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Experience the climax of Iroha's saga in the final chapter of Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, and traverse the forests of Reisenjima-replete with Geas Fete and Domain Invasion content-along the way! Also new in this update are a quest to obtain the all-new aeonic weapons, which are of the same caliber as relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons; rank 7 monster rearing; additional alter egos; and much, much more!

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Akihiko Matsui, producer of Final Fantasy XI, mentioned the following in a special word to all adventurers!

"As announced in March, we will continue minor version updates through and beyond April 2016. Each month we will bring you battlefields, Record of Eminence additions, balance adjustments, and bug fixes. Vana'diel's story does not end here, and in the near future we are planning a version update for December. We will have further updates in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned for more."

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November 16th

  • Announcing the Next Version Update for Early December

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October 29th

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