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Quick Projects/Notepad

Use this section for things that need done, but do not deserve their own spot on the tables below. Usually for quick and easy projects, but we do not want to forget about doing them.

Finish regenerating General Items and Usable Items to add gob box and usable in mog gardens tags.

Add redirects to all BST pet names to direct to the jug pages. Info is now on all of them.

Fill out/fix weapons obtained from the Splintery Chest

Create a lockstyle equipment page with images and where the items come from - there are so many at this point and seem to continue to come out.

Add a field to item template to list NPC sell price of items.

  • Fishing taru in Norg gives highest sale price.
  • Curio moogles/Green Thumb moogle give lowest.
  • Maybe a project page too?




Big Plans


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