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Did you know?...
The History of Final Fantasy XI, year 2013 outlining Seekers of Adoulin's release has been finished!

Local Galka Talekeeper, Funkworkz has now come to the realization we will never see The Winds of WinterGeorgememe.jpg in our lifetime. Accept your fate alongside him, and read through some Final Fantasy XI History instead.

A note from the creator: This year ended up somehow being double the size of 2012. I believe the years might be getting smaller from here, however. FFXIV was now out in 2013, so focus shifted away from FFXI. I pushed to get done this week because this is the 20th anniversary and there may be returning players who did not know this project existed.

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Remember: If you register an account at BG, you are required to wait around two hours before you are able to login. We have this restriction in place to combat spam bots. As Square-Enix would say, "We apologize for the inconvenience". The wait is certainly worth it, especially if you want to take advantage of a checklist or two!

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

June 10th - July 2nd/9th
Days Remaining: 3

Login Campaign
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June 16th - July 10th
Days Remaining: 4
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Return to Absolute Virtue
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July 1st - July 14th
Days Remaining: 8

Celestial Nights
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July 1st - July 14th
Days Remaining: 8

Celestial Nights Screenshot Campaign

July 1st - August 31st
Days Remaining: 56

Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza
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July 10th/11th
Days Until Start: 5

July 2022 Version Update
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July 12th - July 31st
Days Until Start: 6

Summer's Delight Campaign
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July 14th - July 31st
Days Until Start: 8

Mog Bonanza - Prize Collection
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