Spell Interruption Rate

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Spells can be interrupted in a variety of ways:

  • Being hit for physical damage (does not apply to Songs)
  • Starting and completing the spell at different locations due to player movement or knockback.
  • Being Silenced, Stunned, Terrorized, Petrified, or Slept while the spell is cast, Intimidated at the end of the cast, or having Paralyze Proc on the spell.
    • Except for Stun, if the status is removed before the casting would normally complete, the spell will still go off normally.
  • Having less than sufficient MP to cast the spell at the end of casting.
  • Losing access to the spell while the spell is being cast (for example, Tabula Rasa wearing off while casting Kaustra or Embrava).

The player's skill in the spell being cast has a significant influence on whether a spell is interrupted by physical damage; however, skill alone cannot guarantee that a spell will not be interrupted. Because magic skills do not increase past level 99 but Item Level allows for continued player progression, equipping a level 99 weapon with a visible Item Level and a combat skill statistic will further reduce the player's spell interruption rate proportionally to the item level and combat skill value.

The gear statistic and merit upgrade "Spell Interruption Rate -X%" refers specifically to being interrupted by taking physical damage. Attaining -102% Spell Interruption Rate will make you entirely immune to interruption from physical damage.

Spell interruption rate down is a merit category available to all jobs. Each increase to this merit category will grant you a 2% spell interruption rate reduction, for a possible total of -10%. It costs 15 merits to fully upgrade (1>2>3>4>5).

Choral Roll is a Corsair buff which reduces spell interruption rate by up to 75% while in effect.

Aquaveil, while in effect, completely prevents spells from being interrupted by physical damage.