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The Wiki Team has been hard at work revamping all of our Abyssea pages.
With the launch of Sortie and Empyrean Armors connection to Abyssea. We wanted to make sure players had the best resource available rather than the Dane Cook of Abyssea pages.

This was a largescale project that in hindsight is to be branded as "Wiki Infrastructure Weeks". As an entire smorgasbord of tables, templates, and design choices had to be created, made, tested, and remade. Thanks to the tireless work on Funkworkz, Spicyryan, our new VIP editor Alexeina, as well as the input and contributions of the rest of team here at BG. We have now taken large steps towards laying the groundwork for improving other swaths of the site. Please look forward to it.

These Abyssea zone revamps reflect the design direction of other zones going forward. To provide feedback you may either leave it on the BGWiki:Suggestions page or the Discord.

We would also like to take a moment to announce and welcome our newest moderator Positron to the team. Thank you for your assistance.

Finally, a shoutout to a few standout users who helped make sure everything was updated here on day 0 of the August update. The XI community thanks Funkworkz, Neviskio, Patriclis, Samstown22, Sehrahin, Xagashi2, and Ligray for putting in the work to make sure we all have the information available immediately.

Remember: If you register an account at BG, you are required to wait around two hours before you are able to login. We have this restriction in place to combat spam bots. As Square-Enix would say, "We apologize for the inconvenience". The wait is certainly worth it, especially if you want to take advantage of a checklist or two!

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

August 30th - September 30th
Days Remaining: 3
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Day of the Shadow Lord
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September 12th - October 2nd/9th
Days Remaining: 11

Login Campaign
BG Logo Small.png Event Guide

September 13th - September 30th
Days Remaining: 3

Summer Breeze Campaign
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September 16th - September 30th
Days Remaining: 3

Blazing Buffaloes
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September 16th - September 30th
Days Remaining: 3

Blazing Buffaloes Screenshot Campaign

September 30th @3PM PDT
Days Until Start: 3

Primed for Adventure Live Stream @ Twitch

Mid October


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