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That there is a new subreddit for Final Fantasy XI?

Spawned fresh from the Bowels of Agony, a new team has formed to steward community discussion on r/FinalFantasy11.
The subreddit seeks to be a productive and creative place with elevated standards to set it apart from the average theme of sh!tposts and careless reposts. Their Damning Edicts shall cast a Swath of Silence upon such blight.
Then again, simply having an attentive moderation staff is a start!

Remember: If you register an account, you are required to wait around two hours before you are able to login. We have this restriction in place to combat spam bots. As Square-Enix would say, "We apologize for the inconvenience". The wait is certainly worth it, especially if you want to take advantage of a checklist or two!

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

October 11th - November 2nd/9th
Days Remaining: 21

Login Campaign
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October 12th - October 31st
Days Remaining: 12

Autumn Harvest Battle Content Campaign
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October 14th - October 31st
Days Remaining: 12

Bonanza Prize Collection Period
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October 25th - November 8th
Days Until Start: 6

The Harvest Festival
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Note: Users that are not logged in may see inaccurate count down times.