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In the December 2013 Version Update, High-Tier Mission Battlefields started being introduced. These battlefields bring back nostalgic enemies that have newfound strength to challenge even the most experienced veteran players. In order to challenge these foes, a key item is required by each party member to enter the battlefield. It is highly suggested that you communicate with your party members to verify that everyone has purchased the appropriate key item required for the fight you are entering. There is no warning if a party member is unable to enter the battlefield. If one player forgets to purchase the item, and the other party members enter, the player has a chance to purchase the key item as long as the other party members do not engage.

Key Item Sales

The following three NPCs sell the key items to enter the battlefields, one in each nation.

Trisvain in Northern San d'Oria (J-7)


Raving Opossum in Port Bastok (J-11)

Raving Opossum.jpg

Mimble-Pimble in Port Windurst (L-5)



Initially, players are only able to choose Very Easy, Easy or Normal difficulties while initializing a fight. After winning your first battle on any difficulty, you are then able to choose Difficult or Very Difficult the next time you enter the fight. Note that if a fellow party member has entered a fight on either of the hardest two difficulties and you have not won the fight yet, the battlefield will be set to the difficulty chosen by the first party member that entered regardless of what you choose.


Reforged Artifact +1 seals and Item Level upgrade items for Relic Weapons, Empyrean Weapons, and Mythic Weapons are distributed to each party member's personal inventory, as well as into the party's treasure pool upon winning the battlefield. The number of these items that are received is based on the difficulty of the fight. There are also unique pieces of equipment and weapons that drops from each battlefield.


Below is a full list of all High-Tier Mission Battlefields in the game, as well as potential drops from each.

Rise of the Zilart

Name Battlefield Entry Armor Upgrades Weapons Armor
Ark Angels (1) (Ark Angel HM)
Ark Angel HM
Ark Angels (2) (Ark Angel TT)
Ark Angel TT
Ark Angels (3) (Ark Angel MR)
Ark Angel MR
Ark Angels (4) (Ark Angel EV)
Ark Angel EV
Ark Angels (5) (Ark Angel GK)
Ark Angel GK
Divine Might II
Divine Might

Note: To gain access to this key item,
you have to defeat all the individual
Ark Angel II fights at least once on
Normal difficulty or above.

  • Merit Cost: 20
  • Level Cap: Uncapped
  • Time Limit: 30 Min
  • Max People: 18
  • All Rem's Tale Ch 6-10
  • Every crafting material that
    drops from the single fights
    also has the potential to drop
    from the same unique Ark Angel
    in Divine Might v2
  • Seraphicaller
  • Divinator
  • Every weapon that drops from
    the single fights also has the
    potential to drop from the same
    unique Ark Angel in Divine Might v2
Return to Delkfutt’s Tower (Kam'lanaut)
Return to Delkfutt’s Tower
The Celestial Nexus (Eald'narche)
The Celestial Nexus
The Shadow Lord Battle (Shadow Lord)
The Shadow Lord Battle

Chains of Promathia

Name Battlefield Entry Armor Upgrades Weapons Armor
The Savage (Ouryu)
The Savage
The Warrior's Path (Tenzen)
The Warrior's Path
Head Wind (Shikaree X, Shikaree Y, and Shikaree Z)
Head Wind

Treasures of Aht Urghan

Name Battlefield Entry Armor Upgrades Weapons Armor
Puppet in Peril (Lancelord Gaheel Ja)
Puppet in Peril
Legacy of the Lost (Gessho)
Legacy of the Lost

Avatar Prime Fights

Name Battlefield Entry Armor Upgrades Weapons Armor
Trial by Wind (Garuda Prime)
Garuda Prime
Trial by Lightning (Ramuh Prime)
Ramuh Prime
Trial by Earth (Titan Prime)
Titan Prime
Trial by Fire (Ifrit Prime)
Ifrit Prime
Trial by Water (Leviathan Prime)
Leviathan Prime
Trial by Ice (Shiva Prime)
Shiva Prime
The Moonlit Path (Fenrir Prime)
Fenrir Prime
Waking the Beast (Carbuncle Prime)
Carbuncle Prime
Waking Dreams (Diabolos Prime)
Diabolos Prime