit Kuyin, trade a Dragoneye to your Green Thumb Moogle.


  • Furrow Fiats
    • "Harvest a lot of crops."
      • Increases likelihood that you will receive more items from your Furrows
    • "Look for seeds."
      • Keeps her on the lookout for extra seeds
  • Dredging Decrees
    • "Catch something."
    • "Go after a whopper."
      • Increased likelihood of catching bigger fish in your Pond Dredger
    • "Aim for a minnow."
      • Increased likelihood of catching smaller fish in your Pond Dredger
"Let mee work and mee make yee face light up brighter'n an orobon's orb!"


This meeble assists you with your Groves and Mineral Veins


To recruit Yeestog, trade a Fat Burrow Worm to your Green Thumb Moogle.


  • Grove Guidance
    • "Make gathering easier."
      • Increases likelihood that you will receive more items from your Groves
    • "Repair the tools."
      • Occasionally grants you more gathering opportunities in your Groves.
  • Mining Mandates
    • "Make excavating easier."
      • Increases likelihood that you will receive more items from your Mineral Veins
    • "Repair the tools."
      • Occasionally grants you more gathering opportunities in your Mineral Veins
Susuroon work get biiig catch.


This qiqirn assists you with your Furrows and Coastal Fishing Net


To recruit Susuroon, trade a Rusted Coin to your Green Thumb Moogle.


  • Furrow Fiats
    • "Harvest a lot of crops."
      • Increases likelihood that you will receive more items from your Furrows
    • "Grow me something good."
      • Increases likelihood of obtaining rare crops from your Furrows.
  • Coastal Commands
    • "Catch something."
    • "Go after a whopper."
    • "Aim for a minnow."
Chacharoon has a reputation of being a "world-class bodyguard" according to Susuroon.


This qiqirn is responsible for assisting to care for the monsters in your garden.



  • Monster Rearing
    • "Raise a new creature."
      • Raises a new creature. This may only be done once per real life day.
    • "Choose a parenting style"
      • Available once raising a creature.
        • "Personal growth."
        • "Enjoying the moment."
    • "Part with your creature."
      • Available once raising a creature.
        • "Send it back home."
          • Sends your creature off to live its life.
        • "Put it down."
          • Euthanize your creature and collect rewards from it.
    • "View "Boss's Advice.""

Rehiring Your Assistants

After a week (Earth time) your assistants time is up in your Mog Garden.

You may rehire them in one of the following ways:


Once per Earth Day (after 0:00 JST), an object appears on the beach of your Mog Garden and it is yours to keep. The items obtainable range from food all the way to Notorious Monster trigger items.

Confirmed Flotsam Items

General Items
Mannequin Head
Mannequin Hands
Mannequin Body
One Byne Bill
Smouldering Lamp
Tukuku Whiteshell
Yorcia Visage I
Yorcia Visage II

Pop Items
Beastly Shank
Blue Pondweed
Brigand's Chart
Buffalo Corpse
Gem of the East
Gem of the North
Gem of the South
Gem of the West
Gnat Pellets
Gnole Pellets
Honey Wine
Moldy Buckler
Monkey Wine
Singed Buffalo
Pandemonium Key
Peiste Pellets
Pirate's Chart
Savory Shank
Shrimp Lantern
Smoky Flask
Sweet Tea

Fire IV

Apple Pie
Buffalo Jerky
Coeurl Sautee
Dhalmel Pie
Dhalmel Stew
Fish Mithkabob
Flint Caviar
Hedgehog Pie
Melon Pie
Mushroom Sautee
Pumpkin Pie
Rabbit Pie
Roast Mushroom
Rolanberry Pie
Salted Hare
Yayla Corbasi

Melon Juice
Orange Juice
Tomato Juice
Vampire Juice
Yagudo Drink

Aurora Bass
Dwarf Pugil
Mola Mola

Dawn Mulsum
Echo Drops
Holy Water
Hi-Ether +2
Hi-Potion +2
Hyper Ether
Miratete's Memoirs
Potion +2
Super Ether
Super Ether +2
Super Reraiser
Vile Elixir
Water Cluster
X-Potion +2

Automaton Attachments
Drum Magazine
Mana Channeler
Optic Fiber
Target Marker
Turbo Charger

Crafting Materials
Adamantoise Shell
Arrowwood Log
Black Tiger Fang
Black Tiger Hide
Bone Chip
Chestnut Log
Darksteel Ore
Dhalmel Hide
Durium Ore
Elm Log
Flint Stone
Giant Stinger
Gold Beastcoin
Grass Thread
Karugo Clay
Khroma Ore
Linen Thread
Marid Hide
Mythril Beastcoin
Rabbit Hide
Rock Salt
Silk Thread
Umbril Ooze

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There are two types of campaigns that may run any given month. They offer multiple bonuses to all aspects of your Mog Garden:

Mog Gardens Campaign

Monster Breeding / Rearing Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, it is easier to evolve monsters.
    • Monsters that you are rearing are simply twice as likely to evolve. Normal food requirements for evolution, as well as feeding procedures are in still in effect.

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