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Name Bastok San d'Oria Windurst Zilart Promathia Aht Urhgan
Aurik Complete None None Complete Complete M48 / Cpt.
75 75 75 64 43 41 39 38 20 16 10 10 9 9 8 4 1 -- -- --

Craft Skills

Name Alchemy Bonecraft Clothcraft Cooking Fishing Goldsmithing Leathercraft Smithing Woodworking
Aurik 60 60 100+3 60 20 60 60 60 60
Stopundercuttin 100+3 0 0 11 0 2 0 14 14
Legamen 56.3 100+3 22 6 0 20 60+1 30 59
Kissenger 0 0 0 100+2 0 0 0 0 15
Serif 0 53 0 0 0 1 49 55 100+3
Oyvey 47.9 0 0.7 0 0 91.0+2 0 0 0
Hotpot 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 39.0 0

Personal Progress

Guard skill 201
Parry skill 139
Throwing skill 153

Category Class Upgrades Cost Remaining Cost
Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills 8 21
Katana Combat Skills 1 1 -1
Great Katana Combat Skills 3 6 5 15
Evasion Combat Skills 4 9
Elemental Magic Magic Skills 1 1 7 20
Enfeebling Magic Magic Skills 3 6 5 15
Critical Hit rate Other 4 10
Enemy Critical Hit rate Other 4 10
Counter rate Monk 5 15
Kick Attacks rate Monk 5 15
Penance Monk JSM2 3 12
Formless Strikes Monk JSM2 1 3
Invigorate Monk JSM2 1 3 -1
Mantra Monk JSM2 2 7
Store TP Samurai 1 1
Meditate Samurai 4 10
Third Eye Samurai 5 15
Overwhelm Samurai JSM2 3 12
Shikikoyo Samurai JSM2 3 12
Thunder Potency Black Mage 5 15
Ice Potency Black Mage 5 15
Freeze II Black Mage JSM2 1 3
Burst II Black Mage JSM2 1 3
Strength Attribute 5 36
Total 178 123
Map Expansion Obtained by
Promyvion - Dem Chains of Promathia Mini-quest
Promyvion - Holla Chains of Promathia Mini-quest
Promyvion - Mea Chains of Promathia Mini-quest
Promyvion - Vahzl Chains of Promathia Mini-quest
Salvage Gear
Piece Level 15 Level 25 Level 35
Usukane Somen Check.gifHoshikazu Hachimaki Check.gifTsukikazu Jinpachi Hikazu Kabuto
Check.gifUsukane Haramaki Check.gifHoshikazu Gi Check.gifTsukikazu Togi Check.gifHikazu Hara-Ate
Check.gifUsukane Gote Check.gifHoshikazu Tekko Check.gifTsukikazu Gote Check.gifHikazu Gote
Check.gifUsukane Hizayoroi Check.gifHoshikazu Hakama Check.gifTsukikazu Haidate Check.gifHikazu Hakama
Check.gifUsukane Sune-Ate Check.gifHoshikazu Kyahan Check.gifTsukikazu Sune-Ate Check.gifHikazu Sune-Ate
Morrigan's Coronal Check.gifNemain's Crown Check.gifBodb's Crown Check.gifMacha's Crown
Morrigan's Robe Check.gifNemain's Robe Check.gifBodb's Robe Macha's Coat
Check.gifMorrigan's Cuffs Check.gifNemain's Cuffs Check.gifBodb's Cuffs Check.gifMacha's Cuffs
Morrigan's Slops Check.gifNemain's Slops Check.gifBodb's Slops Macha's Slops
Check.gifMorrigan's Pigaches Check.gifNemain's Sabots Check.gifBodb's Pigaches Check.gifMacha's Pigaches

Todo list


  • Promy NPC-solo for memospheres (Mea and Vahzl remaining)
  • Get maps for promy zones where I have memospheres
  • Break latent on Thyrsusstab (100/500)
  • Skill up staff, club. Do WSNM for staff, club.
  • Merit, XP samurai


  • Level cooking (11->60) and get hat on Stopundercuttin for Sairui
  • Level goldsmithing (0->55) on Stopundercuttin for Silver Bullets
  • Do CK GP on Kissenger 28->150k for +3
  • Oyvey GP 32->150 and skillup 89->92
  • Choco-dig

Item Wishlist


  • Dryadic Abj. Lg
  • Melee Cape
  • Usukane Somen

Black Mage

  • Merciful Cape
  • Genie Lappas?
  • Sorceror's Coat?
  • Wizard's Coat +1
  • Morrigan's Robe
  • Morrigan's Slops


  • Koga Chainmail
  • Koga Tekko
  • Koga Hatsuburi


  • Askar Korazin
  • Shura Kabuto (+1) / Dryadic Abj. Hd
  • Speed Belt (Ninurta's Sash!)
  • Hagun
  • Onimaru
  • Amanomurakumo?
  • Myochin Set (to store)
  • Saotome Kote
  • Saotome Haidate
  • Alkyoneus Bracelets
  • Bushinomimi

Big list of battlefields

Cloudy Orb (Level 20)

Zone Name Done
Balga's Dais Charming Trio
Waughroon Shrine Crustacean Conundrum Yes
Horlais Peak Shooting Fish
Ghelsba Outpost Wings of Fury Yes

Sky Orb (Level 30)

Zone Name Done
Waughroon Shrine Birds of a Feather Yes
Horlais Peak Carapace Combatants
Balga's Dais Creeping Doom
Qu'Bia Arena Die by the Sword Yes
Ghelsba Outpost Petrifying Pair Yes
Horlais Peak Dropping Like Flies
Waughroon Shrine Grove Guardians
Balga's Dais Harem Scarem
Qu'Bia Arena Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Ghelsba Outpost Toadall Recall

Star Orb (Level 40)

Zone Name Done
Horlais Peak Under Observation Yes
Qu'Bia Arena Undying Promise Yes
Waughroon Shrine Royal Jelly Yes
Balga's Dais Royal Succession
Qu'Bia Arena Factory Rejects
Balga's Dais Steamed Sprouts
Horlais Peak Tails of Woe
Waughroon Shrine The Worm's Turn

Comet Orb (Level 50)

Zone Name Members
Qu'Bia Arena An Awful Autopsy
Horlais Peak Eye of the Tiger
Balga's Dais Rapid Raptors
Waughroon Shrine The Final Bout
Horlais Peak Hostile Herbivores Yes
Waughroon Shrine 3, 2, 1...
Qu'Bia Arena Idol Thoughts
Balga's Dais Treasure and Tribulations

Moon Orb (Level 60)

Zone Name Done
Qu'Bia Arena Celery
Horlais Peak Shots in the Dark
Waughroon Shrine Up in Arms Yes
Balga's Dais Wild Wild Wiskers
Sacrificial Chamber Amphibian Assault
Qu'Bia Arena Brothers D'Aurphe Yes
Qu'Bia Arena Demolition Squad
Horlais Peak Dismemberment Brigade
Balga's Dais Divine Punishers
Waughroon Shrine Grimshell Shocktroopers
Sacrificial Chamber Jungle Boogeymen Yes
Throne Room Kindred Spirits
Chamber of Oracles Legion XI Comitatensis


Atropos Orb

Zone Name Done
Horlais Peak Contaminated Colosseum
Qu'Bia Arena Infernal Swarm
Balga's Dais Moa Constrictors
Waughroon Shrine Prehistoric Pigeons Yes
Chamber of Oracles The Scarlet King

Clotho Orb

Zone Name Done
Chamber of Oracles Cactuar Suave
Qu'Bia Arena Come Into My Parlor
Waughroon Shrine Copycat Yes
Horlais Peak Double Dragonian Yes
Balga's Dais Seasons Greetings Yes

Lachesis Orb

Zone Name Done
Qu'Bia Arena E-vase-ive Action
Chamber of Oracles Eye of the Storm Yes
Waughroon Shrine Operation Desert Swarm Yes
Balga's Dais Royale Ramble
Horlais Peak Today's Horoscope

Themis Orb

Zone Name Done
Balga's Dais Early Bird Catches the Wyrm Yes
Horlais Peak Horns of War
Waughroon Shrine The Hills Are Alive


Level 30 Cap

Zone Name Done
Spire of Dem You Are What You Eat Yes
Spire of Holla Simulant Yes
Spire of Mea Playing Host Yes

Level 40 Cap

Zone Name Done
Monarch Linn Fire in the Sky Yes
Monarch Linn Bad Seed Yes
The Shrouded Maw Test Your Mite Yes

Level 50 Cap

Zone Name Done
Monarch Linn Bugard in the Clouds Yes
Monarch Linn Beloved of the Atlantes Yes
Spire of Vahzl Pulling the Plug Yes

Level 60 Cap

Zone Name Done
Mine Shaft #2716 Pulling the Strings Yes
Mine Shaft #2716 Automaton Assault Yes

Level 75 Cap

Zone Name Done
Boneyard Gully Like the Wind Yes
Bearclaw Pinnacle When Hell Freezes Over Yes
Boneyard Gully Sheep in Antlion's Clothing Yes
Bearclaw Pinnacle Brothers Yes
Bearclaw Pinnacle Follow the White Rabbit Yes
Bearclaw Pinnacle Holy Cow Yes
Mine Shaft #2716 Bionic Bug Yes
Boneyard Gully Shell We Dance? Yes
Boneyard Gully Totentanz Yes


Confidential Imperial Order (Level 60)

Zone Name Done
Talacca Cove Call to Arms
Navukgo Execution Chamber Tough Nut to Crack
Jade Sepulcher Making a Mockery

Secret Imperial Order (Uncapped)

Zone Name Done
Talacca Cove Compliments to the Chef Yes
Navukgo Execution Chamber Happy Caster Yes
Jade Sepulcher Shadows of the Mind Yes


Cloud Evoker

Zone Name Done
Riverne - Site A01 Ouryu Cometh Yes

Monarch's Orb

Zone Name Members
Riverne - Site B01 The Wyrmking Descends Yes