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It is February and a new Repeat Login Campaign is upon us! The February Login Campaign officially began on February 10th, featuring Cipher: Lhe. This months new hedonic reward is a Heartbeater, but make sure you pick a safeword first. Other notable items include the return of the Chocobo Masque and Chocobo Suit items, Limbus chips, Leathercraft and Bonecrafting Kits 5-50 used in kit synthesis, Walk of Echoes weapon building items for unlocking Empyrean Weapon Skills, the Expertise Ring, Empyrean Armor +2 upgrade items, and finally Rems Chapters used to make level 109 Reforged Artifact Armor and Reforged Relic Armor. Be sure to cash in by March 9th!

The February update has landed! There is something here for everyone this time. For those story connoisseurs the new quest "Not-So-Clean Bill" has been added. New Unity NMs have been added along with coffer changes reducing the likelihood of gil being received from using them instead of an item. The new Arciela Trust grants all the lonely men in Vana'diel a waifu. Thus allowing many to retire their body pillows. Exciting as that may be, the new Alluvion Skirmish is where the real magic happens. For those who are into the one-person sort of scene or perhaps just getting a little too close to their domesticated livestock, there has been a large Mog Garden expansion. Not enough content you say? Well, for those who love to grind to their satisfaction there has been a large scale Job Point expansion. Complete with new spells, job abilities, and traits for those who can get down with it. While there are several other small treats lurking from this update such as the ability to augment JSE capes (Refractive Crystal). There is only one question that matters for the long term. You down with CP-PTs? Yeah you know me.

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BGWiki now has an Alluvion Skirmish Armor page to help everyone out with process of augmenting their new armor!
Since new categories as well as an increase in augment maximum values was also added to the existing Alluvion Skirmish Weapons in the February update please don't forget to post your new findings :D

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