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Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Number Mission Name Type Reward
1 Land of Sacred Serpents Cutscene
2 Immortal Sentries Quest PSC Wildcat badge
150 Imperial Standing
Mog Locker Access
3 President Salaheem Cutscene Assault Access
4 Knight of Gold Cutscene Raillefal's letter
5 Confessions of Royalty Quest
6 Easterly Winds Cutscene Imperial Bronze Piece x10
7 Westerly Winds Cutscene Imperial Silver Piece x2
8 A Mercenary Life Cutscene
9 Undersea Scouting Quest Astral compass
10 Astral Waves Cutscene
11 Imperial Schemes Cutscene
12 Royal Puppeteer Quest Vial of spectral scent
13 Lost Kingdom Quest/Fight Ephramadian gold coin
14 The Dolphin Crest Cutscene
15 The Black Coffin Dungeon/BCNM
16 Ghosts of the Past Cutscene
17 Guests of the Empire Cutscene Imperial Mythril Piece
Salvage access
18 Passing Glory Cutscene
19 Sweets for the Soul Cutscene
20 Teahouse Tumult Quest
21 Finders Keepers Cutscene
22 Shield of Diplomacy BCNM
23 Social Graces Cutscene
24 Foiled Ambition Cutscene Imperial Gold Piece x5
25 Playing the Part Cutscene
26 Seal of the Serpent Cutscene
27 Misplaced Nobility Quest
28 Bastion of Knowledge Cutscene
29 Puppet in Peril BCNM
30 Prevalence of Pirates Cutscene Periqia Assault area entry permit
31 Shades of Vengeance BCNM
32 In the Blood Cutscene Imperial Gold Piece x1
33 Sentinels' Honor Cutscene
34 Testing the Waters Quest Percipient eye
35 Legacy of the Lost BCNM
36 Gaze of the Saboteur Cutscene Luminian dagger
37 Path of Blood Cutscene
38 Stirrings of War Cutscene Allied Council Summons
39 Allied Rumblings Cutscene
40 Unraveling Reason Cutscene
41 Light of Judgment Cutscene Nyzul Isle route
42 Path of Darkness Quest/BCNM
43 Fangs of the Lion Cutscene Mythril mirror
44 Nashmeira's Plea BCNM
45 Ragnarok Cutscene
46 Imperial Coronation Cutscene
47 The Empress Crowned Cutscene Imperial Standard
One of the following:
Balrahn's Ring
Jalzahn's Ring
Ulthalam's Ring
48 Eternal Mercenary Cutscene--Finale Glory Crown
Imperial Ward Quests
The Rider Cometh
Unwavering Resolve
A Stygian Pact
Waking the Colossus
Divine Interference
Imperial Gold Piece
One of the following:
Pact with Odin
Aesir Torque
Aesir Mantle
Aesir Ear Pendant
10,000 gil
One of the following:
Pact with Alexander
Colossus's Torque
Colossus's Mantle
Colossus's Earring
10,000 gil


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