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The history of Vana'diel is not completely known and is revealed to us through the plot of the game or outside sources like the PlayOnline website (especially, previously, through the Vana'diel Tribune), books, magazine articles, or interviews with game creators.

(still in progress) roughly 1/3 complete. Right now it only tells the the San d'Orian history. A lot of construction to be done.


All events before the dawn of the Crystal Era (C.E. 1) are considered pre-history. The formation of the world Vana'diel and the histories of the Zilart, Kuluu, Olduum, and Alzadaal civilizations are included in this.

Little is known of the world before the Vana'diel of today since the FFXI player is not given an omniscient view of history. Ancient history is explored in some detail through missions and quests.

Age of Beasts

The age where Beastmen ruled over people, except Mithra and Galka which both were able to establish their own, separate civilizations.

About 800 years ago, so long ago that the Crystal Era history can still be counted on one's fingers. It seems that a small number of Humes lived on the continent of Quon, divided into several tribes.

Also, the Mindartian continent seems to have been inhabited by the Yagudo even earlier. Neither the Humes nor the Yagudo had a written language at that time. So we don't know much about that period.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
-3000 Date of the oldest known evidence of a Hume village, in Dangruf Wadi.
1 Age of Judgment Alzadaal civilization falls to ruin to the battle between Odin and Alexander.
1 Advent of the Goddess Night is banished for an entire year when the star Gordeus of the Alexander constellation goes supernova. This is used to start the western calendar and the beginning of the Crystal Era.
2 By the beginning of Year 2, the Advent of the Goddess had faded.

Age of Exodus

The Elvaan, a hunting tribe who came from a continent further north than Quon, established a settlement in the northern part of the Quon continent. They must have come in search of abundant prey.

Around the year 200 of the Crystal Era, the Tarutaru, a wandering people, came to Mindartia and settled on the plains of Sarutabaruta, although it is not clear where they came from.

Furthermore, around the year 220 of the Crystal Era, the Galka, who had been living on the island of Zepwell, were defeated in battle with the Antica and migrated to the southern part of the Quon continent.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
190 (approx.) Large parties of Elvaan from the north begin settling northern Quon.
200 (approx.) The Elvaan split into tribes Galleon*, Fauchevelle*, Bulletoran*, San d’Oria (Tribe), Coumlaud, and Chatiffe*, spreading across the continent of Quon. (*=spelling might be off)

After decades of wandering in search of their "Promised Land", the Tarutaru tribes finally arrive in Southern Mindartia.

220 (approx.) The Galka are driven off Zepwell Island by the Antican Empire and take up refuge in the mountains of southern Quon.

Age of Magic

The introduction of magic and the rise and fall of the Windurstian Empire.

Age of Conquerors

Once these five tribes came to coexist on one continent, this marked the beginning of the Age of Conquerors.

In the year 219 of the Tarutaru calendar, a Tarutaru girl, later known as the first Star Sibyl, discovered magic, and the lives of the Tarutaru, who had lived in peace and tranquility until then, changed drastically. Their chiefs, who had been quarreling among themselves in small tribal groups, reconciled and formed the Federation of Windurst.

Then began a massive frontier movement, to the north and east, in search of more territory. Their first target was the land of the Yagudo, an ancient inhabitant of the same Mindartian continent. The Yagudo were intimidated by their first encounter with magic and easily succumbed to the Tarutaru, who were much smaller than they were. In their eyes, magic was nothing more than a miracle.

Now, having conquered Mindartia at breakneck speed, the Federation next set its sights on the vast continent of Quon, which lay just a stone's throw away across the Jeuno Strait. There, the strong and valiant Elvaan were already living in separate tribes. But they were no match for the Windurstian Battle Mages, who had a monopoly on magic, and the Norvallen region was occupied.

Then came the military genius, Grand Martial Lungo-Nango, and the whole of Quon fell under his command.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
219 A young Tarutaru female named Rimilala discovers magic.
291 The Quadav invade present day Derfland, capturing Pashhow Marshlands.
294 The Tarutaru tribes join to form The Federation of Windurst.
301 The Quadav begin construction of Beadeaux.
328 Heavens Tower is completed.
332 The War Warlocks are formed.
337 The War Warlocks launch an offensive on the capital of the indigenous Yagudo, Castle Oztroja.
342 The Federation of Windurst crosses the Strait of Jeuno, invading Norvallen. This begins the war known as Struggle Against Magic.
343 The Galleon Elvaan of Norvallen are powerless against the magic of Windurst and surrender to them.
347 Norvallen is made an official territory governed by Windurst. This begins the Subjugation of the Elvaan.
370 A Windurst army, led by Lungo-Nango, invades Ronfaure, destroying the San d'Orian tribe.
371 The Windurst army invades Zulkheim, destroying the combined forces of the Fauchevelle, Bulletoran, and San d'Orian tribes.
372 The Windurst army presses on into Gustaberg. The mountain-dwelling Chatiffe tribe battle against them using guerrilla tactics.
373 The last fortification of the Chatiffe, Fort Morteuge, falls.

Warlock Warlord Lungo-Nango defeats the Elvaan inhabiting Quon, bringing both continents under Federation control.

374 Ronfaure and Zulkheim become official territories of Windurst.

The Rise of San d'Oria

The Elvaan ancestors did not remain under the control of the Federation of Windurst all these years. It had to wait, however, until the birth of a hero, Lanfeaur d'Oraguille. He formed an alliance with Quadavs, and succeeded in getting the continent of Quon back into the hands of the Elvaan, free from the influence of the Tarutaru. Thus, the Kingdom of San d'Oria was founded.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
375 A method of using Chocobos as riding mounts is invented by the Wellpard of the Bulletoran Elvaan tribe.
376 Lanfeaur is selected to be the leader of the San d'Orian tribe.
377 Lanfeaur leads a unit of young men in an assault on Ronfaure, and occupies the territory.
378 On the orders of Windurst, Galleon and Bulletoran Elvaan invade Ronfaure, but are pushed back by the San d'Oria (Tribe).
379 The young Arefeauron Tavnazia, of the Bulletoran tribe, joins forces with Lanfeaur D'Oraguille.
380 The San d'Oria (Tribe) are victorious over the Bulletoran and Fauchevelle tribes, and take control of Zulkheim.
381 Meeting of Lanfeaur and Du'Dha Lanfeaur meets with the Quadav King, Du'Dha the Everyoung.
382 Windurst leads a second offensive against the Elvaan, striking from Norvallen. Lanfeaur works with the Quadav and they ambush the Windurst army in Jugner Forest and Pashhow Marshlands, driving them back.
383 Arefeauron meets with the mountain-dwelling Chatiffe tribe, and convinces them to ally with Lanfeaur.
385 Establishment of San d'Oria The Kingdom of San d'Oria is founded by King Lanfeaur d'Oraguille in a meeting with several important Elvaan.
385 The retainer Arefeauron (founding Marquis of Tavnazia) is assigned to the Western peninsula of Quon.
387 Lanfeaur conforms all currency under the unit Noit.
388 The Marquis of Tavnazia, Arefeauron, dies.
390 To facilitate the minting of currency, the nation’s blacksmiths are gathered together under a single guild. This is the forming of the first Blacksmith's Guild.
391 The Royal Knights are formed with Fainevlure Ordelle appointed as their first captain.
398 Samariri, a Tarutaru peace officer, tells Elvaan of the ways of Magic.
399 The Royal Knights invade Norvallen under the direction of Fainevlure. They sweep through six units of War Warlocks, and take Fort Jabigogo. This begins the Cleansing of Quon. This also marks the beginning of the Age of Power.

Age of Power

The rise and fall of the San d'Orian Empire.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
401 King Lanfeaur’s cousin, Phulmvonne Shahkam, receives jurisdiction over Norvallen.
403 Castle D’Oraguille is completed.
410 Formation of the San d'Orian Church The Kingdom of San d'Oria officially recognizes the Goddess.
412 King Lanfeaur dispatches a messenger to Windurst
412 A non-aggression pact is suggested as a way to restore Lungo-Nango’s tarnished reputation.
413 Windurst signs the non-aggression pact. The Marquisate of Tavnazia is officially recognized by Windurst.
414 As a result of cultural exchanges with Windurst, San d'Oria adopts the use of the Crystal Era calendar.
420 Breaking the non-aggression pact, King Lanfeaur invades the Mindartia continent, setting up a fort in Sauromugue.

A gold rush erupts in the Gusgen Mountains, resulting in an influx of Hume settlers in the area.

421 The Ironblood King Lanfeaur passes away in camp.
421 Lanfeaur’s third son, Resviel, with the support of the church, incarcerates his brothers as heretics. He is then crowned the “King of Hope,” as San d'Oria’s second ruler.
422 Construction on a grand cathedral begins.
423 The Serial Arson Scandal Tarutaru wizards wreak havoc in San d'Oria’s capital.
424 In an attempt to restore public order, the Temple Knights are formed.

Bastok's Independence

Most of the Hume also lived on the Quon continent for a long time, but their population was small. Moreover, most of them lived in remote areas, wastelands with sparse vegetation. Therefore, there was no chance for them to participate in the hegemony of the continent.

But, the land that the Elvaan had ridiculed as barren and unsuitable for chocobo pastures and the Tarutaru dismissed as useless land where no crops would grow even if magic was applied, was in fact a land of enormous bounty. It was a treasure trove of mythril, gold, platinum, and other mineral resources.

Hume miners came from all over the world triggered by the gold rush at Mount Gusgen. It was only natural for them to turn against San d'Oria, who did nothing but take a cut of the money. Eventually, the Hume gained a capable leader named Ironman Meyer, who used his technological prowess to build Fort Bastok. Then, they joined forces with the Galkan people and succeeded in defeating the Royal Knights, who were thought to be invincible at the time. Thus, the Republic of Bastok was born.

Bastok, a group of drifters compared to the governments and armies around the world, had developed a novel system: a king elected by the people, a presidential system. And the Republican Army, an army of the people, by the people, for the people.

Furthermore, with the invention of new weapons such as cannons and firearms, and the influx of enormous wealth from the increased production of mineral resources, Bastok developed into a powerful nation that surpassed Windurst and San d'Oria, despite being a newly emerging nation.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
456 A gold rush causes an influx of Hume miners in the Kingdom’s capital.
457 Led by Mayer, the Humes and Galkan laborers rise up against the San d'Oria Army and win their independence.
458 The Temple Knights banish all Hume.
460 For their achievements in upholding public order, the Temple Knights are recognized as an official branch of the military.
463 The Royal Knights subjugate a settlement of Hume and Galka robbers.
466 Due to a clever trick by Windurst, the Royal Knights abandon Garlaige Citadel in Mindartia.
474 Due to an unprecedented boom of development in the capital, and the increasing demand for weapons for the army, a Woodworking guild is formed.
485 San d'Oria holds a grand festival for its 100th anniversary.
487 The Royal Knights suppress a band of robbers barricaded in Bastok valley.
489 Phern's Rebellion Baron Gheorlmitt Phern plots with the Queen to overthrow the royal family.
491 Phern’s forces surrender to the Temple Knights.
491 A parade is held for the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Knights.
491 The fortifications surrounding the capital city of Bastok are finished.
492 Baron Phern is executed.
494 The Republic of Bastok is formed and Mayer is elected the first president.
497 The Republican Constitution is completed.

Age of Warfare

The three nations were formed, San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst. The native beastmen, such as the Yagudo cultists and the Quadav soldiers, also began to expand their power with strong leaders. And from the north, the mighty Orcish hordes finally began invasion of Quon. All of them are powerful nations of equal strength. Therefore, the age of warfare continued for 300 years, with no one knowing when the wars would end.

The Mithra became very active as pirates, mercenaries, or Windurstian marines.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
503 The Great King Charambille orders the construction of Phanauet Channel.

President Mayer is assassinated by a Galkan youth.

526 Leather becomes fashionable amongst the aristocracy and the royal family, so a Leathercrafting guild is established to meet the demand.
538 King Charambille passes away.
538 Phanauet Channel opens.
558 The Warking Acheufagais is enthroned.
559 The Orcish Imperial Army lands on the northern shores of Quon.
560 Warking Auchefagais' Conquest of the East King Acheufagais accompanies an elite force of knights across the Strait of Jeuno. They force Windurst to surrender four fortresses and then abandon them, returning home to Quon.
561 Battle of Thousandfall Ridge King Acheufagais defeats 1,000 Orcs with brutal force which leads to the naming of Thousandfall Ridge.
563 King Acheufagais leads the Royal Knights into Konschtat Highlands, assaulting several Hume settlements.
563 The First Battle of Konschtat King Acheufagais and the Royal Knights clash with the Bastokan army in Konschtat Highlands. The Gusgen Mine is destroyed.
564 Victory Arch is completed in honor of Acheufagais. A magnificent ceremony is held upon his triumphant return home.
565 King Acheufagais selects a group of elite knights to serve as his personal guard.
567 King Acheufagais dies due to complications from wounds suffered in battle. Rumors of foul play circulate amongst the aristocracy.
568 Acheufagais’s cousin, Marelinne, is made Queen.
575 Queen Marelinne begins her journey around the continent of Quon.
580 Queen Marelinne marries Count Phildenan of Tavnazia.
586 Queen Marelinne’s troupe shipwrecks against the Ashak Mountains.
588 The search for Queen Marelinne is called off.
588 Hunterking Dormillique ascends to the throne.
604 King Dormillique forbids hunting in the woods of East Ronfaure.
614 Delegates from the Western lands have an audience with King Dormillique.
626 King Dormillique holds an international swordsman tournament in San d’Oria's capital. The winner is Grand Knight Silvelliffe.
630 In the woods of Ronfaure, the sporting event known as Ballista is develop (A form of Conflict)
641 King Dormillique dies.
642 The Fifth Yagudo War The Fifth Yagudo War between The Federation of Windurst vs The Yagudo Theomilitary
644 In an attempt to repair the royal family’s impending financial crisis, Prime Minister Romovia institutes a plan for economic reform.
647 Romovia cuts down on area allocated for the Church.
651 Romovia is assassinated.
663 The Orcish Imperial Army tunnels through the northern mountains and attacks Norvallen.
664 The Great Orcish Incursion Lord Falledemion and his knights repel the Orcish forces.
665 Lord Falledemion is recognized as a great hero, and his image is carved into Victory Arch.
685 The Palborough Mines Cleansing Battle between The Republic of Bastok and The Quadav Shieldwarriors.
686 Wolfking Raigegue ascends to the throne.
690 The Tavnazia Knights enter Castle D’Oraguille.
690 King Raigegue leads the Royal Knights on an invasion of Gustaberg.
691 The Second Battle of Konschtat In Konschtat Highlands, King Raigegue engages the Republican Army, but it ultimately forces to make a strategic withdrawal.
693 Prince Ferrenan’s Rebellion King Raigegue once again departs for La Theine Plateau. Prince Ferrenan takes advantage of the his absence and attempts to gain control over the capital. He ultimately fails and is imprisoned.
694 Construction begins on Bostaunieux Oubliette.
696 Prince Ferrenan escapes from prison.

Age of Technology

The rise of Bastok and Jeuno.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
701 Bostaunieux Oubliette is completed.
702 The disunion of the Kingdom of San d'Oria Prince Ferrenan proclaims himself King. This begins the Era of Two Kings.
705 Marquis Phenallus of Tavnazia declares their neutrality.
720 The cultivation of Rolanberries becomes very popular around the outskirts of Jeuno.
755 Baron Torresapet Ordelle is appointed an official explorer.
761 The Orcish Empire of Quon sends an advance party to invade Ronfaure.
768 Baron Torresapet Ordelle is sent to inspect the limestone caverns in La Theine Plateau (known today as Ordelle's Caves). He dies shortly after.
782 Dragonking Ranperre receives his title.
783 King Ranperre is bestowed with a holy sword from the North.
786 The Elshimo Campaign The combined naval forces of Tavnazia and Bastok clash with the Windurst navy near Elshimo, handing them a crushing defeat.
812 The Seventh Yagudo War The Seventh Yagudo War between The Federation of Windurst and The Yagudo Theomilitary.
815 The reunification of the Kingdom of San d'Oria King Ranperre gains victory over Gjohomberg*.
816 The Three Month Monarchy With the support of Bastok, King Gjohnberre*’s defeated party establish an independent state in Norvallen. However, they are soon subjugated by Erpalacion and Volledyne.
816 Erpalacion’s whereabouts are unknown. The school of Dragoons cease to exist.
817 For his efforts in suppressing the insurrection, Volledyne is made Count and assigned to Jugner.
817 King Ranperre creates the official San d'Orian flag still in use today.
824 King Destin is born.
829 The Black Dragon’s Wrath The black dragon, Vrtra, swoops down and begins wreaking havoc.
830 King Ranperre storms into Vrtra’s den and exterminates the black dragon. He is awarded the title of “Dragonking” for his victory.
831 The construction of King Ranperre's Tomb is completed. The black dragon Vrtra is sealed within.
832 King Ranperre passes away.
832 King Grantieul is enthroned.
843 Baron Periduke is inaugurated as Prime Minister.
845 In order to repair the royal family’s financial state, Prime Minister Periduke outlines a plan for economic reform.
847 Periduke designs several revisions to the kingdom’s penal code.
850 Marquis Rochefogne of Tavnazia is born.
851 While chasing game on the Royal Hunting Grounds, King Grantieul and his ten body guards are ambushed and killed by a single Orc, Doggvdegg . The Crown Prince Destin is wounded and barely escapes with his life.
851 Destin ascends to the throne, but is considered to be a temporary placeholder due to the previous King’s sudden demise.
853 King Destin marries.
854 A Multinational Expedition team is formed between the Royal Knights, delegates from Windurst, and the captain of the Mythril Musketeers, Raogrimm.
854 The Multinational Expedition Team sets off on their journey from Bastok.
855 Rumors of a “Shadow Lord” sweep through San d'Oria’s capital.
857 Ferry service between Selbina and Mhaura is established.
858 8 The Shadow Lord’s Army clashes with the Orciish Empire in the Northlands.
858 9 Temple Knights, under the direct supervision of Periduke, uncover a plot to assassinate King Destin. According to the suspect’s testimony, he was also responsible for the assassination of the late King.
858 11 To clear any lingering suspicion, the cathedral holds a grand coronation ceremony for King Destin. The Papsque himself bestows Destin with the Crown of the Gryphon.
859 3 Establishment of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno Kam'lanaut, a representative of Jeuno, is awarded the title of Archduke by the three nations.
859 11 Gigas mercenaries disembark on Valdeaunia.
860 9 Prince Trion is born.
861 The Shadow Lord gather Beastmen leaders to Castle Zvahl and proclaims the destruction of the human nations.
862 2 Prince Pieuje is born.

Crystal War and Age of Adventurers

The war between the Shadow Lord's army of Beastmen and the nations of the Middle Lands: lasted for roughly 4 years. The years since the war, leading up to and including the present.

Year(C.E.) Date Event Name Details
862 4 Battle of Jugner A mixed army of Beastmen invade Norvallen. The Crystal War begins.
862 5 Siege of San d'Oria The Orcish Army storms San d'Oria’s capital. After a fierce battle, the Royal Knights manage to repel them.
862 7 Selbina declares itself a neutral city.
862 8 The Ru’lude Conference Responding to Eald'narche’s summons, King Destin travels to Jeuno to meet with representatives of Bastok and Windurst.
862 9 The Formation of the Allied Forces of Altana The four nations of the humans form a temporary union, creating an allied force.
862 10 Muchanne, leader of the Temple Knights, is assassinated. (Prevailing theory is by a Tonberry)
862 11 The Royal Knights rush reinforcements to Fort Karugo-Narugo, helping Windurst to repel the Beastmen threat there.
862 11 A multi-national high echelon of fighters, the Hydra Corps, is formed.
862 12 The Royal Knights complete Garlaige Citadel.
862 12 The Beastmen Army’s main forces amass around Jeuno.
863 1 Garlaige Citadel is destroyed.
863 1 The Battle of Jeuno The Beastmen launch their offensive from the outskirts of Jeuno.
863 2 The main forces of the Beastmen Army move towards the Tavnazian Peninsula.
863 3 Tavnazia falls.
863 4 Battle of Xarcabard The main units of the Allied Forces of Altana gather in Xarcabard, engaging the Beastmen.
863 7 Siege of Castle Zvahl Castle Zvahl is surrounded by the forces of Altana.
863 8 The Hydra Corps disappear without a trace.
863 8 Castle Zvahl falls.
863 9 The Shadow Lord is sealed.
864 1 Shamonde P Grauche is inaugurated as Papsque.
864 2 The Orcish Empire begins withdrawing from the continent of Quon.
864 3 Representatives of the four nations gather in Jeuno, and the Crystal War is officially proclaimed to be over.
864 4 Excenmille chases the remaining Orcs from the Quon continent.
865 The Multi-national Agreement Jeuno holds a post-war conference. Eald'narche proposes continuing positive relations between the four nations, and it is unanimously accepted.
866 Eald'narche has an audience with Papsque Shamonde.
868 The Currency Union The kingdom’s monetary unit, the Noit, is abandoned in favor of Jeuno’s currency, Gil.
869 Queen Leaute passes away.
875 The Orcs capture the town La Vaule on the outskirts of Jugner Forest for use as their stronghold. They name it Davoi.
877 Beastmen activity begins to intensify in several regions. People begin to whisper about the possible return of the Shadow Lord.
878 Improvements to Port San d'Oria begin for the accommodation of airships.
879 Reports of Fort Ghelsba, an Orcish outpost, are confirmed.
881 Airship travel between San d'Oria and Jeuno is established.
883 The Orcish Army once again invades Ronfaure, but are repelled by the Royal Knights.
883 Kam'lanaut proposes Conquest as a means to ascertain political boundaries.
884 Selbina Pact for Conquest The “Selbina Pact” is signed. Conquest is instituted.

Events that happen at the present or soon after:

  • Excenmille returns home to San d'Oria. With him, he brings the idea to revive Ballista.

Events that likely happen farther down the line, but can potentially happen at the same time as the events above:

  • There is a "food market" crash, which leads to the expanding of the types of meals adventurers use to empower themselves.
  • Aht Urhgan and Windurst establish a ferry service. Aht Urhgan invites mercenaries to join the battle against the Beastmen, the Corsairs, and newly arisen Black Coffin. The Wildcat Sentinels sends recruiters to the Middle Lands to advertise their group.
  • With the success of Ballista, Volker suggests Brenner, a CONFLICT event with a much more bloodier past, be reintroduced.
  • The Colosseum, where Pankration takes place, reopens after much petition.