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Dynamis is a series of zones set in an alternate dream of Vana'diel.
Dynamis is the source of Relic Armor as well as the three forms of "ancient" currency used to upgrade Relic Weapons and Relic Armor +1 via Ancient Currency:

In order to qualify to enter Dynamis, you must be level 65 and have Rank 6 in one of the nation's storylines to receive the key item Vial of Shrouded Sand. Furthermore, for entry into Chains of Promathia Dynamis zones, clearance of Promathia Mission 3-5 is required. Other specific entry requirements and limitations for each zone are listed on the page for the zone.

Dynamis has two varieties, the original 6 Rise of the Zilart zones and 4 Chains of Promathia zones.

In order to enter Dynamis, a player needs to obtain the key item Prismatic hourglass. This key item is permanent, meaning that it only needs to be purchased once, and allows the player to enter any of the 10 zones once per day (Resetting at Midnight in Japan). To enter a zone, interact with the corresponding Trail Markings.

Timeless Hrglass. icon.png Timeless Hourglasses and Perpetual Hourglasses are now relics of the past.

Dynamis Zones

Rise of the Zilart
Dynamis - San d'Oria

Dynamis - San d'Oria

Dynamis - Windurst

Dynamis - Windurst

Dynamis - Bastok

Dynamis - Bastok

Dynamis - Jeuno

Dynamis - Jeuno

Dynamis - Beaucedine

Dynamis - Beaucedine

Dynamis - Xarcabard

Dynamis - Xarcabard

Chains of Promathia
Dynamis - Valkurm

Dynamis - Valkurm

Dynamis - Buburimu

Dynamis - Buburimu

Dynamis - Qufim

Dynamis - Qufim

Dynamis - Tavnazia

Dynamis - Tavnazia


Upon entering Dynamis, the player may remain in the zone for one hour. Time may be extended by killing 5 specific statues (that check as Impossible to Gauge) that will give the player the following key items: Crimson granules of time, Azure granules of time, Amber granules of time, Alabaster granules of time, and Obsidian granules of time. (These key items will vanish when you leave the zone.) You cannot get a time extension from the same statue twice in the same run.

Unlike when it first started, Dynamis no longer has a zone-wide shared loot pool, each person or alliance has an individual treasure pool. Trust magic is usable inside the zones.

There are two populations of 5-minute respawning monsters in each Dynamis. One set is typically Easy Prey (75-77 in cities, higher in outlands), while the other is a new higher level population (90~92 in cities, 95~97 in outlands). Both sets drop currency and AF, with no noticeable drop rate difference between the two. The lower level set also drops old-NM pop items (like Deluder's Fortune and Ornate Goad for Attestation and Fragment NMs), while the higher level set can drop pop items for the new Notorious Monsters and Attestation NMs (like Odious Quipu). The droppable Rare/Ex pop items these monsters can drop is determined by their job, so it would benefit you to check their pages before you go out trying to farm a specific one. Typically three of the Time Extension statues will be surrounded by the lower level population of monsters, while the fourth and fifth will be surrounded by the higher level population.

There are several types of notorious monsters in Dynamis. Free-roaming (cities) or Lottery spawn (outlands) notorious monsters may drop items that are used to spawn the zone boss. Defeating the zone boss will allow the player to get credit for clearing the zone and a Fiendish Tome item. There are also new notorious monsters spawned using items dropped from the higher level population of regular mobs. These monsters are considerably stronger than the free-roaming/lottery notorious monsters and may drop new loot as well as a Fiendish Tome item. Should one collect all 5 Fiendish Tomes for the zone, he/she will be able to spawn an enhanced version of the zone boss that are much harder than the originals, but also have unique loot. All Notorious Monsters in Dynamis (freespawning, lottery, or forced pop) have approximately a 5% chance of dropping a 100-piece that does not appear to be affected by the proc system.

Dynamis Proc system

Since the May 2011 patch, Dynamis monsters have enjoyed the integration of a proc system similar to the one in Abyssea. Players that manage to Proc monsters enjoy higher currency and item drop rates, both from normal monsters and NMs. Generally, NMs are Procced based off their main job or jobs, though some are ambiguous and some are simply not proccable. Unlike on normal monsters, NMs will be able to use 2-hours even after a Red Proc. Unlike Abyssea or Voidwatch, where it is possible to proc the same monster multiple times, Dynamis monsters can only be procced once.

In situations with a variable number of Time Extensions in the same party, a proc of any color removes the ability of other colors to Proc. So someone with three Time Extensions can Blue Proc and no one will be able to Red Proc. Higher levels of proc increase the single coin drop rate more, as shown below, but seem to have no effect at all on AF or 100-piece drop rate. Procing a monster forces one coin to drop 100% of the time, with a potential maximum of 4. Before the Proc system change, the maximum coins per monster was 4, but none of them were 100% so the drop rate may have actually increased with the proc system on Procced monsters. With Treasure Hunter on every procced monster, you can expect approximately 1.7 coins per kill on average. Without Treasure Hunter, you can expect about 1.25 coins per kill on average. Without a proc, the coin drop rate is very low (~10%?) and the maximum observed is 2 coins.

There is no evidence that any spell, job ability, or weapon skill is more likely to proc than any other spell, job ability, or weapon skill. There's simply a certain chance of any offensive action procing that increases with the number of Time Extensions you have received. As long as you're doing the correct type of action, you have the same chance to proc, unless the action is resisted, misses, or has "no effect" (except for Dispel and Magic Finale which can proc on "no effect" messages, but not "resists"). The rates listed below were approximated from four Dynamis sessions, and show why magic-proccing monsters are generally unfavored by currency farmers. Even if something fails to proc the first time, it may proc the second time it is used. How many actions it takes to proc a monster is simply a matter of probability.

TE:Proc relationship

TEs Proc type Probability Effect on Monster Currency Drop Rate
0~2 None N/A N/A N/A
3 The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing blue abilities on the monster.* Low Very brief terror. Adds a single drop slot
4 The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing yellow abilities on the monster.* Medium Terror/Stops 2-Hour/Able to Re-use 2-Hour if stopped Adds another single drop slot
5 The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing red abilities on the monster.* High Terror/Stops 2-Hour/Unable to Re-use 2-Hour Also adds a 100% single drop slot
3~5 The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing white abilities on the monster. ~1%* Terror Adds a 100% hundred-piece drop slot (CoP Only)

*This is 1% of your procs, not a 1% base rate.

Beastman Job:Proc Relationship (Proc Rates assume 5 TEs acquired)

Monster Job Proc Class Proc Rate
RNG, NIN, BST, MNK, THF Job Abilities and Ready commands* ~20%
BLM, WHM, RDM, SMN, BRD Spells and Blood Pacts* ~8%
PLD, DRK, SAM, WAR, DRG Weapon Skills and Automaton Attachments* ~25%

*This only applies abilities that target the enemy, like Blaster, Flaming Crush, and Strobe.

Special Proc System Notes for CoP zones

Similar to the original Dynamis zones, Chains of Promathia Dynamis zones have beastmen (Hydra Vanguard, Kindred Vanguard, Goblin Vanguard, Orcish Vanguard, Yagudo Vanguard, and Quadav Vanguard) that follow the proccing rules explained above. As in the Rise of the Zilart zones, proc color varies with number of Time Extensions. However, Nightmare monsters and Notorious Monsters obey slightly different proc rules.

Most Nightmare monsters (barring Nightmare Taurus) proc to a certain type of action at a certain time based on the type of currency they drop. Like the above system, any action of the appropriate type (repeated or not) has an equal chance to proc as long as it is the appropriate time. Unlike the above system, the "appropriate type" changes based on the time of day and type of currency that a monster drops. It can even change while fighting it. The relation for each monster type is shown in the table below. It should be noted that "WS" below also includes Automaton JAs as above and "MA" below also includes Blood Pacts. Also, Area of Effect Weapon Skills and Spells have a dramatically reduced proc rate on monsters other than their immediate target in the Chains of Promathia Dynamises.

As of August 12, 2014 THFs that have a Job Point in Mug, thus allowing Mug to steal HP, will be able to use Mug to JA proc.

For Notorious Monsters and Nightmare Tauri, there appears to be a chance that any action (MA, JA, or WS) will cause a proc and they can drop any type of currency.

White Procs

If the procing character does not have a sub job, there is a ~1% chance that any proc you get will be white instead of the appropriate color. As seen in the above table, White Procs appear to force a 100-piece of currency to drop 100% of the time. Other players in the party may have sub job enabled and be on the hate list and a white proc will still occur, but the proccer must have their sub job restricted. White Procs have only been demonstrated on Nightmare monsters, but it is likely that they can occur on Beastmen and perhaps Notorious Monsters as well.

Nightmare Monster:Time:Proc Relationship

Zone Type 0:00~8:00 8:00~16:00 16:00~0:00 Currency
Buburimu Crab WS MA JA Shells
Crawler JA WS MA Bynes
Bunny MA JA WS Bronze
Valkurm Goobbue WS MA JA Shells
Fly JA WS MA Bynes
Hippogryph MA JA WS Bronze
Qufim Diremite WS MA JA Shells
Gaylas JA WS MA Bynes
Snoll MA JA WS Bronze
Tavnazia Leech WS MA JA Shells
Bugard JA WS MA Bynes
Cluster MA JA WS Bronze


It's difficult to give credit to one person or forum for the research that was done on the proc system. Here is one relevant link that includes a compilation of information from all major sources:

Here are some more focused links:


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