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It is March and a new Repeat Login Campaign is upon us! The March Login Campaign officially began on March 10th, featuring Cipher: Mayakov!

This months new earthly reward is a Leafkin Cap, which is sure to appease Green Peace, but anger PETA. Other notable items include the return of the Bomb Masque costume item, Sky seals, Alchemy and Cooking Kits 5-50 used in kit synthesis, Walk of Echoes weapon building items for unlocking Empyrean Weapon Skills, the Expertise Ring, Empyrean Armor feetsies, and finally Rems Chapters used to make level 109 Reforged Armor. Be sure to cash in by April 9th!

All aboard for the March version update! After you've boarded, take a seat next to the all-new Vagary battle content, empyrean armor reforging, or the various new functions added to /lockstyle!

The conductor is also pleased to offer a selection of other adjustments, such as Mog Garden affinities, new Wanted objectives, the addition of Superior 2 equipment, magic burst enhancements and other combat-related adjustments, job adjustments, and a variety of other additions and changes.

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Did you know?...
BGWiki now has an Alluvion Skirmish Armor page to help everyone out with process of augmenting their new armor!
Since new categories as well as an increase in augment maximum values was also added to the existing Alluvion Skirmish Weapons in the February update please don't forget to post your new findings :D

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