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Welcome to BG Wiki, a Final Fantasy XI resource created and maintained by the player community.
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Did you know?...
BGWiki was featured on Episode 4 of the new Final Fantasy XI Podcast "WTF In Vana'diel"!

Staff members Funkworkz and Spicyryan discussed their origins on how they both joined BGWiki's crew back in the early 2010s, the beginnings of BG Wiki itself, as well as what lead us to the point we are today. If any new editors are interested in joining the crew, discussed were also tips and tricks on how to get started. For those who do not want to edit, Thefoxdanger gave his input on using our wiki as an end user.

By joining this community podcast and discussing BGWiki, we are hoping that we will help new aspiring editors to sign up and make our wiki even better. Be sure to tune in here if you would like to listen to Episode 4!

  • If you have any issues with information on the wiki please let us know so we may address any concerns.
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We deeply value our accuracy, and do not want players finding inaccurate information, nor spreading inaccuracies. Opinion pieces however, are tagged, disclaimed, and excluded.
Ongoing and Upcoming Events

November 10th
Days Remaining: 7

A Challenge from Lion
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November 10th - December 2nd/9th
Days Remaining: 16

Login Campaign
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November 11th - November 30th
Days Remaining: 7

Winter Approaches Campaign(s)
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November 11th - December 11th/January 14th
Days Remaining: 18

I Dream of Nomad Mog Bonanza 2021
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