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Category:Mythic Weapons

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Mythic Weapons are upgraded versions of Vigil Weapons found during the Nyzul Isle Investigation.
The historical background for these weapons can be found at The Myriad Arms of Balrahn.
Ergon weapons are "mythic equivalent" weapons for Rune Fencer and Geomancer implemented in the May 2014 Version Update[1].
There never will be plans to implement Ergon weapons for any other job, as these are stand-ins for Rune Fencer and Geomancer's Mythic Weapons.

Weapon Weapon Skill Weapon Type Job
Conqueror King's Justice Great Axe Warrior
Glanzfaust Ascetic's Fury Hand-to-Hand Monk
Yagrush Mystic Boon Club White Mage
Laevateinn Vidohunir Staff Black Mage
Murgleis Death Blossom Sword Red Mage
Vajra Mandalic Stab Dagger Thief
Burtgang Atonement Sword Paladin
Liberator Insurgency Scythe Dark Knight
Aymur Primal Rend Axe Beastmaster
Carnwenhan Mordant Rime Dagger Bard
Gastraphetes Trueflight Crossbow Ranger
Kogarasumaru Tachi: Rana Great Katana Samurai
Nagi Blade: Kamu Katana Ninja
Ryunohige Drakesbane Polearm Dragoon
Nirvana Garland of Bliss Staff Summoner
Tizona Expiacion Sword Blue Mage
Death Penalty Leaden Salute Gun Corsair
Kenkonken Stringing Pummel Hand-to-Hand Puppetmaster
Terpsichore Pyrrhic Kleos Dagger Dancer
Tupsimati Omniscience Staff Scholar
Idris§ Exudation Club Geomancer
Epeolatry§ Dimidiation Great Sword Rune Fencer

§ It should also be noted that unlike real Mythic Weapons at 99 or 119, completed Ergon Weapons lack the 30% damage boost factor when their Ergon Weapon Skill is used in tandem with the weapon[2], and further, lack an Afterglow in their fully upgraded form.[3]

Mythic Acquisition

There are a series of quests one must complete in the pursuit of a Mythic Weapon.
Be forewarned that these are laborious tasks which will take a while to complete.

  • After this, Mythic Weapons can be further upgraded through their level 99 variants via the Trial of the Magians.

Ergon Acquisition

The process of creating an Ergon Weapon involves the completion of one of two quests and multiple trades of various items to Runje Desaali or her Leafkin in multiple steps:[4]

Step 1: Completion of a job specific quest: Saved by the Bell or Quiescence.

Step 2: Trade 200 Ghastly Stones, 1 random crafting material drop from each Delve I Megaboss, and 500 Pinches of High-Purity Bayld
Step 3: Trade 200 Verdigris Stones, 1 random crafting material drop from each Delve II Megaboss, and 2,500 Pinches of High-Purity Bayld
Step 4: Trade 200 Wailing Stones, a Pristine Yggrete Crystal, and 9,999 Pinches of High-Purity Bayld


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