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The February Version Update has Arrived! New Wanted Unity targets have been added, the ability to further reforge relic, mythic, empyrean, and ergon weapons has been implemented, and there have been a variety of other adjustments and quality of life improvements! See Oboro for details on how to further upgrade REME weapons as well as how to add mighty new augments to his Item Level 119 JSE Weapons!
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Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 support will end sometime in March 2016 or April 2016. If you are still playing Final Fantasy XI on either of those consoles, you can switch to the PC Version for free as long as you have a PC that can run the game! SE is providing the client free of charge. Simply visit this page for a link and instructions to download and install. Do not wait until the last minute to switch! You should familiarize yourself with the PC version beforehand and save/import your macros before it is too late!

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