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Welcome to BG Wiki, a Final Fantasy XI resource created and maintained by the player community.
Did you know?...
Shadow Lord Reddit.png

That there is a new subreddit for Final Fantasy XI?

Spawned fresh from the Bowels of Agony, a new team has formed to steward community discussion on r/FinalFantasy11.
The subreddit seeks to be a productive and creative place with elevated standards to set it apart from the average theme of sh!tposts, karma farming, and careless reposts. Their Damning Edicts shall cast a Swath of Silence upon such blight.
Then again, simply having an active and attentive moderation staff who don't respond with vengeful reports to Reddit is a start!
For no attempt to Kick Back can stop this new Giga Slash of a movement.

Remember: If you register an account at BG, you are required to wait around two hours before you are able to login. We have this restriction in place to combat spam bots. As Square-Enix would say, "We apologize for the inconvenience". The wait is certainly worth it, especially if you want to take advantage of a checklist or two!

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

December 10th - January 28th
Days Remaining: 10

Adventurer Gratitude Campaign
BG Logo Small.png Event Guide

January 11th - February 2nd/9th
Days Remaining: 22

Login Campaign
BG Logo Small.png Event Guide

January 12th - January 31st
Days Remaining: 13

New Year Rough and Tumble Campaign
BG Logo Small.png Event Guide

February 11th - February 28th
Days Until Start: 24

Bonanza Winning Numbers/Redemption
BG Logo Small.png Event Guide

Note: Users that are not logged in may see inaccurate count down times.