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Windurst Mission 5-1

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The Final Seal
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title Archlich Assassin
Repeatable No
Description On the Star Sibyl's command, you are to head north to the ruins of Fei'Yin, somewhere on the Beaucedine Glacier. There, you are to confirm whether the final seal is doing its job.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Magicite The Shadow Awaits
Rank Points


  • Optional: Speak to any gate guard who will inform you that Windurst is currently not assigning any new missions. Visit Heavens Tower to investigate.
  • Speak to the Star Sibyl in Heavens Tower. She will give you the Key Item New Fei'Yin seal at the end of a cutscene.
  • Note: DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS MISSION WITHOUT GETTING THIS KEY ITEM. You will be unable to participate in the BCNM fight later in the mission.
  • Form a party of players who are at least level 50. Make sure they have appropriate 50 cap gear. The party may consist of members from other nations, so long as they are all on at least mission 5-1, as it is the same for each nation (anyone who has completed the mission for their current nation may participate, however).
  • Fei'Yin is located in the northeast corner of Beaucedine Glacier.
  • Upon entering Fei'Yin, you will get another cutscene with Zeid (if you do not get this cutscene, you have done something wrong, check back in Windurst). The majority of enemies in Fei'Yin detect by sound, however there are several that detect spellcasting as well.
  • Go east to (K-8). There are 2 dolls here. There is a cermet gate on the east wall. Check the Cermet Gate nearby, this will open and let you enter Qu'Bia Arena. You will be able to prepare outside of the BC, however all buffs will wear upon entering. Plan accordingly and check the BC when ready.
  • You will be facing Archlich Taber'quoan. The Archlich will spawn with 2 Ancient Sorcerers. Ancient Warriors will also spawn in the hallway and run to help of the Archlich during the fight.
  • The Archlich is a BLM, and will cast spells like Sleepga II and Freeze, he may also use Manafont.
  • The lesser skeletons have very little HP and can be easily taken out by an AoE spell.
  • Focus attacks on the Archlich, a Paladin with Invincible is useful for managing the many extra mobs. A Monk using Hundred Fists also shines in this fight, due to the skeleton blunt penalty.
  • You only need to kill the Archlich to win. Any other mobs still alive will depop.
  • When you win, you'll be given another cutscene. You will then receive the Key Item Burnt seal. Head back to the Star Sibyl to complete the mission.

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