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The August Version Update is here! See the new items on the August Update Items page!

In this month's version update, adventurers will be able to take their first steps into the Escha - Ru'Aun area together with the second chapter to Rhapsodies of Vana'diel. A new raid battle, Domain Invasion, raging across both eschan areas will challenge even the hardiest adventurers, while those who have completed the Seekers of Adoulin missions will be able to take part in a dark tournament, Sinister Reign, pitting themselves against Adoulin's greatest heroes.

Finally, the August patch wouldn't be complete without new ways of enhancing cursed and hexed equipment, higher merit point limits and categories, new unity leaders, the ability to view status effect icons of party members, and a bevy of other additions and adjustments!

Read on to learn more about this month's version update.

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Did you know?...
Sabishii of Odin has written a very extensive Blue Magic Guide on our wiki. It goes in depth on every aspect and mechanic of Blue Magic. The guide covers where to obtain spells all the way to new Blue Mage Gifts. If you are an aspiring Blue Mage, or even a veteran, you will want to check it out here.
In addition,Spicyryan of Asura has also written a Blue Mage play style guide to help guide aspiring Blue Mages in an area not generally covered in depth from most guides. You may also check that out if you wish here.

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