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Category:Blue Magic

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Blue Magic is a general magic category available only to blue mage. All blue magic spells are enemy abilities that must be learned as a spell by the blue mage by engaging and defeating enemies after the learnable ability is performed. This process must be repeated until the spell is learned.

Blue Magic skill determines the spell interruption rate of blue magic spells. It is directly involved in the damage calculation for physical blue magic spells. The accuracy of additional effects of spells is also based on blue magic skill. Furthermore, it also determines the accuracy and potency determination for magical blue magic spells.

Blue Magic Skill caps by job

Job Grade Level 49 Level 99
BLU A+ 150 424

Blue Magic Spells

  • See Blue Mage for a complete list of blue magic spells sorted by usable level.

Learning Blue Magic

  • Blue Magic spells must be learned by engaging enemies until the learnable ability is performed and then defeating them (this includes NMs and monsters which do not yield EXP). This must be repeated until the spell is learned (notification will occur at the end of the battle).
    • The blue mage does not need to be the target of the enemy's ability for it to be learned.
    • Call for help being used prevents the learning of spells.
    • The chance of learning blue magic is increased by using Magus Bazubands, Magus Bazubands +1, Assimilator's Bazubands, or Assimilator's Bazubands +1/+2/+3.
    • Blue Magic spells are learnable based on skill level. Spells may be learned 31 skill levels before the skill cap of blue skill for the level of the spell.
      • Merits as well as wearing equipment with Blue Magic Skill + on it qualifies as increasing your skill level. Allowing for a spell to be learned with a lack of natural skill.
      • E.g. Magic Fruit is a level 58. Blue Magic skill caps at 193 at level 58. This means the Blue Mage must have at least 162 Blue Magic skill (obtainable at level 52+) in order to learn Magic Fruit.
        • If the Blue Mage had a skill of only 147, but equipped a Magus Jubbah this would bring them to 162 and allow for Magic Fruit to be learned.

Setting Blue Magic

  • Unlike other types of magic, Blue Magic spells are not immediately usable at their associated level. They must first be "set."
  • Blue magic spells can be set at any time; however, no blue magic spells can be cast for one minute after changing the set spells.
  • Every blue magic spell has a certain number of "blue magic points" associated with it, as listed on the spell description. The sum of blue magic points of all set spells must be at or below the number of blue magic points available.
    • The number of blue magic points available to a BLU starts at 10 from levels 1-10, and increases with level, by 5 every 10 levels (15 from 11-20, 20 from 21-30, up to 55 from 91-99). The number of available points can be increased by up to five additional with merits in the job trait Assimilation.
  • The maximum number of spells that can be set by a BLU is also determined by level, starting at 6 from levels 1-10, increasing by 2 every 10 levels and capping at 20.
  • Setting certain combinations of spells can yield unique Job Traits that are otherwise unavailable to BLU, such as Auto Refresh, Dual Wield, and Double Attack.

Equipment Bonuses

Item Level Slot Jobs Skill
Hashishin Tayt +1 99 Legs BLU 23
Assimilator's Jubbah +1 99 Body BLU 20
Assimilator's Jubbah 99 Body BLU 18
Magus Jubbah +1 74 Body BLU 15
Magus Jubbah 58 Body BLU 15
Hashishin Tayt 83 Legs BLU 15
Mavi Tayt +2 83 Legs BLU 15
Adhara Manteel 99 Body WHM BLM RDM SMN BLU 13
Luhlaza Keffiyeh +1 99 Head BLU 13
Luhlaza Keffiyeh 99 Head BLU 11
Mavi Tayt +1 83 Legs BLU 10
Khepri Wristbands 99 Hands MNK THF RNG NIN BLU COR DNC RUN 8
Luhlaza Charuqs +1 99 Feet BLU 8
Mirage Keffiyeh +2 90 Head BLU 7
Fea's Cuffs 99 Hands BLM RDM BLU SCH GEO 6
Luhlaza Charuqs 99 Feet BLU 6
Ayao's Gages 99 Hands WHM BLM RDM SMN BLU SCH GEO 5
Blood Greaves 73 Feet RDM PLD DRK RNG DRG BLU COR RUN Augment-Icon.png 1~5
Cornflower Cape 99 Back BLU 5
Immortal's Earring 60 Earrings All jobs 5 (Latent)
Kheper Wristbands 99 Hands MNK THF RNG NIN BLU COR DNC RUN 5
Mavi Tathlum 84 Ammo BLU 5
Mirage Keffiyeh +1 75 Head BLU 5
Mirage Keffiyeh 75 Head BLU 5
Symbios Gloves 77 Hands BLM RDM SMN BLU 5
Crimson Greaves 73 Feet RDM PLD DRK RNG DRG BLU COR RUN Augment-Icon.png 1~4
Mavi Scarf 80 Neck BLU 4
Mirage Charuqs +2 90 Feet BLU 3
Zaffre Cape 99 Back BLU 3
Antica Ring 72 Rings All jobs 2


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