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General Information

Scholar can be used to buff, debuff, free nuke and magic burst. It excels in the use of enhancing magic and also in creating solo skillchains. The use of this job in any major endgame linkshell or party is highly dependant upon the group and the target at hand. Scholar is also good at enfeebling several mobs at one time with the use of the job ability manifestation. It also receives a mag.acc bonus with the use of focalization for more resistant foes. The job is one of the greatest solo jobs to ever exist in FFXI. Through the use of solo skillchains and helix spells coupled with high magic burst dmg. with storm enhancing effects and klimaform and also its ability to kite out mobs makes this one of the most rewarding yet highest skill capped jobs in the game.


Support mage/Utility mage.

Abilities and Traits

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Support Jobs

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The following sets are derived from Ruaumoko's Scholar Guide.

Healing gear

Chatoyant Staff icon.pngChatoyant Staff description.png 32x32.png 32x32.png Incantor Stone icon.pngIncantor Stone description.png
Vanya Hood icon.pngVanya Hood description.png Nodens Gorget icon.pngNodens Gorget description.png Mendi. Earring icon.pngMendi. Earring description.png Gifted Earring icon.pngGifted Earring description.png
Kaykaus Bliaut icon.pngKaykaus Bliaut description.png Peda. Bracers +3 icon.pngPeda. Bracers +3 description.png Lebeche Ring icon.pngLebeche Ring description.png Kuchekula Ring icon.pngKuchekula Ring description.png
Thauma. Cape icon.pngThauma. Cape description.png Hachirin-no-Obi icon.pngHachirin-no-Obi description.png Vanya Slops icon.pngVanya Slops description.png Vanya Clogs icon.pngVanya Clogs description.png
  • Body takes Path D
  • Legs take Path A
  • Feet take Path B
  • Hood takes Path C

You will eventually want to upgrade to the Raetic Rod +1.

Bolelabunga can be swapped in when applying Regen.

DD Gear

DD Set  
Akademos icon.pngAkademos description.png 32x32.png 32x32.png Pemphredo Tathlum icon.pngPemphredo Tathlum description.png
Peda. M.Board +3 icon.pngPeda. M.Board +3 description.png Mizu. Kubikazari icon.pngMizu. Kubikazari description.png Regal Earring icon.pngRegal Earring description.png Malignance Earring icon.pngMalignance Earring description.png
Merlinic Jubbah icon.pngMerlinic Jubbah description.png Amalric Gages +1 icon.pngAmalric Gages +1 description.png Locus Ring icon.pngLocus Ring description.png Mujin Band icon.pngMujin Band description.png
Lugh's Cape icon.pngLugh's Cape description.png Hachirin-no-Obi icon.pngHachirin-no-Obi description.png Peda. Pants +3 icon.pngPeda. Pants +3 description.png Arbatel Loafers +1 icon.pngArbatel Loafers +1 description.png
  • Akademos takes Path C
  • Jubbah takes M.Acc., MAB and MBD.
  • Cape takes INT, MAB, Acc/Dmg
  • Hands take Path D

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