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Did you know?...

Square Enix will be hosting a Fan Gathering in Boston during PAX East. This is your chance to meet and talk all things FFXI with like-minded adventurers and old friends in historical Boston. Guests will enjoy drinks, snacks, and fun trivia with amazing prizes! To make the event extra special, two distinguished guests will be present from the FFXI development team, Director Yoji Fujito and Producer Akihiko Matsui. The duo will be on hand to host a Q&A session and special presentation. You won't want to miss out!

Date: February 27th, 2020, 6:00PM Eastern Time Location: Boston, MA

The following Final Fantasy XI communities will be represented at the Fan Gathering:

FFXIAH via Rooks

FFXI Sub Reddit & Discord via Reseph

BG Wiki via Funkworkz

A dedicated channel has been made in the FFXI Reddit Discord to connect to other event-goers for meetups, as well as a FFXIAH Event Thread. Be sure to check both of them out!

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February 11th - March 9th
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February 11th - March 11th
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February 11th/12th


February 2020 Version Update

February 12th - March 5th/9th
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