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Enslaved by the moblins to dig a series of tunnels, the meebles want no business with humans. Meebles generally only allow their moblin masters into the burrows; however, researchers have come up with a solution. Taking advantage of meebles' notoriously poor vision, a carefully crafted concoction of moblin pheromones will trick the guardian meeble, Vrednev, into thinking players are moblins, allowing them to enter the burrows and take part in expeditions within.
Meeble Burrows is a reserved battlefield event within Ghoyu's Reverie, Ruhotz Silvermines, and Everbloom Hollow, comparable to Assault in the Aht Urhgan areas, divided into separate missions known as "expeditions." Expeditions have a wide variety of goals, many of which do not directly involve defeating enemies. (Read more...)

December 5, 2012

November 30, 2012

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The Starlight Celebration takes place each December in Vana'diel, closing out the year with holiday spirit. Past celebrations have added the Dream Hat, Dream Robe, Dream Boots, Dream Pants, and even a Dream Bell, but the suit is still missing a matching pair of gloves. Perhaps this year....
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Conquest  Regional control system of the The Middle Lands
 Affects: Outpost Control and Regional NPCs
 Point System: Conquest Points
Besieged  Regional control system of the Aradjiah Continent
 Affects: Astral Candescence, Sanction effects, and Staging Point access
 Point System: Imperial Standing
Campaign  Regional control system of the Shadowreign
 Affects: Campaign Operations, Fortifications, Resources, and Campaign Battles
 Point System: Allied Notes
Colonization  Regional control system of the Ulbuka
 Affects: Ionis effects, Coalition Rank, Waypoint access, and Coalition NPC availability
 Point System: Bayld

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Were you looking for Monstrosity (Quest))?


Key Terms

  1. Customization: The option that enables players to equip "species" and "instincts" (Replaces the "Equipment" option)
  2. Type: A classification of monsters by correlation (ex: Beast, Lizards, Plantoids, Birds, Amorphs, etc)
  3. Species: 1) A classification of monsters by model (ex: Yellow Crawler model, Red Eruca Model, etc) and 2) The costume that determines your job, traits, abilities, and unlock path
  4. Faculties: The sub-menu option of "customization" that enables players to equip "instincts"
  5. Instincts: Stats that players may equip from the "Faculties" menu (Limited by Instinct Points)
  6. Naming: The sub-menu of "customization" that enables players to give two descriptive names to their current species (ex: Noble Ultraviolet Behemoth)
  7. Monsterskill: Actions players may execute using the "/monsterskill" command (Similar to weaponskills)
  8. Monsterabilities: Actions players may execute using the "/ja" command (Similar to abilities)
  9. Infamy: Points accumulated through the acquisition of XP (Infamy gained = [XP Gained/10])
  10. Monster Rank: A rank determined by the total accumulated infamy points


After completing the quest Monstrosity, players may initiate Monstrosity by visiting Feretory. To access this zone, players must check the Odyssean Passage at either of these zones:

Northern San d'Oria (L-8) / Port Windurst (M-4) / Port Bastok (K-12) / Pashhow Marshlands (E-12)


Once players have completed Monstrosity, they will arrive at the zone Feretory. From here, players have the option to interact with several NPCs and customize their experience. In fact, this is the only zone in which players may customize their species and instincts.


Customization has several aspects: Species, Faculties, and Naming.


Species determines the costume of your character. However, these costumes are not merely cosmetic adjustments. They affect your character's job (Includes traits and spells), abilities, and monster correlation. When players begin Monstrosity, they only have access to Rabbit, Mandragora, and Lizard species. Players may acquire additional species through various means.

See: Monstosity Species


Faculties enables players to customize the stats of their species through instincts. Players equip instincts much like equipment. However, unlike equipment, the maximum number of instincts a player may equip is 12. Furthermore, instincts come with "cost points" and players are limited by the number of cost points they may use. Thus, even if a player has not equipped twelve instincts, he or she may be limited by the total cost points they have equipped.

See: Monstosity Instincts


Like pet names, players must select from a list of predetermined words. Unlike pet names, these words are descriptions that modify the species name and players may select up to two descriptions. For instance, if a player has selected the descriptions "Glamorous" and "Noble" while equipping the behemoth species, his or her character will appear with the label "Glamorous Noble Behemoth." When examining other characters under the effects of monstrosity, use the command "/cn" to check the adventurer's name instead of the monstrosity label.


Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
RP Per Rank 30 50 80 120 170 220 280 340 410 480 560 650 750 860 980
Total RP Spent 30 80 160 280 450 670 950 1290 1700 2180 2740 3390 4140 5000 5980
Armor Set Path Stat Stat Value
Artsieq A
C (Head)
C (Body)
C (Hands)
C (Legs)
C (Feet)
Qaaxo A
C (Head)
C (Body)
C (Hands)
C (Legs)
C (Feet)
Xaddi A
C (Head)
C (Body)
C (Hands)
C (Legs)
C (Feet)