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Connected Zone Dynamis - Jeuno (D) Arrives at
Ru'Lude Gardens H-7 Ru'Lude Gardens.jpg F-9 Ru'Lude Gardens.jpg
Divergence Navigation
San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria
Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok
Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst
Jeuno-Flag.jpg Jeuno
Reforge Slot






Overseer's Tombstone
Disjoined Elvaan (Empyrean)

Mu'Sha Effigy
Ka'Rho Fearsinger
Disjoined Galka (Mythic)

Envincing Idol
Fii Pexu the Eternal
Disjoined Tarutaru (Relic)

Impish Golem
Disjoined Mithra (Aeonic)

Volte Armor Sets
Zone Image
Japanese デュナミス-ジュノ〔D〕
Map Acquisition No Map
Requires See Below
Timeline Dreamworld
Continent Dynamis
Region Dynamis - Divergence
Zone Type Instance
Activities Reforged Relic Armor +2 / +3
Weather None

Dynamis - Jeuno [D]

Starting NPC: Enigmatic handprints - Ru'Lude Gardens (F-9), (HP #3, Ru'Lude Gardens)
Requirements: Level 95
3-18 Players
Dynamis - Tavnazia sliver
Empty Hourglass
Title: Dynamis-Jeuno [D] Trespasser (mid-boss title)

Dynamis-Jeuno [D] Infiltrator (mega boss title)
Judge, Jury and Executioner (disjoined boss title if all 4 zone wave 3 bosses are defeated)


Rusted I. Card icon.png Rusted I. Card
Beastmen's Medal icon.png Beastmen's Medal
Black. I. Card icon.png Black. I. Card
Kindred's Medal icon.png Kindred's Medal
Old I. Card icon.png Old Identification Card
Demon's Medal icon.png Demon's Medal

Reforged Relic Armor +2 / +3 Upgrade item: Legshard and Voidleg
Void legwear
Legshard Voidleg Legshard Voidleg
Warrior Voidleg- WAR icon.png WAR Monk Voidleg- MNK icon.png MNK
Whitemage Voidleg- WHM icon.png WHM Blackmage Voidleg- BLM icon.png BLM
Red Mage Voidleg- RDM icon.png RDM Thief Voidleg- THF icon.png THF
Paladin Voidleg- PLD icon.png PLD Dark Knight Voidleg- DRK icon.png DRK
Beastmaster Voidleg- BST icon.png BST Bard Voidleg- BRD icon.png BRD
Ranger Voidleg- RNG icon.png RNG Samurai Voidleg- SAM icon.png SAM
Ninja Voidleg- NIN icon.png NIN Dragoon Voidleg- DRG icon.png DRG
Summoner Voidleg- SMN icon.png SMN Blue Mage Voidleg- BLU icon.png BLU
Corsair Voidleg- COR icon.png COR Puppetmaster Voidleg- PUP icon.png PUP
Dancer Voidleg- DNC icon.png DNC Scholar Voidleg- SCH icon.png SCH
Geomancer Voidleg- GEO icon.png GEO Rune Fencer Voidleg- RUN icon.png RUN
  • Legshard only drop from a mob of the corresponding main/sub job before defeating the mid-boss Impish Golem
  • Voidleg only drop from a mob of the corresponding main/sub job after defeating the mid-boss Impish Golem

Misc. Rewards
Volte Cap icon.png Volte CapVolte Cap description.png Volte Jupon icon.png Volte JuponVolte Jupon description.png Volte Bracers icon.png Volte BracersVolte Bracers description.png
Volte Hose icon.png Volte HoseVolte Hose description.png Volte Boots icon.png Volte BootsVolte Boots description.png


Zone Information

Divergence Statues
Zone Icon & Eyes Statue and Monsters
Snowflake.png Blue +50% damage taken.
AoEs will deal -99% damage to secondary targets.
Moon.png Green +20% damage taken.
Resist the effects of all Enfeebling Magic including Sleep and Lullaby.
Cherry Petal.png Red Spawns higher level Goblin NMs. These NMs will have access to Goblin Dice.
Goblin Dice: Varies between 12 different results based on the roll.
All players nearby will have their Two-Hour ability abilities restored on a roll of a 2.
Remaining dice values vary from AoE physical or magical damage, various enfeebles, dispel, TP reset, or completely restoring the NM's HP.
All Zones
Colorless NOTE: Lacks any nameplate icon.
  • Takes the place of any random statue in the zone. Only one may be up in the zone at a time.
  • When aggroed, the Goblin NM Aurix will spawn in addition to that statue's normal spawns.
  • When this statue is defeated, another random remaining statue is picked to become the new colorless in which "Aurix" will spawn from again.
  • This process stops after "Aurix" is defeated. There is one "Aurix" per wave.
  • If Aurix is not damaged and left alone, she will run away over time. It seems to be 2-3 minutes before she runs away.
  • If Aurix runs away and respawns from another colorless statue, she will have her previous HP remaining from the last despawn.
  • Zone initially loads out with only statues called Impish Statues and the mid-boss, Impish Golem. Impish Statues spawn Goblins when aggroed.
  • All Goblins are dual job and have access to 1 hr abilities from both jobs. BST mobs may use charm even if a pet is summoned.
    • "Squadron" BST Goblins spawn Bird pets and "Regiment" BST Goblins spawn Flock Bat pets.
  • Obstatrix along with "Leader" and "Commander" Goblins have access to their unique family move Goblin Dice which is inflicts a random effect on players in range, and may restore all abilities.
  • The mid-boss Impish Golem is at the top of the stairs in the palace. It will not aggro if you hug the railing and walk past it.
    • Grants 30 minutes of additional time once defeated along with the title: "Dynamis-Jeuno [D] Trespasser".
    • Black. I. Card icon.png Black. I. Card start dropping instead of Rusted I. Card icon.png Rusted I. Card after the mid-boss is defeated.
    • May drop Beastmen's Medals along with several Rusted I. Cards as personal drops.
      • Personal drops will be gained only if a party member is gaining the win for the first time. It is possible to not receive any drops.
  • After the Impish Golem is defeated, all previously spawned statues and Goblins that still remain in the zone will be removed and replaced with new statues which spawn upgraded Goblin mobs called "Regiments".
    • Obstatrix, a Goblin NM will spawn near the Mog House entrance (bottom right of K-8) as well. Upon defeat, he will grant the title: "Dynamis-Jeuno [D] Infiltrator" and an additional 30 minute time extension.
      • May drop up to 3 Kindred's Medals along with several Black. I. Cards and Volte Armor set pieces.
      • Personal drops will be gained based on if any party members are gaining the win for the first time.
      • This may include Black. I. Cards and Kindred's Medals. Spoils vary in number. It is possible to not receive any drops.
  • After the Obstatrix is defeated, all previously spawned statues and Goblins that still remain in the zone will be removed and replaced with "Volte" Hydra Corps mobs and Elemental "Circle" fetters.
    • "Volte" Hydra Corps mobs only have 1 job and can use their respective 1 hour ability.
      • "Volte" Ninja's 1 hr ability Mijin Gakure is only single target instead of AOE.
    • Disjoined Mithra, a Hydra Corps Mithra Fomor NM will spawn near the zone to Upper Jeuno at H-10 as well. If she along with the other 3 Disjoined NM mobs from the other Dynamis-Divergence zones are defeated, the player will be granted the special title: "Judge, Jury and Executioner".


  • Legshards may be rarely obtained directly as spoils from any "Squadron" or "Leader" Goblins before the mid-boss is killed.
    • Drops correspond to a Goblin's jobs.
      • "E.g. Squadron Vandal (THF/DNC) drops THF-Legshard and DNC-Legshard"
  • Voidlegs may be rarely obtained directly as spoils from any "Regiment" or "Commander" Goblins after the mid-boss is killed.
    • Drops correspond to a Goblin's jobs
      • "E.g. Regiment Fistfighter (MNK/PUP) drops MNK-Void Legwear & PUP-Void Legwear"
  • Any "Leader" or "Commander" Goblins that spawn from Red eye based statues:
    • These may potentially drop either Beastmen's Medals or Kindred's Medals which are dependent on whether the zone's mid-boss is killed or not.
    • They may also potentially drop pieces of the Volte armor set. Drop rate seems to be incredibly low.
  • Note that individual spoils gained from either the mid-boss, Impish Golem or Obstatrix vary with the number of party members that have not killed either respective mob.
    • Keep in mind that this only affects the number of potential drop slots and doesn't guarantee any drops. It's possible for nothing to drop.
  • All mobs of wave 3 including Aurix, "Volte" Hydra Corps Fomors, and Disjoined Mithra can drop Old Identification Cards and Demon's Medals. The Elemental "Circle" Fetters drop nothing.

NM Locations

Notorious Monsters

Notorious Monsters
Lv. Name Genus A L Detects Drops Map
?-?  Aurix
   Statues with closed (Grey) eyes.
Goblin A L True Sight

Pre Mid-Boss:

Post Mid-Boss:

Post Wave 2 Boss:

139-139  Obstatrix
   Zone Boss, spawns near zone to Mog House at I-10 after defeating Impish Golem
Goblin A L True Sound

Direct Drop Pool:

Personal Drop Pool:

132-132  Impish Golem
   Mid-Boss, Spawns at (H-6), Palace 2nd Floor
Replica A L True Sight

Direct Drop Pool:

Personal Drop Pool:

149-149  Disjoined Mithra
   Disjoined Boss, spawns near zone to Upper Jeuno after defeating Obstatrix

Direct Drop Pool:

Personal Drop Pool:

?-?  Disjoined Mithra ???
   Spawns from any elemental "circle" fetters in wave 3

Direct Drop Pool:

Personal Drop Pool:

A : Aggressive   L : Links
Sight Sight   Sound Sound   Scent Scent   HP HP
True Sight True Sight   True Sound True Sound   Magic Magic   JA JA




  • A balanced alliance of jobs is recommended. One PLD or RUN main tank is sufficient, but a group should bring two just in case.
    • Sub NIN for DDs is suggested due to mobs hitting quite hard and back to back AoEs from statues and mid-boss may kill them.
    • A main tank for pulling and holding mobs and a 2nd tank for kill order is also recommended. Puller should potentially be a RUN or PLD to minimize casualties.
    • One WHM per DD party along with a BRD, COR, GEO and SCH for support and buffing DDs to speed up kills.
    • BLM, RDM, SMN, COR, SCH, BRD, or BLUs are required for crowd control via sleeping and nuking of statues.

Information Needed


  • Pulling mobs without links is suggested to increase survivability.
    • Mob killing order is important. Statues should be killed first followed by SMN mobs to avoid an Astral Flow wipe from awakened pets.
    • NIN mobs are dangerous with Mijin Gakure as it may kill the entire alliance and should be dealt with last.

Information Needed