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Welcome to BG Wiki, a Final Fantasy XI resource created and maintained by the player community.

Featured Article News & Updates
The next version update is scheduled for early September.

In addition to the monthly changes to Ambuscade, the battle-ready will find fresh ways to test their limits with the addition of a new master trial.

Those interested in more alter egos will also be pleased with the addition of a new quest to flesh out their repertoire.

See here for a digest of expected changes!

Latest Version Update

August 19th

  • Announcing the Next Version Update - Early September!

August 12th

August 10th

August 8th

August 5th

Did you know?...
That we have a new Automaton page?!
All aspects of automatons, their weaponskills, attachments, and so on have been updated with the latest information. Check out the latest on your wobbly friends.

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Next Version Update
  • September 2016

August 10th - September 2nd/9th

August 10th - August 31st

August 11th - August 30th & August 12th - August 22nd

August 12th - August 22nd

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