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The June Version Update is here! See the new items on the June Update Items page!

Test your might against several avatars in additional high-tier avatar battlefields and engage in heated combat with all new Wanted targets.

Fishing has also receive a variety of updates, including two quests to enhance Lu Shang's fishing rod and the Ebisu fishing rod, respectively; the ability to check what kinds of catches you have reeled in; and a variety of other new elements.

Rounding out the list are the addition of rank 5 Monster Rearing, the conclusion to several Seekers of Adoulin story lines, an emote for sitting down in chairs, job adjustments, and a bevy of other additions and adjustments.

Read the full update notes here!

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Sabishii of Odin has written a very extensive Blue Magic Guide on our wiki. It goes in depth on every aspect and mechanic of Blue Magic. The guide covers where to obtain spells all the way to new Blue Mage Gifts. If you are an aspiring Blue Mage, or even a veteran, you will want to check it out here.

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